STACH Short Story Contest #22: 199 words, 5 winners, 15SBD prize pool!

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Hello Everyone, @kingst here with the announcement for the STACH Short Story Contest #22.

What is a Short Story.

A short story is a story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel. It makes use of plot, resonance, and other dynamic components to a far greater degree than is typical of an anecdote. You can read it in less than 90 seconds.

Contest Rules:

•Write a Short Story based on the topic that will be given every week.
•Write an Original Short Story (Plagiarism will be flagged and reported).
•The Story must contain no more than 199 words.
•One entry per user.
•Story should be pasted in the comment section below, no links.
•Contestants are permitted to post their stories in an article on their blog, so they also get upvotes from the @stach trail.

Winners Selection.

Winners will be selected based on the topic, story plot, number of words and delivery as determined by the selected Judge. One word above 199, disqualifies the entry.

Contest Topic.

Write a 199 words story based on A BOTTLED MESSAGE.

FIVE winners will be selected for a share of the 15SBD. The story with the most interaction gets a 1SBD prize from @ejemai.
First Prize: ----------------------4SBD
Second Prize: ------------------3.5SBD
Third Prize: ---------------------3SBD
Fourth Prize: -------------------2.5SBD
Fifth Prize: ----------------------2SBD

Good luck guys!

Sharpen your writing skills and throw in some inspiring short stories. XO!

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the mountain

The tattooed girl stood atop the last mountain staring at the torn sky. Up. Flip. Down. Hollow slap of the bottle solid against the meat of her palm. Freezing air, thin and sharp -- but it mattered not at the end of the world.

A thousand feet below, ravening darkness ascended, gobbling clouds in its path.

The fissure above widened. She sighed, rocked back on her heels. Held the bottle still, contemplating its contents. Green and blue danced within, swirling as if seen through dark water.

A hundred feet. The darkness boiled upward as if it had her scent.

She looked down. Sighed. Raised her face to the ravaged sky once more. Her right arm caught fire, flames tracing every tattooed line.

Forty feet.

She looked up. One more breath. Plant right foot. Lean back on it, left hand stretched languidly at the sky, as good an aiming point as any. Blazing right arm cocked back, bottle by her ear.

Ten feet.

She threw. Hard. The air split athwart it as the bottle thundered into the slashed maw of the sky. Darkness swallowed the mountaintop below but the world in the bottle escaped the end of the world.

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Wow. Na the end of the world be dis na. Everywhere else don go under the shadows, na only this superhero of a girl still dey. I see wetin you put inside her message bottle ooo 😄 "green and blue" indeed hahahahahaha 🌏

The thing strange sha but e take style make sense. Wehdon!

Hehehehheheh, exactly. You don see the trick lol - as above, so below 🍾😁

Even when your story is longer than most it still make sense with a nice plot . make @africaunchained proud man .

This looks like a winner to me.
Very poetic. I loved it!

Much appreciated. So far, you and @madmaxfury are the only ones who figured out what the girl was up to 😄

What a way to go.

A very rainy day, Steban went in search of his mother's medicine, when, in the middle of the road, he was in a storm fountain, the boat was left in nothingness! steban desperate without knowing that if his mother will not have her medicines worsened! Suddenly a fisherman arrived and asked him: Hey steban, what happened to you! He answers my mother is sick and went to the city to look for medicines and the boat became nothing because of the storm. Millet do not lose faith you will see that you will have your mother's medicines. Steban turns the river down and sees a bottle of glass sending a message in the bottle !!! Well, that's how I wrote a sheet and sent the message! The next day I knocked on the door and was a doctor with the medicines Steban was happy and gave his mother's medicines thanks to the doctor!

Wish failed.

I've tried everything to get close to you, I've gone to places you go frequently, I've gone to theaters to watch movies that do not interest me, I tried to make you like the same music that you like, I even wrote a message on I dropped a bottle and threw it into the sea, wishing you were by my side.
Two years have passed since I threw the bottle with a desire that unfortunately was not fulfilled, I do not hold a grudge, I do not hate you; You were the best teaching that life has given me, thanks to your contempt I understood that my lies would never make you fall in love, you did not look for someone who was the same as you, you only looked for a girl who was honest and that girl was not me, because I lied to you Believing that in this way I would get closer to you, and what I did not know is that every time I lied, I moved further away from you.


Ahoy whoever finds this message

I 'ave been shipwrecked!!! I be th' first mate o' th' "Black Pearl" I bet ye 'ave heard a bit o' th' amazin' adventures we 'ave had. Now, it ain't jus' a plain ole ship since most o' th' crew 'ave a bit o' monster personality in them. Fer me, I 'ave always been th' family disgrace, eyes that go in th' opposite direction, long, dirty black nails, crooked teeth, these qualities made me generally unwanted fer a job. So when I was called aboard th' Black Peark, I was o'erjoyed. But now we be wrecked.

We were sailin' t' th' Island o' Ammedin, t' get some arabian hidden loot. Thar was a storm that left us shipwrecked on a large Island, good thin' be thar's a lot o' grub 'n friendly natives, bad news be no one knows how t' build a ship. Th' Island has forests 'n lots o' beautifully carved natural caves 'n thar's a rich tradition o' mummies (nah th' kind ye came from her belly). So if ye find this, try t' look fer us.
Now I shall cast this message in a bottle.

Yers in trouble
Jack Sparrow

Lol!!!! Amazing. You deserve to win!!!!

"Hohoho, we comin' t' getcha capn." Lolest! I like it.

Emptying bottles was to Dad what swimming is to fish. He could not function properly with a clean system but he was a damn genius when he got it in the right amount of it.
It was not a surprise to anyone even himself when he died of cirrhosis. Like he used to say "something will kill a man".

"He is dead", Ruth my sister said with best clarity she could managed. Hearing that he is gone gave me a mixed feelings. His treatment was consuming every income everyone was able to come up with...that brought relief. Loosing a father and me becoming the 'head of the house' brought a feeling of great loss and sudden heavy burden.

Getting home, i rushed to mum's room console her and my sister. After most of the sympathisers have dispersed the second day. I went to his room to see if there is no anything there is anything of note.
Expectedly there are many bottles to clear, but an empty but sealed bottle with a small paper in it stood out. I took out the paper and it reads "I AM PROUD OF YOU, SON. YOU ARE ALL I WANTED TO BE".


Miss Joy, unlike other times stood fearlessly before Dr James her project supervisor who had been a thorn in her flesh.

Image source

Dr James: Young lady, you have to come back next year for your project since you have refused to dance to my tune of one hour pleasure with you.
Joy laughed out so loud that even the dead could hear her laughter.
Miss Joy: And how can that be possible by a toothless lion like you?, she roared at him.

Dr James lifted his hands to slap her; she held his hands in the air and said to him

The bee can’t sting a lioness

image source
I have a sex video tape of you and my friend mercy, and your secrets will be out soon if any further misbehavior from you. Dr James shivered as hot sweat immediately formed on his face and the lion in him became a gentle lamb.

This is the deal you must follow if you don’t want to lose your home and your work.
You will have to finish the project I started and grade me “A” in it, She said and walk out of his office with the smile of a victor But how did she managed tp get the video clip . did she used her friend to set up the supervisor?

@michaeljerry There might be many sides to the story. She might have had an agreement with her friend or the hotel they went to and a camera was set or she must have known that Mercy was tired of the lecturer headache and she gave him. So Joy now trying to use boldness to get at the lecturer even if there was no video evidence.

Wow wow wow this story made me shout go girl you have got so much confidence. Wow nice story it is concise and tells a lot. This always happen to female students even my relation was a victim but all thanks to God the man died a shameful and smelling death had severe underlying infections.
I just love the boldness in Joy.
Nice one my dear.

@eunireal1 should i say thank God the man died or what ? A sad incident but it in a way serves him right. If evil people continue to live then wickedness will continue in the land.
The case of Joy are similar incidences that happen on our campuses often times. I have heard of wicked lecturers been inflicted with terrible disease until their death. Any way God will help us.

Thanks for reading and contibuting

Very interesting piece.
So sad and annoying seeing ugly incidences like this happening in our higher institutions

So sad that such sad occurrence still goes on in our campuses but God will surely aide us Amen.

This is what i so despise in men, time will come when i would fight it with all i have.

My sister sounding so annoyed but fear not. All men are not the same. There are still men who marry as virgins today and don't flirt.
My dear. Just pray to marry a good one.

Nice piece of work.
Good job.

Thank you so much friend for reading.

That's really a painful sting.

Yea but not as painful as a lecturer requesting sex from an innocent girl who might have been trying to keep herself till marriage

What??? Wisdom or smartness.
Nice script.

I think it's wisdom and smartness since the lecturer was trying to play around her future.

Smart moves i think

14-year-old boy sam lives with his poor sick dad, he lost his mother a year ago, sam knew he was losing his father too and he needed help.

