Take Half My SBD. Contest 1

in #contest4 years ago (edited)

Win half my Steem Dollars.

All you need to do is upvote this post.
Upon payout a random number generator will be used to pick one of the users who upvoted, I will then release 50% of the SBD generated from this post to his wallet.

My upvote and eventual bots do not count.



People usually make lotteries for 100% of the SBD.
To attract them, you need to gather twice the amount, or at least pay it off sooner than 1 week.

Your version is like just asking for votes on a regular post, but without the regular post itself.
Even if people can make a small winning, they still feel like you are cheating.

I don't have anything against that.
I am just explaining you why the interest is low.

(Also - make the people comment, and choose a winner that upvoted and commented. Only this way do you know it's not a bot)

Thanks for the tip, this is a test to figure out how to do this sort of thing.
I'll try different methods on future contests

Upvoted. Thanks.

Not playing?