England vs India, 1st ODI - Contest

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England vs India, 1st ODI


  • Match : Eng vs Ind, 1st ODI, India tour of England, 2018
  • Date : Thursday, July 12, 2018
  • Time : 11:30 AM GMT
  • Venue : Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Memo to SendBet Amount (SBD Only)
England Wins0.5 to 10 SBD per user
India Wins0.5 to 10 SBD per user
Tie0.5 to 10 SBD per user
  • The SBD pool will be created with the total amount collected and will be distributed among the winners (those who bet on the right outcome)

  • You will get the return in proportion to your initial bet amount

  • Winners get the payment immediately after the match outcome (within 12 hours)

  • Only 1 bet per user allowed

  • You must participate 5:00 PM 12 July IST for your bet to be valid!

  • We need at least 20 people to participate so make sure you resteem this post.

  • If you any questions / issues / feedback, feel free to comment below

  • If somehow everyone bets on the winning team, then you will receive back the initial amount you sent.

How to participate ?

Send your desired bet amount to @stocksfetcher with the memo as given above as per the team you are supporting.

How it works ? ( Example)

Lets understand this with a simple example

Suppose 10 people bet on Team 1 and 10 people bet on Team 2.

Assume each person wagers 1 SBD.

The total pool would be 20 SBD in this case (10+10).

If Team 1 wins, all the 10 people you had placed their bet on Team 1 win 2 SBD each (Since the prize pool of 20 SBD would be divided among the winners in proportion to their bet amount)

Similarly it will be done for any other case.

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sounds like a fun contest. I hope it gains some interest

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Thanks, hopefully it will

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