He thought again about the project for his 3rd grade art class,Message in a bottle and was determined to send the his in the sea. He wrote a note on a simple piece of sheet and placed it in an empty bottle,begging for help and narrating his story with contacts and date, he threw it into the sea.

After two months, lora a rich business woman went for a walk on her beach when she saw something green that shone on the high tide line.
She always dreamed of discovering a message in a bottle on the beach, but she never thought she would find one. she opened it and happiness filled her heart.

few days later, lora sent an email to sam, she funded his family and Sam's dad was well again they began to live a comfortable life.

Although the bottle traveled less than a kilometer from the place where he threw it but no distance could diminish the great help he brought to his father.

A New Start

The newlyweds Ana and Rafael were happy to have bought their first house on a beautiful hill surrounded by large fruit trees, however they had to do some house remodeling before they could move in, since it was an older building.

The work began and everything went according to plan, but over time the fights started to appear because the couple didn’t agree on the changes they wanted to make to the house and they were running out of money because Ana would only choose the most expensive things for her house.

One day they had a strong argument and Rafael angrily left the house, Ana was crying and to calm down she went down to the basement to fix some things, when she suddenly noticed in an old closet a bottle that seemed to contain a note, she took it out and read it: "In this home I found true happiness. I did not have many material things to offer my family, but they were not important, since we had to love and support of each other" . When reading the note Ana understood what it meant to have a home and ran to look for Rafael.

Link of my post:


Charles was walking along the beach. He was going through the worst crisis of his life. His wife left him, taking away his children. His addiction to gambling and alcohol, cost him his job, and his gambling debts, led him to bankruptcy.

Charles had lost everything. Now alone, on that beach he wondered, if it was worth it to continue living ...

Charles was thinking, how to end his life, when the waves brought a bottle to his feet. He thought about kicking the bottle away, but he realized there was a note inside the bottle.

Charles picked up the bottle. He read that note. It was written by a girl named Aurora. She wrote to her father, who had died. The note said: "Dear father, I miss you, your departure has left a great void in the family. You will no longer accompany us in special moments such as: my graduation from school, you will not give me at my wedding. I would give everything because you were alive ... I love you Aurora. "

When he finished reading the message, Charles cried and changed his mind. He would fight to recover his family and his life.

A Bottle from the Interstellar Sea

In the very distant future two children play on the shore of a beach, they observe something luminous fall from the sky to the sea; they continue playing and after a while they see how the waves bring an object.

The children go in its search and when they take it they realize that it’s a golden disk, they notice that it has some printed grooves, they find it interesting and take it with them. When they got home they showed it to their mother and she took it to a university where they managed to decipher the content of the album. It became known that it was from a civilization of another world, they were not alone in the universe.

The planet where the disc came from was located, and a mission was planned in order to reach it. When the men arrived to said planet, they were completely devastated because it had been destroyed in a large-scale war.

What these children had found was a disk that carried the voyager spacecraft. The ship was like a bottle thrown into the infinite sea of space and the disc was a message inside the bottle, a message of peace.

What a bitch! Tolu almost said it loud. He must avoid this one like a snake, looking at the way she was carrying herself and finding it difficult to open her mouth to respond to peoples' greetings.

"A penny for your thought" he jerked out of his reminiscing by the sweet voice and smiling face of Sandra. But her phone ranged again before he had time to answer her. Funny how appearance and sometimes first impression can be deceptive, they are both in this case.

Their first real encounter was few days after he was employed, when she had a problem with her Laptop computer. She was so disturbed. Tolu spending 4 years as an apprentice learning computer engineering is not in vain after all.

"If I paid you a penny for your thought, I think you will be a millionaire". She said while sitting herself gracefully. Tolu could not really figure what she want from, she has a finance in America who will likely come and take her anytime according to office gossips. He wanted to express himself but would rather bottled up the message and enjoy the moment while it lasts..."You can't afford it", he replied smiling.

A one year a my dad found an extremely old brew bottle swaying around the Baltic Sea simply off the shore of Kiel. He pulled it in, opened it up and found a message wrote onto the back of a postcard, requesting that the beneficiary send it back to the sender's street number.

It was delivered to the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg and analysts quickly set to work endeavoring to discover where it originated from. They soon figured out how to set up that the note had been composed by 20-year-old Richard Platz who had hurled the container into the sea while climbing with a nature thankfulness amass in 1913. The best part is that notwithstanding, is that they additionally figured out how to find his 62-year-old granddaughter, Angela Erdmann, who lives in drama and gave the mysterious little bit of history over to her.

It was raining and the whole place was wet, adejoke needs to sign her final clearance in school to feel like a graduate for the first time.
On getting to the office of the HOD who supposed to sign for her, she realized she was not with her clearance form...oh no she said, why do I forget this?
She told the HOD about it, but the man said she must bring it on time, because immediately the rain stopped, he will be traveling out of the country, and he won't be back until the end of the month
Adejoke,sent for her friend to forward the form to her, because she can't wait that long for the form to be signed
Her friend put the form in a bottle so as to protect it from rain and sent to her,she got the form and was able to sign the form long before the rain stopped.

Word count : 160 words....

The Bottled message

Laura had just arrived at the restaurant wearing the beautiful red gown mark got for her on their first date before he left the country. she sat quietly waiting for Mark to come unable to contain the excitement running through her blood stream.This was a date Laura had looked forward to all week because after so many months she gets to finally spend time with the love of her life again. A bottle of cocktail had been offered to her but laura decided to wait for Mark before she poured herself a drink, few minutes had passed and Mark still hadn't showed up and laura was becoming really bored but she didn't think twice about leaving because she had missed mark so much and was so desperate to see him again. She started to tickle the bottle with her fixed nails and just then her attention was taken to a small reflection below the bottle and when she focused her attention on what it could be she realized it was a ring, unable to control the joy she stood to her feet hands claps against her mouth as the voice came from behind.marry me laura?

"Its been 3 years... " Teyona thought as she sat sipping her drink waiting for her date to arrive

They had graduated college together, he was sensitive and caring and she loved that about him.
"The things you love about him now you will hate later, we are more alike than you'd admit" her mother always said. Oh how she hated to hear but deep down she knew and eventually she broke up with him. It had ripped him apart but "its been 3 years now. Surely the wound had healed"
Her marriage was a mess and she was starting to regret leaving him
She had been there for 2 hours now and randall still hadn't showed, maybe she was wrong, maybe he hadn't healed. She had called him and they had set a date. But maybe..... It was a bottled message... One she dreaded to open....

We weren't all that rich but we were living quite all right. Until my father annoyed the wrong people.
They were really raged with anger and they took the law into their hands. They burnt our house and destroyed all our belongings. We were left with nothing.....

After the fire that decimated our tattered house, my family was placed in ruin. My father who was the bread winner of the family didn't see any bread to win for us. We were always hungry, my stomach forever sounding like a distuned French horn. Then things grew worse when I got separated from my pack, my kinsmen my family. I don't know how I wandered into a stingy neighborhood like this one where every kiosk owner owns a big knife and eyes at the back of their head. I haven't eaten anything since then and I know I would have broken the Guinness world record of most days scaled through without eating. Then I saw a piece of bread with a weakling boy such as my self. "This is my chance" I said. After some minutes of tug of war the piece of bread was finally mine.Though I never saw my family again.. I survived but before my life was taken by death, I wrote a message in a piece of paper and put it in a bottle and off to the sea it went. To remind whoever finds it of my pathetic existence.

Life wasn't that fear for Rolake, she did all she could to change the story of her family which went from bad to worse after the death of her father.

She was deep in thought one day, trying to remember all those beautiful moments she had with her late father.

She remembered how her father used to love and care for her, all of a sudden her father final word flashed through her mind.

Where is the bottle my father used to keep by his bed side? She screamed

Her mother was wondering why she was so curious to see the bottle after five years of her father's death,their is a message left for me in the bottle by my father.

The whole family started searching for the common bottle which become so precious for the message it carries

Not too long before they find the bottle, on opening it,they find a pure gold her father spent all his life savings to purchase

They took it to the market, they were all rendered speechless when they got 38 million in exchange for the gold.

That was enough to turn the story of the family around.

"SOS, 18.98°S, 32.177°E"
Ebuka's heart pounded as he read the message on the parchment he'd just pulled out of a wine bottle he saw floating close to the shore.
He ran as fast as he could to the Lifeguard Post. The first lifeguard took a look at the message and waved him off.
"We get hundreds of these every month, many people like to play sick jokes".
The next few he approached gave similar response. The sixth lifeguard seemed touched by his persistence and took him to meet the Superintendent.
"We get many messages like this every week boy, 99 percent are pranks."
"But Sir..."
"But, the local diving team is taking a practice session close to that location, I'll send a unit with them to make sure" the Superintendent ended patting Ebuka on the head.
"Go home and rest now son".

