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Selfie or photography? Selfie is something that you clicks your own pic by almost every pic clicked by other.....


I'm doing it the same as @tecnosgirl phone for quick draw (and other pics), camera with remote, and gopro which can be run from my phone for certain shots (like the falling into water and stars shot because it could kind of mate up to night vision).

@papa-pepper asked me about one of the shots I took awhile back, so I sent a pic of the setup I had used with my phones timer. I had seen several folks that appeared to be using timers or remotes and wanted to do a more creative cooler pic.

I don't think anyone is trying to "cheat"'s just become a lot of fun to get creative with the contest and using these tools help in that creativity. Heck I remember taking selfies with film cameras using the timer years ago....because you don't really want an arm in your memories. LOL For me, I just want to try and do something cool or fun.

Papa-pepper makes his own rules!

Timers on cameras changes it a bit.

How u gonna judge whether it is timers or someone else fingers?

There is no way to tell on my end.

All selfies here! Sometimes you have to trust the integrity of the contestant.
And It looks like most folks here are taking selfies

I take mine from my phone to make post quick. But I have a remote for my camera and I do all my own family photos using it. Then you also have timers now too on cameras.

i guess the fun and the smile on our faces is worth more than any other thing