Giveaway 3,000,000 AVOCADO tokens

in contest •  2 years ago  (edited)

Among 9000 Cryptokitty players an airdrop was held by the Avocado team. I have received 100,000,000 Avocado tokens and I feel compelled to partially distribute them again. I don't know exactly what it all means but they already have a website with a wallet and a game. The owner still has 10% of all the AVO and I have 0.01%.

What should you do to qualify for this giveaway?

Easy; Follow, vote, resteem and leave your Ethereum address (not exchange address!!) in the comentar section at the bottom of this page. Three random people each receive 1 million AVO tokens by the end of this week.
The AVO tokens I recieved

I hope you are well!!


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you're in the mix


I send you 1.000.000 avo tokens
Don´t spend it all at once :-)

Thnxs..lekker start van de lente...avocado, zon 😎👍🏻

you're in the mix

Haha toppie:) 👍🏻😁


you're in the mix

I send you 1.000.000 avo tokens
Don´t spend it all at once :-)

I am not planning to eat it at once. I will HODL and look for more opportunity.


you're in the mix


you're in the mix

I send you 1.000.000 avo tokens
Don´t spend it all at once :-)


nice one!

you're in the mix


Dont know if its important at this moment but I have changed the wallet adress .. I gave the wrong one sorry :) the one in the message is the right one


you're in the mix


Certainly a nice one!

You have not resteemed the post so you´r NOT (yet) in the mix

I've resteemed it now ... sorry had totally missed that part.

Yes! You'r in the mix!


You´r in the mix