Game of bongs- and the winner is...🍦

in contest •  2 years ago 

Hello everybody😃

I had so much fun this week seeing all of your beautiful instruments.


I just love bongs and am proud to announce the winners 😃

The bong that wins your upvotes-DQmbjVn57xDnHnANrGRjd59ZdYF7cuGSCZUSDxTr9A4Je9u_1680x8400.jpeg
Congrats- @falilat

And because I enjoyed the game so much, I decided to choose another winner- my favorite

Congrats @justinashby.

I will send each of you 3SBD tomorrow

Thank you very much for reading and playing with me💜

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I am gonna buy PLUM a silicone lighter holder for winning the contest.


Congrats! Just sent you your sbd 🎂

bong is massive i don't think i have the lungs to use that holy shit!

You can do it!☺ with a little bit of practice😄

Congrats 😉

This is my first winning contest

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Cool😃 just sent your sbd 🎁