Four hours later, the news announced that a ship carrying 642 people was rescued. Their turbines had blown and communications fried.
As Ebuka and his family watched the television, they heard a knock on the door.
Ebuka's father opened the door and was instantly blinded by flashes from the paparazzi.
"Mr Nnamdi, may we speak to your son?"

Nice work bro

This is a beautiful construction for me. I love the plot.

Here's my entry

As the alarm clock blared, Kate reached out instinctively to switch it off. She didn't need it anymore, since she was always awake before 6am anyways. She walked to the bathroom, washed her face, and In minutes, she was heading for the beach.

As she ran, the events of yesterday flashed across her mind, She'd walked in and seen them in bed. She loved Mark with her whole being, why were men so wicked and deceitful? She'd thought they had a future together, and he cheated on her. By now the tears were blinding her, so she stopped and sat close to the water. Just looking at it, had a calming effect, the way the waves came and went, just like the men in her life.

As the sun came up, she could see a bottle floating towards her, she grabbed it as it got near, it had a note in it, a message. She read the letter addressed to a lover from another, the words had her crying again, the writer had described the most beautiful love. Why couldn't Mark love her like this?

A BOTTLED @isteemithard
Walking across the beach, the morning sun, rises along the seas horizon. The wind blows, the waves flow, sand is moved by both. Ocean, this body of saline water, moves men and swallows mountains with both beauty and danger. Looking across the vast salty seascape may appear endless, but land can always be reached. Ocean currents, primarily horizontal water movements that influence temperatures of the regions through which they travel. They stretch and reach all parts of the globe, not a continent goes untouched.
The pen touches paper, or at least it did, now keys are pressed and ink is electronically printed to stacks of sheets. A message is created but what is it really? A written communication sent to or left for a recipient who cannot be contacted directly.
A bottle, the container with a neck that is narrower than the body and the opening mouth. Typically made of glass, clay, plastic, aluminum or other impervious materials meant to keep contents contained and protected.
A click, a clank, as it taps along the seashore. A bottle washes up, it’s been some time since it was once tossed in. What a vast journey that it must have traveled.

In the sea of silence

Every day I wrote the same words with a special dedication. The calligraphy neat and adorned with the patience that the years grant, the paper without wrinkles and foldable, the empty bottle and the crystal clean. The composition was perfect, each element was part of the whole, but that didn't matter, for Elisha none of that had any meaning.

Every day, after depositing the message in the bottle, I was going to Main Avenue, crossed the second alley, deposited the bottle on the floor, and gave three soft touches on the door. Then I returned after my steps, and in the trash, I contemplated the bottle of the previous day.

Every day was the same.

The work that I dedicated to that messaging was my way of apologizing to her, but it didn't seem to work. I felt like a castaway in the solitude of her silence. I wonder if this is her punishment, I wonder if she forgot me, or if she even remembers me. I don't know. I don't care. I can only write this message on the bottle and send it until one day she comes to rescue me.

Somewhere in Africa, deep in the valley of Kiraju was a small peaceful village called Faku known for its riches in gold, agriculture you name it. Its people lived in peace with one another, women so beautiful and men so strong. Faku had lots of enemies that it will always defeat but none like the yellow haired men, skin so fair it almost looked transclucent who raided the village on a peaceful summer night. The people of Faku had heard of the strange looking men, but never believed the stories..

"Don't leave me mama!" Little Tamayu cried as one of the strange men pulled her mother away, they rounded up the grownups and dragged them to their boats at the river bank. Her father had been hit with one of their magic weapons which emitted fire and a very loud noise and was now bloody and motionless alongside the other village warriors. “Do not forget the daughter of whom you are Tamayu!” her mother yelled back “like a message in a bottle keep safe all that you have been taught!” And with that she was dragged away.
Little Tamayu was now left in the cold world on her own.

The Wife's Message

Segun stared at the wall in despair. His 4-year marriage was crumbling before his eyes.
It had begun slowly. First, his wife started complaining he faulted her over everything. Then she refused to cook, saying he thought her food wasn’t good enough for him. Like he could ever harbour such thoughts! Now, she could hardly bear to stay in the same room with him.
There was a knock on the door. It was his elder sister, Funke.
“Okay,” she said, stalking into the room. “Tell me everything.”
He started, letting it all pour out. He was almost in tears at the end.
Funke’s eyes were full of pity. “I see,” she said. “Little brother, marriage is never easy, but you have missed your wife’s message. It’s a message in a bottle –you must look within her behaviours to find it.”
Suddenly, Segun understood. He had subtly blamed his wife for their lack of children. She had taken that and put it into all the other parts of their lives. To save his marriage, he must stop the blame and love her fully again.
He looked up at Funke. “Thank you, sister.” He said fervently. “I know what to do.”

This one is my favorite!

Thanks very much! :)

His Bottled Message

My sister and her fiance has been dated for seven years and she's been waiting for him to propose.
One faithful evening, he calls her for a dinner. She feels excited and expectant that her need will be met that evening, but also, she was angry that on previous occasions like this, he had said nothing.
Half way through the dinner, her fiance says he had something special to tell her, so this made her anxiety and expectation level to grow higher then he pulls the trigger by saying that he's going on a one year business trip to take pictures of frogs. This made her so angry and irritated (cause she assumed he was leaving her for frogs), so she stood up and left.
She was so furious that she didn't even notice the waiter coming with a wine bottle her fiance ordered with a message on it "WILL YOU BE MY WIFE".
My sister feels so depressed up on till today cos she missed his bottled message.



One day on the beach, walking on the shore, I tripped with a bottle full of corals, I hit my feet, I grabbed it and threw it with rage at some stones, when it broke a paper came out of it, it was a yellow and old leaf that I had the following message:

Help, we lost the coordinates on the high seas and the boat is not in good condition, help please. February /20/1983

My heart leapt from my chest, I was confused, a message written 35 years ago that I had gotten too late.
Investigate on the internet and there was indeed a story about a ship that was shipwrecked for several months lost at sea and no survivor was found.
I had many mixed feelings and a certain impotence, if only that message had arrived on time at the hands of someone, maybe that crew was alive.

But that is God's plan and his time is perfect.

A Bottled Message

Luci, used to travel with his father who was a sailor, traveled by boat the beautiful sea, watching each sunset together while he told her their stories about their journeys. One afternoon he told how they sent messages inside bottles with the hope that they would be received or lost in the immense sea.
At 16 years old, Luci loses her father because of a strange illness, decides to throw her ashes into the sea where she lived so many adventures and remembers that story of the bottled message, writes a letter which she also puts in a bottle.

The letter:

Today a wonderful being left this world, with the most noble and wise heart that could exist, to him I owe what I am, I greatly appreciate his stories and teachings.
Part of his life he had in the sea and his ashes rested on it.

Beloved father, for me you have not died, you will live in my memories and my heart forever.

I love you infinitely.

That message was found 70 years later, by a journalist who published an article about him.


My son, If you are reading this, then I am probably dead or in prison.
I told my lawyer to give you the keys to the safe on the day you can't reach me .
I am sorry I'm leaving you all alone; it's solely my fault and the crooked life I was living.
It was never my intention to leave you so little to believe in.
I know you came in that night and saw your mother bleeding.
It was a little fight, but before I knew it, she was on the floor and was barely breathing.
I was drunk that night, like most other nights, and I acted without clear reasoning.
I am sorry for the pain I caused you, and also for making you lie to the police so they could believe me.
I'm very sorry and I wish you could forgive me.
I decided to leave this message in a green bottle to remind you not to live like I did.

I know you love to write, so I told my friend Stach about you.
And He said he would be there to help you whenever you need him.
To you, my son
Ayo Bamidele

images (1).jpg
Image Source: Wattpad


Tega would go the ends of the earth to keep her rocky secret a secret. The Iyi-uwa, it might very well look like a tired talus, an appendage that she had to drag with her alongside her heavy cast of bones and flesh. But still, it served as her only chance back Home, back to the freeing she craved for. If the Iyi-uwa was crushed, she would be caught between nowhere and everywhere.

So, as she journeyed, for the fifth time, through the Road leading up to her mother's womb, her spirit mates tugged at her. They feared that like the rest of them, she would be incised and branded on the chest, till her only escape was to betray out the Iyi-uwa.

But, Tega knew where to keep her secret safe. Rather than hide it under trees, she would grind her iyi-uwa into powder, sift it into the bottle of alcohol her soon-to-be father would drink till he gulped down every bit of it. So that to find her, they would, first, have to kill him.

She was an Ogbanje, after all, and with that, came the power to unfurl a secret and stash it into a bottle.

A brilliant extrapolation of the Ogbanje myth. We Africans don't need dragons and Game of Thrones all the time; we have our own mythologies, our own spirits and powers and mystical traditions that can be mined for some really original fiction.

