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First time no returns at all.

Betting Bank Yesterday £1,5558.71

Racing Bets - £9.00
Greyhound Bets - No bets
Lottery Bets - £2.50
Acca - No bets

Total Spent £11.50

Returns £0.00
Given away today £0.00
Given away to date* £509.68

*Since June 5th

New Bank £1,547.21

Racing update

Doncaster win only lucky 15, no returns

Lady Cosette Price (4/1) Thu - 1:50 Doncaster - Lost
Peach Tree Price (5/1) Thu - 2:25 Doncaster - Lost
Horseplay Price (11/4) Thu - 3:00 Doncaster - Lost
Aim Power Price (11/2) Thu - 3:35 Doncaster - Win

Hamilton win only lucky 15, no returns

Dodgy Bob Price (5/1) Thu - 3:45 Hamilton - Lost
Defence Treaty Price (3/1) Thu - 4:15 Hamilton - Lost
Motahassen Price (9/4) Thu - 4:50 Hamilton - Lost
Beadlam Price (9/2) Thu - 5:20 Hamilton - Void

Greyhounds update

No bets

Accumulators update

No bets


Trueflip 13th September, no returns

Our numbers 19 29 32 45 49 Bonus 05

Result 42 45 03 35 13 Bonus 21


If you would like to try the Trueflip Lotto please use my referral link below



Back tomorrow for some more bets

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Test with the American races to see if the luck changes, If the races of Venezuela you could play them I would give you some suggestions for this weekend @ stimp1024

Hopefully the Doncaster bets that you've placed this morning will come in and restore the betting bank. Fingers crossed

Ohhh dear try different strategies I am hopeful 2nd half of September will be your good luck.

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