Finalists of the 'Love The Clouds' Contest! #40

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Hello Steemians!

Thanks everyone for the spectacular and creative entries! It's so great to share the love for clouds here 😊👍😊


Due to the recent fall in the price of steem the payout was split into SBD and Steem; the prize pool this time will be in steem

We could raise about 1.9 Steem and I am rounding up to 2 Steem. Our finalists will thereby receive 0.67 Steem each!


And the finalists are...




Keep on Steemin' and see you in the next post!


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Some very interesting shots so nice

Looking forward to your entry ;)

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Woo-hoo Thank you @tobetada. Much appreciated. 😊

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Thanks for your entry :))

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Thanks a lot! That lightning sky is simply insane btw ;)

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Keep them coming :D

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Clouds I have much more than enough, thats for sure ;)

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I’m glad you like my lightning clouds ☺️☺️ thank you!

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Thanks so much!!! I just love the clouds and storms. What a great contest. 🥰🌩

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You got a 86.21% upvote from @spydo courtesy of @tobetada! We offer 100% Payout and Curation. Thank you.