44th Daily Steemit Upvote Lottery

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Win a guaranteed minimum of 2SBD by upvoting this post and leaving a comment. It's free, fun and easy! I'll even pay 4 SBD to upvote bots to make the prize more interesting. The winner is automatically selected after 24 hours. You can view all our past lotteries, winners and payments on our website. Myself and all bots are of course excluded from participation!

The rules are easy:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. If you're new, introduce yourself
  3. Complete today's assignment by @stehaller: What is your favorite meal?

Previous winners and payouts:

2/18/2018@aykaco2.84 SBDView
2/19/2018@mydraor2.85 SBDView
2/20/2018@sinlg2.95 SBDView
2/21/2018@dividendgrinder2.09 SBDView
2/22/2018@rasamuel2.89 SBDView
2/23/2018@eddy0204~3.26 SBDpending
2/24/2018@nosmas~2.63 SBDpending
2/25/2018@desmonddesk~2.68 SBDpending
2/26/2018@ammyammy~2.59 SBDpending
2/27/2018@aaaladno~2.69 SBDpending

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Good luck everybody!



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Pad Thai

Ah yes, a great dish!

I love noodles

Fresh ones are much better though!

Goodday all
My name is Victor Peter, I am a nigerian. I love to participate in new exciting things.
My favourite meal is a Traditional mean called Okoho soup native to the idoma people of benue state, Nigeria.

I trust you it's nice, but this soup looks horribly slimy :)

Hi i'm Katy, What is my favorite meal? Short pasta with cut sausages, mayonnaise, tomato sauce and a lot of parmesan cheese ummm is my comforting food ... Oh and you can not miss a good glass of frappe lemon juice with grenadine and a slice of lemon.

Or a glass of red wine?

ohh yes thats what was missing!!

9a56eff0-ab38-4e4a-b9b7-d5b6f6ab5c5f.jpeg and 61bb7582-2777-48a5-9b8d-5c56e2568869.jpeg my meal favorite.. @svosse good job brother


Yes .. during my holidays often cook this

My favorite meal is probably sushi, it's hard to tell i love almost everything.

Now I want to eat sushi...

Pork and chicken adobo with hot rice.

@svosse I it ia still on. hahaha My favorite meal is happy meal :)

I know it's not healthy. I know this is addiction but...


Falafel is made from chick peas right? I thought it was quite healthy.

Kind a, but still deep fried, and gluten in pastry. And not in this amount!

Hi @svosse my favorite meal is the Pabellón, it is a Venezuelan food of rice, beans, meat and banana.

Never heard of it but it looks delicious :)

Bicol Express - sauted onion, garlic and minced ginger, then pre-cook the pork, pour the coconut milk, let it boil and put the sliced green chillis. :) (Shrimp paste is optional) fish sauce and pepper to taste.


I dont know what's with my usual meal but I really love it still, the burger steak and spaghetti combo with burger in Jollibee!! 😍

Lol, that's a great combo :)

Hey @svosse I am moeen from Pakistan, My favorite meal is lunch because I eat a lot of delicious foods and I like them. I don't like the breakfast because I have to go to College early and I have to eat quickly and I don't enjoy it. my favorite is BB Q. thanks

Welcome moeen :)

Thanks a lot @svosse you are doing good to help others


A good Wiener Schnitzel with fries.

The best one I ever had was in Austria. When I order them back home I'm always disappointed...

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Hi my name is Chris,
Am a Nigerian
And i love your lottery I've been wanting to participate
For long. Until now
I like noodles and eggsimages (1).jpg

Welcome Chris :)

Pasta with cream sauce. Too bad it hurts my stomach :(

Sadly that's the trouble with most delicious foods...

Definitely, especially for me... my stomach hates me.

Rendang from Indonesia, because Rendang is the best food in the World

Delicious indeed!

Just black coffee,and a gardenia bread with cheese fillings..this makes my day..

I love you fish !

Peking duck


Bread and fried egg!

i am helipad, my favorite meal is meat and chicken

Hello, good afternoon, my favorite food is Cuban rice! it's a league of white rice, fried egg, plantains and cheese. delicious!!

hello i am sahiba from pakistan, my favorite meal is rice

Any good burger with fries.. and maybe a beer on the side

As a Nigerian. Beans and plantain

Hi again!
I'm going to go with a classic and just say pizza :D One with lots of different cheeses preferably!

Steak! 100% 💯

My favorite meal is kare-kare. Hihi Especially when its cooked by my aunt Mila. She's really good in cooking.

Burger meal was my favoritr! found heaven in it!

Stake and chicken soup and spagette

My favorite meal is the one made by someone :D But btw I like spaghetti bolonese and cucumber soap :D

Grilled salmon!

My favorite meal are friend chicken and spaghetti

STEAK all day long

Mine is pounded yam, and egusi soup...

Pounded Yam and Egusi soup
Sorry no pics but u could google it though ...haha

Fried rice and roasted chicken 😋

Rice and chicken

Idly with chutney.

Thank you @svosse .... we always get a very fun contest. I've upvote, follow and resteem ..

Adobo (Filipino dish) with rice 🍴

Mushrooms 😋

Any food with shrimps! :D

PaniPuri!!!! Indians and Bangaleees Comment if you agree!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whats mine? Rice and plantain with chopped pieces of meat

Hi and good evening! I'm from Poland and my favourite dish is pizza, pepperoni especially :)

Good morning everyone. My favorite food without a doubt is the "Pasticho" is a kind of Venezuelan lazaña that tastes of glory, composed of meat, spaghetti and cheese basically, but always add more things like ham and sauces, it is exquisite.

My favourite meal is pounded yam with waterleaf vegetable soup


I am a simple man , I like Pizza

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