A message in a bottle

Paula was a single mother who lived with her young son Paul. During the day she worked as a domestic worker and at night she was a hospital nurse. Paul, as he grew up, asked his mother: Mommy, where's my dad? My school friends make fun of me because I do not have a father, she answered him: Son someday you will meet him, be patient !.
Years later, Paula, sick of the lungs, a disease that was deteriorating little by little, Paul, worried about his health, left the studies to take care of her. One day Paula called her son and said: "My son, I give you this bottle, the day I die you must take it to this address, there you will ask about José who is your father.
The day his mother died, Paul brought the message that his mother had bottled to the indicated address. When he arrived at the place that touched the door, a man greeted him, Paul with sad eyes said: Papa, I am your son! my mother Paula sent you this message. They embraced each other strongly and since that day they lived together, José filled the emptiness that once he left to his son.

The gangster's debt

It's the eighties and modernity is at its height in New York. Large and ostentatious buildings are everywhere. The demolitions of old buildings occur almost daily. In an old house in New York, some workers were preparing the house to be demolished. In the basement, it was noticeable that the floor was irregular, indicating that something had been buried. When digging, they found a pit filled with 30 sealed wooden boxes, with a printed symbol that read "Demerara rum." When taking out the first box and opening it, there were many bills and a large transparent bottle, inside which was a paper.

The foreman took out the paper and read it: "Dear Capone, I am sending you 29 boxes of the best Caribbean rum. In this box is the payment of the $ 200,000 that I owed you... the debt is paid ". The message was signed by "Lucky". The foreman realized that in his hands had a document that implicated the mobsters Al Capone and Charly "Lucky" Luciano and dated from the 1920s, the era of alcohol prohibition in the United States.

Encapsulating my seven sins with you

Look at you rejoices me. Knowing that you are happy pleases me, although I have to admit that I have always wanted to be the rhythm and melody that accompany the vivacity of your smile and intensify the beating of your passionate heart.
While I am content to be a supporting actor in your life full of emotions and triumphs in the company of the one you love, a great man, without a doubt, there are moments like this, in which the least sublime of my humanity, it blooms and I feel envy.
I would like to whisper in your ear that I love you, although I am aware that lust would set the tone of our first meeting alone, to give way to the anger of having to free you for the arrogance that I would have tasted, greedily, every space of your body, but laziness consumes me and I hardly dare, with greed, to concentrate my joy on this piece of paper that I will keep in a bottle to bury it or throw it into the sea, because as you well know, those two elements unite us and unite forever.



Shipwreck in the Mediterranean

I hope that this letter will be found on time in this miraculous bottle so I can survive.

I am a sad and aimless boatwoman alone in the confines of the world . In this desert island I found this bottle and graphite;I was on a journey through the middle of the Mediterranean because I could not bear living in a country at war, but the boat sank; thankfully fate helped me survive. I really prefer the silence of this island , only the birds are heard, the wind swirls with the trees and the noise of the waves which, in addition to this beautiful sky in which the stars shine with an unimaginable brightness that inspire me to continue living. I eat fruits, fish and drink water from the springs, this island is a paradise.

If you find this letter, please come save me, so I can get to tell the world the fateful thing about living in war and the wonderfulness of peace that this discovered nature brings, without any more,


The grandfather’s gift

In my grandfather’s house was a liquor bar, it was the most complete that I had seen. The day of my 12th birthday, he told me: "This bottle of 1980 wine is yours; you’ll drink it in my memory the day of my death". It was a very sad gift for what it meant, and he told me that I should be happy, because with that gift I would always remember him.

One winter Sunday, I received the news of my grandfather's death. The rain and my tears were one. When I arrived at the grandfather's house, I remembered the gift he had left me. I went to the bar and took the bottle of wine. I noticed that the bottle was very light, and I realized that it had already been opened and inside the bottle there was a paper. I pulled the paper out and as I read it, the tears kept rolling down my cheeks. My grandfather wrote: "Dear grandson, my soul is still alive in the Chevrolet Bel Air 1958 that is now yours ... I love you".

The Prediction

That coastal city, had been hit several times in the last century by earthquakes and tsunamis, however, the mayor had decided to move the center of climate research to a much more modest headquarters to build on that land, a shopping center.

In the work of earthworks, the workers found an old bottle of Orange Crush that contained a kind of papyrus, which they decided to keep to try to sell it to a collector. At noon, they told the supervisor of the work that the sheet of paper they had taken from the bottle had a series of dates and times, that he would check them when he could to determine if they had any meaning.


The supervisor left at noon to his home to help his eldest son with a task about earthquakes in the area. That afternoon there was a tsunami that devastated more than a third of the city, including the construction area. The supervisor surprised by his good luck remembered the papyrus he had in his pocket reading with panic, next to the date of the day that was about to end, a sadly famous hour for the city and the country, 2:19 p.m.

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Break the Bottle: SOS

I’m a young woman lost on a desert island, I arrived here by swimming after the ship that was supposed to take me on a journey from South America to Norway sank. I’m the only survivor.

I thank god that I arrived to this beautiful island in the middle of nowhere, I ignore its location, the only thing I’m sure of is that the ship was navigating the North Sea but due to the cold waters and the electric storm it sank. I had bought a third class ticket to see my beloved Froilan that now lives in Norway to seek for a better life for the both of us.

I write this letter in the hopes that the one who finds it makes it public so it can reach to you, my dear Froilan. My heart and mind are with you always. I wake up every morning and I’m reminded of you by watching the wonderful waters and splendid blue sky. I miss you.

I hope that you can find me, I know you will. I know you will cross lands and seas to make our love come true once again.

With Love, Faviana

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Hope alive

Looking away from the horizon a beautiful sunset on the beach, with fragile feelings to flower of skin, a tender look of girl in me, feeling the soft breeze brush my skin as the sweetest of kisses , my mind embodied the memory of that being beloved whom I miss so much. I write my feelings through a few lines and seal their destination in a bottle that navigates the corners of the seas with the hope of being found by I that person I who yearns to see again

My tears come from the depths of my heart, cleaning my cheeks and venting all the pains of my cruel destiny that separated me from you that morning when you you went from this same place with a smile that illuminated your face and with a warm kiss you i showed my soul. I remember your lips like it was yesterday when you promised me you would come back.

My gray hair and my wrinkles are proof that I'm still waiting for your return, The sun shine every morning, is the hope to find you and hug you once more

The top of success.

On the top of a mountain was a treasure, all those who dared to go for it ended up failing, since they all trusted what the story written by their ancestors said. They wrote that those who follow their steps would reach the top of the top and get the treasure that hid a very valuable secret, the secret to success and be happy.
One day a boy with a different ideology arrived, he started the trip without saying anything, and without getting carried away by the story. They spent sunny days and very cold nights. One morning the boy arrived in the village, very serene, quite cheerful and his energy was incredible. I look for a speaker and shouted calling everyone. Once gathered, he said: The treasure most sought by all of us has been achieved, it is not as they painted it in history; It is a pot with a paper inside that says the following: To be successful, believe in yourself. Create your way and just enough to really enjoy each experience to be happy. Sincerely: A divergent.

The Lost Soul

Dwayne lived in Florence, he was vast in all skills. He was an engineer, a writer, a physician, an it! He was skilled. One morning, he peeped out his window and just next to his, he saw the most beautiful being on earth. He was amazed at such beauty and at once, he rushed to make a painting of this ravishing soul. So he did a quickie and with the painting was a message...

Hoping to give it to her the next day, he made his move. When he got to the so called apartment he taught she stayed in, he was told she had left just some minutes before he came and they told him that she was heading towards a certain location. At once, he ran after her. He boarded a ship to the location. While on the ship, he bottled the message and cased the painting.

At night, the tide became intensed and wrecked the ship and everyone died on the ship that day, leaving the message bottled and forever lost on the sea.

I know I haven't been the best of persons lately with all that has happened. However, if I tell you what has happened to me, you will be shocked.
I decided to take a trip round the world to see countries with rich cultural heritage. Do not get me started on the food, it was amazeballs. The aesthetics were unlike what we are used to and I must say, I don't plan on returning to where I call home.
But, as I passed the island of Fiji, a terrible storm started and wrecked my ship. Luckily for us, we were able to take refuge on the island. In the past 3 months, I've become built, killed a snake, killed a boar (though the boar almost killed me too), learnt survival skills to last a lifetime, and, have had no human interaction.
I send this to you in a bottle in the hopes that it reaches you and you send help to get me off this goddamn island.


The bottle was intercepted by a seagull and Samuel was never saved


Remmy had become a major part of tatiana's life, her best friend forever, he was always there when she needed him, in times of happiness and in times of sorrow, she had gone through countless failed relationships, she had bad luck with men, she was done with men, she needed another companion, a true one, that's when she found remmy, yes remmy was a cat.
But recently remmy had been behaving strange, he kept hopping onto her breast whenever they were together, and she kept wondering what would make her cat behave so immoral. She was sitting with remmy on the couch today when he suddenly hopped onto her breast and bit her so hard that she cried in pain.
She immediately went to the hospital to treat the injury, seeing the wound, the doctor decided they do a scan to see how far his teeth went. When the results came, they saw the depth of remmy's teeth (it did no damage) but they also found a tumor, tatiana had early stage breast cancer.
She was shocked, then she understood everything, remmy was a special cat, it was his way of sending her a message, he saved her life.

