Guess The Stock Market-Win Steem Dollars-Oct 2

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The previous contest has ended and now it's time to continue on to the next one. The trading hours for the stock markets in the US are from 9:30am to 4:00pm ET, Monday-Friday.


Today(October 2nd) the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 22,557.60. To participate in the contest:

-Leave a comment and give me your prediction of what you think the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing price will be tomorrow, October 3rd


The rewards for this post will be 50/50, and all SBD will be transferred to the person whose prediction is closest. If there is a tie, the SBD will go to the person who posted their prediction first.Only one prediction per user, please.

The winner will be announced shortly after the closing of the markets tomorrow. Best of luck to you all!

More specific information on the Dow Jones Industrial Average is found below:

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the average price of the combined 30 largest US stocks, measured by share price.

1. Boeing Co
Share price-255.99

2. Goldman Sachs Group Inc
Share price-240.65

3. 3M Co
Share price-212.76

4. UnitedHealth Group Inc
Share price-197.44

5. Apple Inc
Share price- 153.81

6. McDonalds Corp
Share price-156.96

7. Home Depot Inc
Share price-164.02

8. International Business Machine Corp
Share price-146.66

9. Johnson & Johnson
Share price- 131.22

10. Travelers Companies Inc
Share price- 123.32

11. United Technologies Corp
Share price- 117.58

12. Caterpillar Inc
Share price- 124.72

13. Chevron Corp
Share price-117.42

14. Walt Disney Co
Share price- 99.86

15. Visa Inc
Share price- 105.44

16. JP Morgan Chase & Co
Share price- 96.84

17. Proctor & Gamble Co
Share price- 91.77

18. American Express Co
Share price- 90.54

19. DowDuPont Inc
Share price- 70.42

20. Wal Mart Stores Inc
Share price- 78.45

21. Exxon Mobil Corp
Share price- 81.63

22. Microsoft Corp
Share price- 74.61

23. Merck & Co Inc
Share price- 64.55

24. Nike Inc
Share price- 51.87

25. Verizon Communications Inc
Share price- 49.36

26. Coca-Cola Co
Share price- 44.80

27. Intel Corp
Share price- 39.04

28. Pfizer Inc
Share price- 36.07

29. Cisco Systems Inc
Share price- 33.75

30. General Electric Co
Share price- 24.57



$22,527.12 shall be my guess. Lets see how close I am.