ROUND 2 CAPTION WINNERS! & Round 3 contest open!

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Round 2 was hilarious and there was quite a range of entries from praying to God, full bellies and even a mouth wash comment was in there - Loved the imagination and creativity that is in this amazing Steemit community. I can’t thank everyone enough for entering and making me laugh whilst I sit on a boat in the Drake Passage on seas that are currently 5-6m|15-20ft in height.

It is one of my pet peeves, as I do get asked this question more often then I should when working in Antarctica. Their main food source is various squid & Octopi species that they hunt at deep depths, as well as, fish species.

However, only a few winners can be chosen and I do in fact run past various friends whom provide feedback on the chosen 3.

Here they are...*
1st Place ~ @andyfishman
"Bwahahahahahaha! Bwahahahahahaha!"
2nd Place ~ @ohkaaay
“Oh my God, that's the SEALiest thing I've ever heard!”
3rd Place ~ @dreamer007
“Lord give me strength before I smack these lazy buggers”

The Rules are simple:
1.In the comments below write a caption about what you believe the animal or animals are thinking/saying.
2.Only 2 comments/entries per photo MAXIMUM
3.HAVE fun and be creative otherwise what is the point :)
Side note: upvoting & resteeming isn’t a rule but is greatly appreciated. If this contest gets bigger and bigger than the winnings will in turn become bigger and bigger

1st place - 8SBD
2nd place - 6SBD
3rd place - 4SBD


Yep, another one of southern elephant seals being funny and entertaining and just simply awesome.

Thanks for reading and all the support, Steemit!!

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Yay! Thank you so much! Here’s my entry for round 3:

Entry 1: When she’s being clingy, but you remember you didn’t put deodorant

Entry 2: When she pushes you to 6 feet deep but you don’t know how to swim.





Nice video!


i love it is so surprising

Hi @thomasjmitchell here's my entry to your wonderful contest! Keep it up! GOD BLESS!

Comment entry no.1

"The face you make when someone hugs you a little awkward"

Comment entry no.2

"Your face when a girl hugs you and you get a boner"

  • My face when he kisses me on the neck.

  • I do not know why my friend is so cold, if at this moment I am heating the water.

When you have been avoiding seals because you are a socially awkward seal and someone tries to hug you.

That moment wen you just started, but your friend is already drunk.

That moment when somebody stands in line too close to you. piercing

Hey, hey easy there... I appreciate the gesture but I am into women.

"Mom.. please stop that!"
The face when you're sitting beside a beautiful woman and fall asleep in your arms

"Dont tickle my neck"
"oh my whole body is a neck"


Lol nice one


hahaha thank you xD

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This is great. What an awesome service you are providing "hear" (see what I did ;) Personally, I usually tend to prefer to read, for the time being (that may change!!). But, the number of people I am sure your service helps makes me glad :) . Plus, it is pretty darn humorous to sit there and hear this automated voice read the winning quote: (monotone, robotic female voice) "*First place winner: ANDY-FISH-MAN: 'BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA.'"

It was amusing. Thank you :)

Seal#1: Did you know that I was almost been eaten by sharks!
Seal#2: What!? I wont believe you..
Seal#1:Tickle me if you think I lied then.
Seal#2: Ok then. (Start tickling)
Seal#1: what are you doing hahahaha. Stop tickling me im telling the truth.
Seal#2:Then how come your not been eaten by the shark?
Seal#1: I just acted that I was have a broken arm. And tell him "Do not consume when Seal is broken." Genuis me. Hahahaha :D

Entry # 2
Seal#1: I think im gonna join the navy seal.
Seal#2: Stop that nonsense or I'll tickle you to death.
Seal#1: Please don't hahaha :D

When you go swimming at the beach and you step on something squishy.

Live reenactment of how the titanic hit the iceberg.

"staaahp! you're being SEALly"

"Jack, Promise me you'll never let go. " (Titanic reference)

"When Harry Met Sally"

...upvoted, followed, resteemed!

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Do you even seal?

You just sealed the deal

good post I just joined in steemit follow me and vote me

I lost 3 kg of my weight,

Caption One:
Alright I admit it I did eat the last squid now stop tickling me!

Caption Two:
Aaahh yeah right there, right there. Keep scratching.


I like both the captions, if i have to choose I'll choose your....keep it up and best of luck


You are very kind. Thank you very much.

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First of all congratulations to the winners.
Here is my entry
I hope he doesn't smell my fart..

