Logo Design For Firmo - Graphic Design Contest @mediaworks

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Hello Steemians!. @mediaworks opened a contest sponsored by Firmo . Creating a graphic design about Firmo , attracted me to join the Contest. . HERE

This is my Graphic Design for a graphic design contest about Firmo , I chose to design a logo for Firmo .

Logo Explanation

This is my design logo for Firmo . I found a box-shaped idea (safe) that I took the front side only, then made it slightly tilted. Coupled with Firmo and save a safe key on the letter I.

What is Firmo ?

Simply put, Firmo is the infrastructure for financial contracts. Their goal is to bring traditional financial tools such as derivatives and futures to blockchain in a safe way that traditional methods do not.


Firmo is developing a programming language that will allow projects to easily integrate financial tools with just a few lines of code . Firmo can be applied to existing or future blockchain projects in the future.

Logo design evidence



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