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A few days ago I saw a post shared [email protected] about a mobile banner contest hosted by @beanz. But I do not understand about banner making, so I try to coordinate with my brother @bangfadhil to teach me how to make a banner.


Next I look for banner sizes that fit the criteria. I tried to create a main banner 600 x 315 using Adobe Photoshop cs2. I am collecting basic materials to be combined in one slide. Apparently not too complicated to make a banner film, here we need patience in doing this.

In this banner I put some words that seem to invite steemian to join in discord @beanz. VOTU logo that alternates in the upper left corner and the words "Voices of the Underground" in the top center.



Here are some pictures that I screenshoot at the stage of the manufacturing process. If the image is less interesting or less good please understand, the name is also a new learning phase. My desire to participate in this contest is just as a steam-friendly fraternity that joins other contestants.

Friendship greetings from me @teukurahmatakbar


Sepertinya akan jadi desainer hebat nantinya..

Good work. Really noteworthy contest submission.

@sgt-dan (sargento)

thank you for your support for my work. please share if you like this post