Quest In The Realms – an interactive Bananafish production! Episode 3

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Look who’s there, a wandering adventurer looking for the Bananafish treasure! This episode is part of the interactive story/treasure hunt called “Quest In The Realms”. If you landed on this page because you’re trying to solve the mystery, don’t hesitate and keep delving in the story. If you came here through random loitering, what are you waiting for!?



The sign on the lawn reads:

Bright Rollers Retirement Home

Noticing footprints leading through the grass, you spot a red shoe with a five inch heel stuck in the ground. You pick up the shoe and follow the footprints.

You spot a great horned owl sitting like a gargoyle on a corner. Swiveling its head, its bulging eyes stare at you like a piece of meat.

Not far off in the distance is a house. You think it resembles a creepy face. There are two stain glass window eyes on the third story depicting Virgin Marys. It's eyelashes are loose boards clacking against the windows in the light breeze. The second story has a stain glass window depicting two spiral staircases beside each other that look like a nose. The mouth is a mahogany door in the shape of an O.

Gravel crunches beneath your feet. With every step you take, there’s a steady, eerie drum beat that sends a chill up your spine. You skip a step to see if the sound follows you.

It does.

You hear the lyrics, "...midnight's risky dollhouse," as you step onto the deck.

On the door, you see a silver satyr knocker. Two big ball sacks hang down between the legs. Intrigued, you touch it.

Clack-clack. Clack-clack. Clack-clack.

The music stops.

The door squeaks open into a reception area. At the desk sits the woman you were following. A smile crosses her face.

"Bad boy," her voice is charming and sensuous, "following me to my place of work. What am I to do?" Her tongue wets her lips.

You shove your pelvis forward, accentuating your tented pants.

“I have some naughty ideas of what you could do,” you say, flashing her a smile and a wink. Leaning forward on the desk, you place the shoe on top.

A door buzzes.

"Come with me, Mendo," she instructs you as she passes through the doorway. It’s dark and you're unable to see anything. The door clicks shut behind you.

A bright light suddenly comes on. You snap your eyes shut.

"Fuck! Warn me next time."

You hear giggling. The image that comes to mind is that of Machete's grandmother. Suddenly, you aren’t as into her as you thought.

Blinking your eyes, your vision is restored. The first thing you see is musical equipment. Then you see a group of tattooed, leather-clad crones with different kinds of chastity devices, chains, and whips swinging from their hands.

Dungeon irons cover the floor, the ceiling, and the walls accompanied by spreader bars, hoods, and muzzles.

Getting a clear look at your admirer, you become completely flaccid. She holds a straitjacket in her hand and steps toward you.

"Welcome to our Metalhead Grannies Dungeon, young Mendo. You'll be treated rather ... badly."

You hear more giggling from the lascivious metalhead grannies.

Your eyes widen as terrifying images snake their way throughout your mind.

The grannies promise to release you when they're all dead.

  • Your adventure ends here.




[created by @ brisby]

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Well, fortunately those hags did not expect that kind of performance. I knew the extra frequencies on my range would come in handy some creepy night like this one...

And to think I was just looking to maybe meet a few friendly, bald and bearded faces upon tattooed necks to talk to. Now... which way back to the crossroads.

Oh, shut up, you're not so handsome yourself! Stupid sculpture...


You might even swear we put this episode in here just for you to get off track.


Nah, an epic hero needs to die and be reborn a couple of times before he can peel a banana on his own ;)


In this case, your banana doesn't only get peeled but ... searching for a witty line ...

You make a good point. No learning without failures.

Also, well written :) I guess I will be only able to upvote some of you cool quest designers through my @photoanthill account since personal VP's goin' down too fast.


haha. Yeah. that is an issue with posting so much at one time. The important thing is that you have enjoyed reading it.

I hope your stay with the grannies will not harm your soul beyond repair. 8-)


I don't know yet, I haven't got to this night's sleep. I'll be better informed about that on the morrow, I guess :)

So about this Metalhead Grannies Sex Dungeon... Asking for a friend.

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LOL!!! I bet you are side-glacing look with eyes down


Oh, we've got a conneisseur here!

Maybe mendo will reach a delirious state when he’ll enjoy himself. Just a little.

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How does the saying go? "Put a bag over their heads and they all look the same."

so very wrong lol

"Oh Granny! What big whips you have!"



That isn't you, is it? ;)