New communication system.

These were two islands far from the urbanization, where there was no type of satellite signal, could not communicate by cell phones, or via internet. One of the islands (LocoLand) was quite populated and many families were separated in that environment, since due to the lack of housing they were in need and enabled a new call "Soledad". Many families, friendships, were divided and with the passing of time one of those inhabitants had a great idea. He created his own work to cover expenses, tried to be the messenger of these two islands and although he did not have a boat or lanhcas for his poverty, he decided to be the one that crossed swimming from one island to another, carrying the messages of his clients. So that the letters do not get wet I look for containers or bottles of plastics and thus to reuse those materials. He was the creator of that communication system called Bottled Message.

"Do you have the money?"
I replied, my voice shaking
"I need to know she's with you. Give me something. Let me know that you have her", I replied as the Cops had instructed me.
"No questions if you want your wife back alive"
"I need to know she's with you and she's alive. I want proof".
The voice chuckled.
"Very well then, I will send you a message, a message that can only come from your wife. Come to your junction in 30 minutes".
I rebuffed the questioning glances of the cops quietly. At precisely 30 minutes, a bike drove up and dropped a package. I was out the door and racing to the junction. I saw the package and tore it open to find a clear bottle. I took one look at the contents and threw myself to the right, hurling the contents of my stomach.

I walked back to the house crying as the cops picked up the bottle with the proof inside. On the body of the bottle was a glued note with the words hastily scrawled:
"You wanted proof, here's one"

He sent me a message alright, my wife's middle finger.

[196 Words]

Nice one, sounds like a snippet from Hollywood 😁


A renowed pirate named xaxo marpho found a map that would lead him to treasures unimaginable;on one of his escapades. So he steeled himself to embark on a long perilous journey across the sea. He chose the best of his crew to take on the task. He chose sorcerers ,skilled fighters,path finders and other formidable individuals. The best and swiftest of his ship was selected to sail them across the red narrow sea. They were met with a succession of obstacles and challenges. They encountered phantoms,
sea monsters and goblins. And they defeated them all. They were very close to getting their prize when even the sea became an enemy. The sea reared up and transformed into different shapes and forms.They were surrounded on all sides. The evil before them;proved great and mighty,too mighty for even great Xaxo marpho and his formidable crew. Xaxo marpho had the premonition that the end was near. He could feel it in his guts. The ship was breaking into splinters;sinking rapidly. His crew members were being swallowed whole by the sea before his very eyes.In the teeth of despair;He bottled up the map, with a message written upon it, saying:"finder... Keeper".

A Mad Man Trapped on an Island

He said
"I talked to the trees, the bushes, the lizard that was eating the dragon fly. Even the dragon fly before it died said the samething. That I should let everyone feel my rap!! I was stock in this island for close to what seemed like three weeks but it had one thousand and ninety five days. What am I say? That's about three years to be exact, stock here in this island. Ever since I landed in the backyard of Wakanda no one has come to find me, cause they know I'll be up to some revolutionary lines. Just wait for me to write them down and they thought I was supposed to be a doctor because of small distinction in all the courses. Don't worry I'll bottle my rap as a message and throw into the high sea. It will make more money than any Igbo man's container."

Then he quickly wrote thre words down put it in a coca cola bottle and threw it at the psychiatrist.

A Bottled Message

They knocked on her door a couple of times, nor did the insistent call make her get out of the bed in which she had buried her dreams several weeks ago, she felt like a forgotten old rag doll, forgotten by the world and forgotten by God.

Everything had changed for her the day when she received "the message" in a small shiny glass bottle.

He was so small, so helpless... at night she still heard his laughter trapped in the walls and that killed her slowly. It was still October, the bitter autumn that took away everything she loved.

For her the obsession that he had with pirates, ships and shipwrecked was always a bit theatrical. Finding that bottle on his bed with his suicide letter left her adrift, lost in the middle of an island of pain, depression and loneliness.

She got out of bed, took a deep breath and broke the bottle that she kept like a treasure; the letter fell to the ground along with the pieces of glass. She pressed vertically on her wrists the sharp tips and she let the blood begin to come out, waiting anxiously to reunite with her son.


El mensaje de las 8 botellas
Diana como siempre. Dispuesta a continuar con su aventura de conseguir la respuesta sobre cómo llegar a ser una maestra de luz.
Pasaba de un grupo a otro, y así hasta que, un día, como cualquier día, se encontró con Merquisedec, un angel de Dios:
Ve a Canaima, Venezuela y busca entre las tribus las ocho botellas, cada una tiene un mensaje.
Reinició su aventura. Fue de tribu en tribu: Kanwaripa, Kavac, Wareipa, La Maloca, Santa Cruz de Apauken y otros. En cada uno se quedó para conocer su cultura y así averiguar la existencia de las bolletas.
Por fin, reunió las ocho botellas, cada una enumerada y con su color muy particular. Ninguna era igual. Por lo tanto, se fue al Salto Angel, considerado por sus maestros un vórtice de energía.

Botella Mensaje
1 Irradia: amor, ecuanimidad, compasión y gozo
2 Busca la unidad del todo
3 Prepárate para recibir conocimiento
4 Ten pensamientos de esperanza
5 Déjate llevar a los cielos
6 Reconcíliate con la familia espiritual
7 Regocíjate por nuestros logros
8 Permite la transformación

Diana fue pensando en cada mensaje sintiendo una paz, que la llevó a ser parte del uno y del todo.

hello friends all! where ever you are. I will tell you my experience at school. I went to school wearing my school distance of 3 km. just 2 weeks i school. my bike is stolen


It was the 25th of December in year 2017, and we were all on the beach having a good time, when my mother dragged I and my younger sister to where used to be her private spot with her husband(my dad) before they divorced. It wasn't long before we started playing with the sand from the beach when my hand came in contact with a solid material. Out of curiosity, I brought it up, lo and behold! It was a bottle, with a note in it.

It reads:

" Dear Eunice,

I have loved you all my life, and why would I stop now? You are the mother of my kids, the dawn when I wake, and the twilight of my life.
I will always love you, and I never cheated on you. I know one day you will find this letter, and you would realise I would love you even to my grave.

Love, Ben "

It was my dad's letter to my mom. A message in a Bottle hidden in the sand for sixteen years. When I was through reading it, my mom could not hold back her tears.

Mummy came in through the verandah door, wearing a pensive look and obviously worried about something. It wasn't difficult to decipher that something was amiss.
She came into the sitting room and sat without a word, looking intermittently at my face especially when I was not looking.
Tears started rushing down her cheeks as freely as the benevolent rains that drop from the Skies.

I began to fear so much knowing that whatever it was, must have been serious. Could it be her job? Did anyone insult, harass her? Mom was known for her strong personality, it was really difficult to get to the soft part of her no matter what happened.
She was an encouragement to everyone who crossed her paths.

Then she looked away and slept off.
Upon second thoughts I discovered mom was holding a piece of bottle, I tiptoed towards her only to discover that it was a bottled message from the International police, dad was killed in the war in South Sudan so they had to notify us of the shipment of the corpse.

Oh my God, the shock was so much that I never knew when I passed out

sunset bottled message.jpg
The sun was just setting in the horizon and my legs ached from running up and down the beach all day. Why was I running? I just wanted to find an answer, any answer! My life was going nowhere really fast and I was running out of beach. Suddenly my foot landed on something smooth and slippery, I stumbled forwards and looked back at my silent assailant. "A Bottle?" I said, picking it up. It was an ordinary green wine bottle, a little dirty from the sand but I could still see a piece of paper rolled up inside. I sat down and pulled out the cork, then I shook the bottle till the little scroll fell out. I slowly unrolled it to find written in very neat script, a message which must have been for me. It said

Tomorrow is a mystery, Yesterday should be history, and today please just write your story!

I smiled, rolled back the note and put it in the bottle. Then I flung it back into the ocean for another me to find in another time. As the sun finally set, I walked off to my little cottage to start writing my story.

word count : 199

The García family lives far from the city in the vicinity of a river, and their only means of transport to reach it is through two boats that exist in the farmhouse. One day they were presented with an emergency with the youngest son, who needed medical assistance but did not have such boats. One of his sons had a great idea to send a message and that he would arrive in town, which would be to write on a sheet of paper the need that had been presented to him with his little brother, and then put it in a bottle, put it in the river that with its strong current out to its destination. After several hours of waiting, they saw a spot that was approaching from the river, what was your surprise? It was the doctor who had received the message.


R v Dudley and Stephens

If you are reading this, pray a silent prayer. Our boat was wrecked, we escaped barely with our lives. Only to be lost at sea on a flimsy lifeboat with little to eat and though we were surrounded by water we had none to quench our thirst.

