Mexican Murals – Get to Know Your Local Cacti – 5SBD Giveaway!

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Well, although this bush is not a succulent or a cactus, you are my first contestant! (YEAY!!!) As for the appearance, I could kinda see it... upside-down maybe. Thanks for the submission!

Thanx for the submission, @missysheshe86! Hmmm, with those fleshy leaves and light greenish-orange color it sure looks like it. As for the size... why not? There may be giant sizes out there. Anyway, you're well qualified to win the prize.

Arrrrrrrr yeeeaaahh, fingers crossed, and size isn't everything haha

Aaaaaand the winner is.... @missysheshe86 and the Crassula nudicaulis! The reward is on its way. Thank you all for playing!

Yippee,just noticed i won,toot toot!! Thanking you very much indeedy