Comment Contest: Give SBD A Price

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Hey, achievers!

It's been awhile since our last comment contest and we thought it would be fun to have another one. This contest will run week-long and winners will be declared after the payout.

THEME: If in an alternate universe, you are given the powers to control the SBD price, how much (USD) will you set it and why?


  1. Just comment your entries, but if you want to make a post about it, feel free to do so.
  2. English comments only.
  3. Make as many comments as you want.
  4. Just have fun and win some SBDs for it.


50% of the SBD payout will be shared by 5 best comments, thus, the winners.
50% of the SBD payout will be shared by non-winners.

Please support this contest post with an upvote or resteem.




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Thanks to @steemitachievers for this amazing comment contest.

Here is my entry...

If I have the opportunity to be in control of SBD price and value, I would let it be between the $3,500--$4,000.

The reason is that, I would prefer the price not to be see stabled so as to encourage people from investing. If the price is stagnant, people we see no need to invest in steem and sbd again.

It will justified and encourage users of this amazing platform. Some people have backed off because of continuous decreasing in the price of sbd.

This days, you hardly get upvote or curated by people. You get lesser amount of upvote in your post this time, so if the price is at $4,000. Then, the one you got will be of value to you.

If i had given the chance to control the price of SBD. I will make it at minimum value, not that big enough and not that small too. Because when it is too big, people with bad intentions will do make dirty business from it. And not too small to help those who needs to earn money out from their posts and comments.

I won't ask sbd just I will ask everybody should see my post if they upvote then,I will get some sbd that is enough to me

If I could control the price of the SBD, I would set it as high as possible minimum at 80 USD for several reasons:

  1. It would help to increase the popularity of Steemit in my country Venezuela, and in turn the popularity of the page.
  2. In my country you need minimum 80 USD to eat and live well for a month and the average salary is around 3 USD, many people in my country (including me) have survived the crisis thanks to Steemit.

This price of the SBD would help many Venezuelans survive and raise their quality of life, giving them hope and strength.

I would set it at $1000 .. Which is something realistic.. Cos I want SBD to have value.. And for it to be respected around the globe... So all Steemians would be rich.

From what I've read, I gather that SBD going too high would actually bad for Steemit... and, yet, we all need money. A compromise?! Let's keep things as they are for the whole year, with just one day when SBD magically gets pumped to say 100 USD. Sometime in December works just fine - A Steemit Christmas, when everyone can enjoy a bit of profits. Work hard all year and get a nice Christmas bonus!

I will set it to a price higher than steem atleast once a month. That gives me a good chance to convert all my SBD to steem.
I don't have to worry of the price because I know steem will rise sooner or later. Its bound to grow.

I will make it negotiable. I will set it at 10$ for minnows and 5$ for whales to avoid misuse of power and to shun their egos and boost minnows.

Of course everybody wants sbd to go up so high in that alter universe,
That would be nice to think.
For me, It can go up but not too much, maybe just around 10usd(500PHP) each,
if everyone is already rich earning just a few sbd (with very high usd), then
there will be time that users here on Steemit would lost, They already have money
so they will get bored posting here or staying, no active user because they're busy
spending there money. Just be thankful what is enough, they say also that too much is really bad.

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