Our captain proved himself resourceful, by killing a turtle spotted by Mr Edwin. This turtle bought us a little time in hopes of a rescue that never seemed to come. Out of thirst I broke the scared rule of the seas. Now I fear the worst, with my deteriorating health that I just might become the turtle.

I pretended not to hear the whispers amongst them, but I could not miss the look of savagery in captain Dudley and Mr. Edwin eyes. Even the meek Mr. Edmurd seemed to be struggling with this new but yet very real nature.

I hold not faults against whatever action they take I hope they chose the necessary evil. Being the sacrificial lamb is not so bad is it?. I believe captain Dudley will do the needful.

Yours truly

Richard Parker the Cabin boy

A Sad Message

Favour, a few weeks would have passed before you read this, if you followed the instruction you should be my sister's place now, There are a few things I wanted to say to you that night when the news came that i wont make it but you got emotional and wouldn't let me finish. I am very sorry for leaving you and your siblings soo early.
You guys are scrolled on my heart, you have been from the 1st day,with your sweet smiles.
Don't think of me too often, I don't want you getting sad, just live well, just live, I will be walking beside you every step of the way.
Tears rolled from my eyes as I read this MESSAGE my mother left for me in a BOTTLE.

Pvt. Thomas Hughes a British World War I soldier in 1914, wrote a letter to his wife which he sealed in a ginger ale bottle. This bottle was thrown into the English Channel. Pvt. Thomas Hughes died two days later in France.

In 1999 while a fisherman was doing what he knows best "fishing" at the River Thames, he found the ginger ale bottle. But by this time, it was too late to deliver the letter to Pvt. Thomas Hughes wife because she died in 1979.
But before Pvt. Thomas Hughes died, he had a 1 year old daughter who by this time was 86 year old. The message was delivered to her in New Zealand where she stayed.


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"Hello... Ami?"
"Yes !"
"It's been three years and I am still not over you."
Ami at once recognised Ana's voice.
"You were the one who left without a word."
"Don't tell me you didn't receive my message."
"I didn't."
"So didn't you open the birthday gift given by me?"
"I knew it was a champagne to make me regret my drinking. It's still over my table..... unwrapped....reminding me of my"

"How about unwrapping it now?"

Tears rolled down his eyes as he saw an empty bottle with a rolled paper inside that read...
"I love you.I don't wanna go but you drink too much that becomes unbearable at times.Let me help you quit drinking .Please tell me you want me more than the drinks.... before I leave the country tomorrow morning."

Ami had already decided to quit but couldn't tell her because of the fight they had at his 25th birthday party.He didn't unwrap the gift being sure it was a champagne sarcastically expressing her rage about his drinking.Ana left when Ami didn't call.When Ami decided Ana might have cooled down,he called but it was already too late.

I love your story. Somewhat inspiring!

Thanks a ton.

Despite the fact that we are in the 21st century and we have technology that makes life easier for us at great distances, we have difficulties and we have recourse to other means of communication to ask for help, as is the case with Mr. Thomas.
As every day he went out on his boat to do his work such as fishing, he had a bottle of water with him, a pencil and sheets of paper to write stories while he waited for a good fish. That's how his day went, not counting that day would be different from the others his boat had a flaw and he did not find a way to solve it and without having the means to ask for help. His water ran out, they spent two days, tired remembered his family and a story that his son told him about a castaway and a bottle. He came up with an idea he wrote Help I am in the middle of the rugged sea whoever finds this bottle, I ask you to please help me. Several days passed before I could not hear a voice saying "Friend", we came to help him.

A very rainy day, Steban went in search of his mother's medicine, when, in the middle of the road, he was in a storm fountain, the boat was left in nothingness! steban desperate without knowing that if his mother will not have her medicines worsened! Suddenly a fisherman arrived and asked him: Hey steban, what happened to you! He answers my mother is sick and went to the city to look for medicines and the boat became nothing because of the storm. Millet do not lose faith you will see that you will have your mother's medicines. Steban turns the river down and sees a bottle of glass sending a message in the bottle !!! Well, that's how I wrote a sheet and sent the message! The next day I knocked on the door and was a doctor with the medicines Steban was happy and gave his mother's medicines thanks to the doctor!


Couldn't she have waited?
Was the cruelty and oppression of the society drowning her flourishment?
Was the environment making a mockery of her status?

Little Abigail modifying her lifestyle for the worse claimed qualities that were never her attributions.

She couldn't stand the mockery and gossips of her persistent begging and sufferings.
The community agitated this!

As I stared at the letter in my hands, tears rolled down my cheeks.
Pragmatically, this will never be a story to share.

Life wasted on prostitution!
Died of a disease my soul forbids to share!
As my eyes scanned through the phrase,"Worms all over her vagina as we found her lying on her bed...".

I bitterly poured more blames on the community.

"Her body was buried immediately out of Shame of letting the society get to hear this and since her identity was unknown. All callers turned disclaimers and never called back on hearing of her death not even the abomination..."

Young Abigail is gone and her family in the village are unaware.
Who will break this news to them?
Who will relate such taboo?
As for me and my vocal cords, they will stay bottled!


Something seemed to be blocking the toilet from flushing properly.
Pouring in sufficient water, I was surprised to see a bottle float up. Curious, I opened it only to be confronted with my brother's handwriting.

I just realized how hard it is to tell someone they will never see you again. Your boss showed up this evening and asked me to meet him by the bridge else he'd come after mama. From the look on his face I know I'm not coming back which is why I am writing this. I may not have been able to shield you from the streets no matter how hard I tried, but in my heart of hearts, you remain my kid brother. For the sake of this family, I need you to be the man of the house when I'm gone. I'll go gladly knowing you are taking care of them. Stay safe little brother. I'll be up there with the big man in the skies looking out for all of you.

The next morning, my brother's body was deposited at our door and mama died less than three hours later from shock.


My father always tried to teach me that patience was the best virtue but I didn't learn until he presented it as A BOTTLED MESSAGE and I had it uncork it myself. For me I believed, the patient dog eats the smaller bone.
Asked my dad for a phone change, he promised to, but it soon started to take time, so I got impatient with him. During their wedding anniversary this year as a normal routine they get four of their five children a hamper of gifts. When I got mine, I was anxious and expectant that my new phone would be there, so I hurriedly started unpacking my gifts but without seeing what I wanted, I got impatient along the line and left it angrily to my room.
Later that night,I saw my youngest brother with a new iphone and when I asked how he got it, he said dad left a bottled message (wrapped iPhone) deep down the hamper and since I didn't uncork the bottle (as a result of impatience), I missed the BOTTLED MESSAGE dad had for me(patience).

It was raining heavily, the breeze killed lots of people in Richards ship, Richard being the captain decided to send people down with lifeboats, but to no avail. They all died as soon as they landed on the water.
It was like a cursed place on the water, Richard noticed the slightest animal like rat started dying due to thunder storm.
All Richard had in mind was to save the whole world know that the route they took is a way to hell, a suicide route.
He tried calling the nearest seaport, but all effort was wasted due to no network service at that particular moment
Richard then recalled what his father told him "A Bottled Message will help the world" so Richard immediately wrote a letter and inserted in into a Coke bottle he then looked for a cover and then threw in into the water
That was how Richard saved millions of lives with A Bottled Message

I stood there at his bedside. He hadn’t spoken in weeks. He was barely alive, thanks to expensive machines keeping his vital functions working.

So many playful moments went through my mind as I remembered his better days. He had been an amazing man, I had been privileged to know him.

Yet, one of the things he had taught me was stoicism. I didn’t let my emotions out very often. I was always the strong one, the one to stand firm while others cried, screamed or otherwise vented. It was one of my strengths.

Still, it also meant that some things were only implied and never said. Did they count when they were never uttered? Would it make a difference to say the things which both parties already knew?

Maybe I was simply afraid to say it. The feelings buried so deeply that they oozed out with every action. But inaccessible to the voice. Somehow, the bottle needed to open and pour out… and quickly.

I saw his eyelids flicker and I knew it was now or never.
“I love you, Dad!”
Then the heartbeat line went flat.
My eyes flooded – with sadness, but also relief.
He knew.

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In the month of October came such a peculiar bottle with a beautiful loop in raffia kicked in its mouth, adorned with so delicate snail with its three delicate colors, characteristic of the beaches of the Caribbean Sea. Through its crystal wall it was visualized in its interior on a white sand formed by small marine shells and conches, a small parchment tied with a thin one that silver and in its ends shone the most precious crystals with pearls; when uncorking the bottle, extract the parchment, to discover its contents, with so much emotion! A sublime message worthy of the Gods. Discover an emotional invitation to a wedding; but not a couple but two, continue reading between the word and the words of the world that takes place in Punta Brava on the beaches of Morrocoy National Park, our surprise of such a wonderful event where we will be sharing as a family on Christmas Eve, with clothing allusive to the finest and delicate Caribbean fantasies.
Our happiness of this event, and anxious that the day arrives to accompany them in such important nuptial ceremony that is the beginning of the formalization as a Family

I write what I could not tell you looking into my eyes.

