$10 Steem Dollar Giveaway!!!

in contest •  2 years ago

To enter the 10 Steem Dollars Contest, you need to complete the three steps below:

Resteem this post (REQUIRED)
Upvote this post (REQUIRED)
Comment on this post with the word "Money" (REQUIRED)

On July 7th I will make my selection and 2 users will win 5 SD!

Please follow me for future contests!!

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It's a trap! Here is my Contest: Who gets more upvotes and more $! His Post or my comment!?



Haha, I think you will win



"Money" it's a trip!



Say whaaat


"Money" didn't know if you wanted the quotes or not lol

I like all the ways you can make " Money " with Steem. Best of luck to all of you Steemer's.

Who else came here to collect $10 🤑

Money. "Money." Show me the money said Tim Cruise. I mean Tom Cruise. I am still thinking about Tim Taylor from Home Improvement. He would say show me the power. May the force be with you said people on Star Wars. On the Power Rangers, they say, "May the power be with you." I will say this, "May the money and Steemit and Bitcoin and gay frogs be with you."


Not MONEY, not MoNeY, and not in another language.

Just "Money"


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Money. would be cool if you can share some steem wealth :) hehehe


July 7 is my Birthday! seriously..Me and Ringo..


happy birthday :D


$ Money $

love money

"MONEY" Can I believe you ???


It can't be that easy "Money"




Money 🤑

How are you going to choose the winner though?


Let´s see "Money"