Slow down Romeo...get me a squid first

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Please, stop tickling me..
Stopp iiiiit..
I'm warning you...
STOP ITTTT !! I don't find tickling funny.....

OOH NOO don't f#cking touch my boobies you SEALly Seal

what did you say about my seally wife??? OOhh NOOO she is not going to take my fish

"Nothing else matters"
"Smile with me"

OH girl because you stop when you reach the navel, keep going down !! :D

Hahaha! no longer, hahaha! do not tickle me anymore, hahaha

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, you saw it! they thought we ate penguins, how crazy!

  1. Haha. I'm not telling you! My lips are SEALed.
  2. Bow to me!

A $1OOO upvote hooray,hooray!!!

Seal used Purple Nurple. It's super effective!
Enemy Seal is flinched.

*when he goes to second base for the first time

That's it, that's the spot.


Exhibit A, definition:

Exhibit B, the start of this track:

• You mean "black panther" is out!! What the hell was I doing down here?? Someone get me ouuttttttt!!

Don't startled me...
You SEALly...

You ugly fellow! I thought I told you never to tickle me again.... You might just make my laughter look so ugly. Hahahaha

Oh my gosh! Lord! My bulge must not show...

  1. Let it go! let it go!
  2. Hello there, wanna have some fun with me?

Bwahahaha! Bwahahahaha! Thankyou Thomas. Another great photo for this one.

Stop, Your whiskers are tickling me!

my entry

  1. wait babe wait! it's not the right time. don't you see that cameraman over there.
  2. oh wait! a photographer! have to give good posture this time.

Hello @thomasjmitchell :) my

Entry 1:
¡The fat chubby in action!
Entry 2:
Happy in the paradise artico level gods

Caption 1: The last time i saw a shark was in the circus so i feel great to be a seal.
Caption 2: What the hell is happening under my roof, because am on top of it!


Strike Grandma!

1."this will not just end here"
2"what more can I possibly ask for right now"

Seal 1: My day's just not complete if I can't smell your underarms...

Seal 2: Yeah, I know!

My first entry @thomasjmitchell

The face of a girl when you tried to kiss her armpit.

My second entry @thomasjmitchell

The face you make when bae hugs you because you haven't seen bae for a couple of weeks

Entry 1: ouch charlie bit me..

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Hi this is my first entry:

1st Entry: " honey..not my neck..ahahaha"

2nd Entry: "so uh what? are you really gonna watch us doing the 'whole thing'?

Entry 1- Do Not Leave Me, I Can Change...
Entry 2- I Just Told Him, We Are Getting A Baby... :)

This feels good! But mama said i should not let boys touch me.

#1: "Johnny, I toold you: not heere...! Wait till we get back to the lagoon.."

#2: "Dawww.... Where did he go, George? Daww.. where did he go..?"

No longer more tickle hahahahaha
How rich it feels is where I itch

Caption 1: when you jumped into a pool and later remembered you can't swim
Caption 2: when you try to fart and you mistakely took a dump on yourself

Entry #1 - "Hahaha, you're so sealy! (silly)"

Entry #2 - "OMG! I forgot to use my body spray!"

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Here is my entry

caption# 1
Seal:1 Oh my love! I'm back ...after a long time.

caption# 2
seal: 2 Laughing desperately and thinking

why she is back!!! now what about my today's DATE. A HAHAHA

"Therrrrreeee used to be a greying tower alone on the seeeeea
Youuuuu became the light on the dark side of meeeee . . . . . . "

Stop It!Stop It! I might get drown. Can't stop laughing...!

  • I am not gonna laugh!

  • tickle you until you make pee. Hehe

Hey Mr. Photographer, I call this pose "blue seal".

Caption 1- "I was runner up in a Don Rickles look alike contest. He was the winner."

Caption 2- "Seal you later!"

no, no , no way I'm telling you where I hid the cookies !

Okay, it's okay, you win I promise to take you to eat.

Noooo for the deep nooo do not swim

1.) This seal is the sealliest of them all.

2.) This seal is sealing on the ocean without a boat.

Nice to know about this contest. :D
My entries below. :)

  1. Waait! Not yet ready for the camera!
  2. You said wacky, is this wacky enough?


Entry 1:your face when the steemdolar is going up
Entry 2:how sweet my wife

Hi friendsmy entrance :
Entry 1:you are very soft love
entry 2:I hope you do not realize I forgot the deodorant