I love you so much and you give me so many emotions that have overwhelmed me:

What kind of tenderness can awaken the person who touched your soul. He has some invisible notes that come to your inner strings. And it creates magical music.

You can caress without touching. Calm down without words that storm that sometimes overwhelms your soul. With one glance...

You lick it, for a moment it stops, but inside you it whispers in a low voice, strokes the excited waves of consciousness... And the calm comes.

You look into his eyes and discern all the shades and semitones of the universe. They are instantly able to change the world around you, mixing, creating a unique palette of happiness, tenderness and unusual ease inside.

And you understand how little is meant by what we mistakenly attribute to value. And how important it is that next to you there is at least one person who can illuminate and paint your world with the colors of his beautiful soul...

And such a ray for me was you...

A Bottled Message

These thick reeds of our favourite lake...
A year ago we enjoyed the warm fragrant water of our lake all summer, swam and watched the ducks and ducklings in the reeds.
We were happy together so much, we constantly chatted, laughed and kissed!
We wandered near the lake, holding hands, and telling each other the intimate things of our lives.
We revealed our inmost thoughts and feelings.

Our happiness was so boundless and huge, that we wrote a note about how much we love each other, put this note in a bottle and threw it into the thick of the reeds!

What happened to our love?
Now we live in different countries, we are divided thousands of kilometers away.
But this beautiful lake remembers our happy faces and our whisper of lovers.
And thick reeds reliably store in their depths the testimony of our former great selfless love!


Dear, Jonathan

I'm alive, so I thought I'd bottle this message. I left that morning to work while you were asleep. I kissed you on the cheek, I played with you strong locks abit then I left to work like I usually do. When I was typing out my report for the company I heard the loudest whistle ever and then the bang. The war had began. The company CEO took all those who were willing in to his helicopter so we could go to his island were he kept his family. While on our way the rare engine failed and so did all others. The chopper then took a hit from friendly fire. It crashed into the Pacific. I hope you get this cause if I die here my biggest regret would be that I never told you I loved your unemployed, stupid, guitar playing, pretty voice sing, big record label dreaming black ass.


Your working side chick.

Bottling message (YEAR 2300)

It was the year 2300 no longer inhabited humans because they themselves were extinguished with their actions, ended with wildlife, trees, flowers, but the earth was now inhabited by robots willing to reverse the damage done by humans, these robots they worked day and night for the reconstruction of a new world, in the beach San Martin located in the city of Troja they were removing waste from the beaches. In that they find a peculiar object. The robot named Michelangelo told Tess:
-Miguelanguel: I found an object of inaccurate origin.
Tess: take them to the lab for analysis.

They took it to the laboratory so that other specialist robots would see what it was a glass bottle and had a letter inside which said: "humans are the worst thing that has happened to the earth, they have water and they do not value it, they have animals and they eat them, they have jobs that they hate to buy things they do not really need, they destroy the trees and then they complain about the heat because they do not have anything to overshadow them, if someone reads this, I hope they can help us. "


Message in the bottle:

It was a Sunday like any other my daughters and I went to the beach, that day we could not bathe because there was sea bottom the waves were very strong, we decided to take a walk along the edge of it and collect the objects that the mar tossed: balls, pieces of toys, sticks, plastic containers in that we stumbled upon a bottle that contained a paper, we started playing with it but we did not dare to see what the paper said, curiosity won us, it was a call from help of a person, who was in a small island, gave us indications of the place only a sketch that we did not understand. We went to the coast guard post we took the bottle, everyone laughed and mocked said that it would be a trick of a person, I implore look for sure somewhere there was someone asking for help, we left the place sad, but After a week we received the beautiful news that they had rescued the person from that small island, an old man who had survived a shipwreck many years ago.


A Bottled Message

Iyke was a very jovial and easy going young man in his early thirties but all that good demeanor had suddenly vanished as he suffered fit of anger and depression. These thoughts turned a once robust Iyke to a shadow of himself. The unexplainable disappearance of his fiancee has driven him to nearly losing his sanity.

Often times while he slept he dreamt of his expectant fiancee Sarah only to wake up to the reality she was no more.

One day, Iyke took to walking on the sands of elegushi beach to douse of the tension in him. On these sandy beach he had met his one true love. He slowly picked up the pebbles on his favorite part of the beach and toss them into the sea under the watch of the setting sun.

One pebble after the other was tossed into the calm sea until Iyke stopped in front of a corked bottle half buried in the sand beach. He for a second was surprised by the sight of it then he reached out and retrieved it.

A little note was seen with a label ‘To Iyke My Lover’. ‘Could this be why Sarah left?’, Iyke thought.

The search

I have tried many things, I have spoken in a thousand ways, I have searched for the purest, I have searched for a limit, I have not found anything.
I searched for entrances and exits, I looked for things not boring, I go in search of the future, That makes me its faithful friend.
I have not found anything that calms me down, I have not found anything that suits me, If someday I find it, It will be my end, my end.
I am looking for something that pleases me, I seek the exact and the sure, I seek only the sincere, I look for everything and I can not, I have tried to be calm, I have looked for the most faithful, I look for something that understands me, And that is as I want, And as It's me.
I have not found anything that calms me down, I have not found anything that suits me, If someday I find it, It will be my end, my end.


Temir had watched the waters for over an hour now, Thinking of the lonely life he lived,Temir had scribbled his contact on paper and tucked it into the bottle of beer he just finished,and threw it into the water, who knows, love might find him,maybe there was someone across the waters for him, he had watched it happen in movies.
Mia wouldn't stop staring at the water today, she had often left before 6pm,but today,the waters seemed to call out to her.
It was already 7pm,mama would be worried,but Mia cared less, Love had always eluded her, who knows,a mermaid prince might just beckon to her,after all she had always wanted a Trident prince when she was little.
She saw the floating beer bottle at a distance, waddling carefully into the water, she had to get the bottle, she had seen movies of love letter in bottled message, who knows, this might be her own prince. But she didn't envisage the tide, it came in an instant and with power, pulling her off her feet and back to the sands,
Mia looked around, the bottle was gone.

A Mad Man Trapped in an Island

He said

"I talked to the trees, the bushes, the lizard that was eating the dragon fly. Even the dragon fly before it died said the samething. That I should let everyone feel my rap!! I was stock in this island for close to what seemed like three weeks but it had one thousand and ninety five days. What am I say? That's about three years to be exact, stock here in this island. Ever since I landed in the backyard of Wakanda no one has come to find me, cause they know I'll be up to some revolutionary lines. Just wait for me to write them down and they thought I was supposed to be a doctor because of small distinction in all the courses. Don't worry I'll bottle my rap as a message and throw into the high sea. It will make more money than any Igbo man's container."

Then he wrote three words put it in a coca cola container just to throw it at the psychiatrist.

After losing his work and tirelessly looking for another one but to no avail, Akin had decided to end his life that very afternoon. He held a small dark bottle he had bought from an old man he told about everything that had happened to him and about how he intended on ending his life with the drug. He opened the bottle but instead of seeing liquid in it, it looked empty; he looked inside and found out there is a wrapped paper in it. He brought it out and found out something was inscribed on it, he decided to read;

There's still hope!
Have you experienced failure over the years and you fill like giving up? Have you been experiencing set back in all areas of your endeavours? Are you tired of living because of the problems you've been experiencing over the years? Have you been broken-hearted and those who you trusted got you disappointed? Have you been trying to achieve a goal and you're yet to achieve it? I'm here to tell you there is still hope! God can still turn things around for your good.

This bottled message changed his intentions that afternoon.

Life has been so hard and tough to her She walks from house to house looking for some work. She had lost the ones that she needs the most in her life. Her legs were scratched and exhausted, and the rough skin on her hands symbolize her brutal life. Some days were so hard and hopeless to her and sometimes, all she had was a piece of bread. She was homeless and poor as a church mouse, but she never lets herself down as a beggar. She has two legs and two arms, which is a blessing to her as once her mother said. No matter how hard her life is, she always remembers to keep a smile on her face. She was even grateful for the cold, dark life she was having. She was sure that one day, the rays of hopes will be raised upon her because her lovely mother's last words were bottled up in her heart ''Be thankful for what you got. Never lose hope. Because you never know what wonderful things tomorrow could bring your way''.

Elohor walked in the rain. Her hair and clothes were soaked with the downpour and they hung limp on her skin. Her shoes squelched as they filled with water from the puddles that walked into her path. Her lips trembled and her knuckles gripped the hem of her shirt as if it was the only thing that kept her from falling. She stumbled on a rock; she found her feet and moved on.

At the gate she stopped. Her eyes wandered over it then they fell on the slightly open pedestrian entrance. It beckoned her to enter, but she stood still, her teeth rattling behind her closed lips. She raised her eyes, as the door squealed in the wind, to see the couple waiting at the entrance.

