Covered Geodesic Dome Give-Away! $1200 value FREE!

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We are giving away a FREE new Geodesic Dome!

One option for you to choose from will be a 16' wide, 8' tall "2v" dome with a white vinyl cover like this one:

GIVE-AWAY 16 foot wide 2v vinyl-covered geodesic dome.jpg

In fact, you can take either of the domes listed for $1200 in our little brochure here:

greenhouse basic options brochure 3.png

Your second covering option in this contest is a greenhouse cover like this one (but fitting one of the frames previously mentioned, not this big one):

Dome brochure 1.png


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    (contest closes and winner announced 24 hours from time posted if this post has reached $1,192 in payouts. If the payouts are less than $1,192, the contest will be repeated with the same rules and the payouts earned so far subtracted from the original required $1200 (This is the second round of this contest. It gained $8 in the first round, so now there's only $1,192 left!)

The winner will be chosen by number of votes. If there's a tie the winner will be chosen by comment value.

Winner will be responsible for any shipping cost...but handling is free! :)

Please comment below with any questions or feedback.

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I have resteem the article, thinking of getting involved.

Anything you're good at contributes to happiness. Have a nice day :)

I would love one to experiment with growing tea in Ontario, Canada.

Nice idea! It must surely be every gardener's dream to have a geodesic greenhouse?!!

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Loads of information. Thanks. Love it. @synergyu Followed

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