El concurso de colorear mariposa # 42

in contest •  5 months ago 

Un día de luz y oscuridad.

You get up and smile, today would be perfect, with everything in your favor, not a negative thought wanders in your mind, just be happy.

Breathe the gentle breeze, with the smell of floral green, which makes you want to scream for so much happiness. Without imagining that the night is coming, events will occur that you never imagined, you only feel the sun and the gentle breeze pass by.


The night arrived, what fear gives me, I do not see so much clarity, the worst came, and I feel like crying, and you are not, and I disappear more and more, I do not see you, where are you, I want to cry, the breeze It is not, it is a storm that makes me disappear, and I do not see where you are, what fear it gives me.

Mariosa 1.jpg

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Poetical and colourful :)