Last Man Standing Contest: Show Me Your "Dark Humor Meme" And Win SBD

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I thought of organizing a little contest today and with the current price of Steem, what's better than a "dark comedy" contest, huh? 

So, here's my scenario in which I ask you to take part in. It's New Year's Eve; your greedy and corrupt government picks you from ALL people in the world, to spend it on the moon collecting samples of recently discovered rocks that may solve the planet's energy problem (how ironic!!!). 

Deep inside you know, however, that no energy or poverty problem will EVER be solved but instead some filthy rich and greedy peeps will become even richer (as it has always been the case)! While on duty, you stop to take a deep breath and admire our planet's beauty and you see this....


In order to be a qualified entrant in this contest you have to take the following very simple steps:

1. Give me a line or two describing your first reaction seeing this. NOT the story of your life....I literally mean a line or two. All I need is a sentence. 

2. Who's the person behind the camera that took this photo? You have the right to pick ONLY ONE person with you, which in other words means that you would not be the "Last Man Standing" in our solar system after all. However, you can pick a robot or your pet or I don't know what else, if you don't want to pick another human.

3. DO NOT BE POLITICAL CORRECT with your reaction. Give me your TRUE first reaction to this. 

To give you an example, this would be my entry:

1.  Fuuuuck!!! I forgot my PS4 at home!!!!!!!!!

2. The person behind the camera is a VERY EASY choice for me. I hope it is for you as well :)

There will be 5 WINNERS receiving 1 SBD each. Winners will be announced next Friday with the Wacky Fact of the Day! Whoever makes me laugh the most will win, fair and square. 

Please vote, resteem and follow @tkappa if you feel like it. It will be much appreciated :)

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)
  1. Puff the magic pousti dragon just butt fucked earth... sweet these rocks are mine.
  2. Rick from rick and morty

To be honest I don’t really get the rules or whatever. So here’s a meme that was sent me to me this morning, from Crete, in a Viber group chat:

Yoga: 10 years. Moonshine: 1 hour.

(Edited for the ξένοι)


If you don’t watch the show I mentioned + linked above, and you like dark humor, I highly recommend that you check it out. Despite it being animated, the annoying voice of morty, the constant belching of rick... it’s entertaining.

I will bro. Thank you very much. I just followed you. I can't vote you in this post (have to play fair as a "judge") but consider yourself one of the 5 winners with your hilarious entry ;)

If you or anyone else laughed I already won. But I upvoted myself, just in case no one else does. 😅

Thanks for the follow. Hopefully my content will keep you laughing and thinking.

  1. I shouldn't have assumed the sexual preference of the silver surfer.

  2. A pissed off leprechaun cause the LBGTQ community stole the rainbow sometime in the 80s.


Dark?! You touched a soft spot @tkappa!

-Daaamn, @trumpman! How many mentos did you put in that Coke bottle behind the Parliament?!

I guess you can tell by my words who the person taking the photo is...and is giving me the oopsie-woopsie look!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Your post made me go like this:

  1. Do your mom, dad and siblings read this right now? You would pick a boyfriend over any of them?

  2. Then I thought about it a little more and was like "@trumpman is a lucky bastard, YEAH! This woman loves him....That's true love, no shite mate"

  3. Then I thought about it even more and concluded: "OK that's "steemit romance" as @trumpman is probably the only one from her circle who will be reading this! So, as @nonamelefttouse said...Michael Bolton :P LOL

Hey, we are supposed to pick someone for a trip, never knew the planet would go to ashes during our lunar vacation :P

Tried to be smart with you here and your IQ was proven to be by far superior than mine! In other words, ME ΔΙΚΑΣΕΣ :P

Υπερβολές... Απλώς δεν ψάρωσα :P

You asked for black humor and i will give you extreme black humor!

  1. Well, now i don't have to worry about the kids in Africa!
    2)''insert any playboy model'' the species must go on!

1.I knew I should have seen that Mars movie with Matt Demon!

  1. @filotasriza3 is my space captain

Great contest @tkappa . ALSO,I am really glad you made your mind about Steemit!You took the right choice my friend!


Ohh shit !!!!!!! Probably this could be the last episode of Star Trek..... Thanks to Mr. J.J. Abrams who let me give a single chance to join his Film........ otherwise like all other people on earth, I also missed it...😁✌

1 . Hoooly craap!!! That's why I always carry my TREZOR
2 . Cortana

Well lick my ass and call me a lollipop again, Micheal Bolton.


I have no intrest in contest but just waned to say to cover photo is awesome.

Groovy theme for a contest!
Good luck to all contestants😀!

Not as groovy as them though ;)

  1. more crypto FUD

  2. My high AI robot girlfriend.

(1) I guess it is a movies
(2) it a robot behind the camera

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER REALIZED HOW SEXY MY VOICE SOUNDS ON AUDIO!!!!!!!

  1. Houston looks like you have a problem.
  2. Yeah, My first off-world strip club Air punch

hahahahaha good one!

NO!!! Nami! Brook! Sanji! Robin! chopper! Usopp! Franky!
( The man behind the camera is Luffy! where is Zorro? Over there the man in front! hehe!

  1. Shit!! Looks like nasa released another cgi picture of earth, wait how I'm I even on the moon the Van Allen belt should of melted my ass.
  2. Matt Damon so he can make us air to breathe when my suit runs out lol

nice contest.carry on boss.