She took a step into the compound and the woman turned to the man. The man shook his head, his eyes on Elohor, and drew the woman close. The woman grabbed the man’s shirt and squeezed it then she removed her hands and hugged herself, then she staggered as a wail left her lips.

Elohor crumbled to the floor as the message she had bottled in escaped in her own wail.

Captain Jack looked at the water and tried to remain calm. The sea was blue and clam. How did they describe things like this? The calm before the storm?

His mission was clear: retrieve the golden orb from the Spanojis. Clear but difficult. Obviously, the Intel was false. Instead of a small ship with six cannon guns at each side, the Spanojis were in a massive ship with at least ten cannon guns on each side.

Captain Jack wasn't a man for bloodshed. He made an offer to the Spanojis, inserted his terms into a bottle and flung it across the sea. Both ships had come close enough for that transfer to be possible. Now, he expected a reply.

The sound of a bottle landing on the deck drew everyone's attention. He smiled. If the Spanojis didn't want peace, they wouldn't send a reply. He went to inspect the message.

The bottle was filled with a liquid that smelt like kerosine. There was a cloth passing through the cork. On the outward end of the cloth was fire. Fire. It was a bottle bomb!

The last he heard was the cannon fire that followed the explosion from the bottle.

“These maybe my last words.
My love, I send ye all the thanks which my dear heart can conceive, or my words can rehearse for your many travails, and care taken for me, which though they have not taken effect as ye had wished, tho my debt to thee is not the less; but pay it I never shall in this world.
Thou shalt never forget our poor little child for his father's sake. Keep him safe for him to grow and rebuild this corrupted government system.
I cannot write much, God knows how hard I strive to steal this time while others sleep, and it is also time that I should dissolve my thoughts from the world.
I would not by my will present ye with sorrows, let them go to the grave with me and be buried in the dust. And seeing that it is not God's will that I should see you any more in this life, bear it patiently, and with a heart like thyself.” Rossie

I cried while reading, because the message never reached its destination it was stuck in the sandy beach & the writer was at a critical point in his life.

Upon reaching the beach watching the birds fly and the sun gleefully shinning, kids were playing. A bright flash entered my eye from a reflective surface of a bottle. Since it was a beach and no one ever gets tired of playing in the beach I got down to it. So quickly I took out the sand surrounding it, brought out the old ancient bottle I had some tough time trying to open it. Yet finally I did. Tho I was feeling like the Hulk at this time.

I met this lines on a cloth form of paper, maybe it was the nature of the material.

"Dear Princess Natasha,

I do not expect you to love me, I am not worthy of your love. I feel you are superior, yet much to my surprise, more to my happiness, you betrayed passions I had believed no longer alive in your bosom. I cast this message upon the ocean that it may tell tales about us to someone else."

I could imagine they undying love they both had for each other. At this point it was sunset, I had to recoil back home

Out of time

I hate and curse those beings who have almost everything And do not know how to value it Misfortune mine I mourn and despair I long for it and I want it And I do not have it Resentment and anger I will emanate and as a flower Withered for lack of water I will die It will never be the same If the need and the desire It is not satisfied today Tomorrow I will be filled with illusions And if the need and desire It is received tomorrow will not be the same The moment changed Today I think so And maybe tomorrow Damn my reality.

A Bottled Message

On one faithful day, Clara and James was on a tour by boat to see the confluence of the river. It's was fun and romantic, full of excitement because Clara and James were two young lovers.

The two lovers where playing around inside the boat and having a clear view of how the world looks like outside land. Suddenly a storm arouse against the boat. It was so severe that the ship began to toss right and left.

This left everyone to start praying and calling on their God to safe them from the looming danger. Clara and James held their hands together with eyes closed, hoping to die together as a true lover. After a few moments, an idea pump into the mind of James. He pick up a bottle and a piece of paper, inside of it, he wrote some words deep the paper inside the bottle close it and then throw it inside the sea.

A Fisher was able to see the bottle, open it and read the message. A group of resue team was send to them. It was timely because the boat has almost get sink inside the sea. All members of the boat were been safe and in good health.

What day is today...?

Today, I woke up, with the first rays of sunlight that crept through the crack ... and as having awakened from a bitter dream, that is, a nightmare, I asked myself: What day is today?
My head wandered from here to there, exhuming the corpses of memories, with the ironic idea of reviving them; but he did not find a way to do it. And each time those tombstones in which my memories lay were farther away, until they disappeared in that distant horizon of oblivion.
The memories did not exist anymore, only the present, which scourged my soul with its cries: "this is reality". And suddenly I understood, I understood; Like a bucket of cold water I accepted that everything was real. The tears, the loneliness, the anguish, the sleepless nights, the uncertainty of not knowing what was really happening ... everything, everything had been real, and until now that I looked back I realized it.
I did not have to see her anymore or worry about her. I would not have to write to you today to congratulate her. Ahhhh, now I understand.

What day is today?

Hi, thanks for creating this contest. Here is my entry. :)

"Hey Teresa, that the fifth bottled message you have thrown in the sea, do you think someone might read it and response?" Her best friend Lily asked her. "No, those were not messages meant for anyone, those were my dreams. I wanted those messages to leave this island earlier that I can." She replied.

After she graduated in college and gathered enough money, and courage, she bid goodbye and ensure her family that she will be fine. "I will try my best to be successful for all of us." Teresa said to her parents before starting her new journey outside of her comfort zone.

It was not easy at the start but as she keeps on trying her best, she succeeded. She was able to established her own business in a city and visit her family more often. While near the sea with her friend, she tossed a bottle with a message. "What was that for, you have been so successful. Another dream? Lily asked. Teresa replied, "No, it is a message intended to anybody who might need some hope, that dreams do come true for those who are brave enough to cross the seas in life."

Bottled message
It was a summer vacation at the beach house of the grandmother were Natalie, Jessica, and Mila playing in the sand made castles, Natalie the most playful said :let's go to the beach to play with the waves of the sea.

Jessica said: Great
Mila said: Let's play to get caught by a shark

and they all went on the beach, they had a lot of fun in that Jessica exclaimed: Girls I found something, Natalie and Mila immediately turned, which is ? anxious Natalie says and Jessica responds is a bottle of glass.
Mila says :but girls have a sheet inside let's see what she says

And left the beach to the shore to read it said:

"Gema, a love never leaves you and sometimes when you love who should not hurt you , it's like hugging a cactus, I want to tell you this I know I never had the courage to tell you I do not think I'm worthy of you, but if you ever read it I love you.
Sincerely: Paul Dogman.

Source image:

My friend time

The time was generous, it was gallant, he said: We will always walk together. Enjoying the company of time I saw my life germinate, for the first time a new life flourished, and time said; It's yours, take care of it, love it, you have time. The time, my partner, was stormy, bitter, sad, but as time finally, irremediably follows. Still, my life is reborn again in a March dawn. My friend time accompanies me again in the formation and I take care of my new germination. Immense is the time, it is generous, it allows me to have in my hands, still young, my third germination. She gets excited, she shows joy, but she warns me: No more my friend. I cry for habit, I laugh for imitation, and my friend, time, behind my back, gives me strength, comforts me. You were a fake friend time Do not you remember my roots? Large, medium, small. Go on time, be my friend, a little more. Do not cut me the way.


Soledad, a word very close to me, but also to many people ... How ironic ... there are people who do not know anyone ... and they feel alone ... others who know many people ... and feel alone ... and others who do not know themselves ... and feel even more alone.
I do not know myself and I know many people, but I feel terribly lonely ... I feel lonely, empty and false ...
Suddenly, being able to appease a soul that screams and be able to appease mine that dies ... those words that I give consolation ... are just words, not convictions.
Maybe they go with feelings, but not with the pure truth ... She always comes alone to my room ... she always comes alone to me ... Soledad ... is the name of the street where I live ... and 14 is the number of my house, which is related to the man who took my being and my conviction.

'My Bottled Story' (The Night's Unfriendliness)

My Sister - Itoro and I were the only gift left of my mother. My father who died three years ago built our house in a quite remote area and sometimes at night sounds of spiritual humans would take over the air, gushing every sound at will and sending us nightless nights.

One midnight, we had almost drifted off to sleep when holy cries were heard. Sounds of redundant muffles filling the air as the room grew darker. We held onto each other as we slept again. And then suddenly, 'Bam! Bam!!', the knock on the door made me dead and buried.
Bam! Bam!!, my sister scuffled up as she heard the sound. 'shhhhhhh', I rushed to close her mouth as she sat up, ready to shout. 'Who is that?', she whispered. 'I don't know', I shook my head.
Sammy, Ity, the unknown teased.
'That's mama's voice', Itoro muffled, sweating profusely. 'But she...',
'I know', she interrupted, 'mama must have changed her mind. Go ahead', she breathe as she followed me timidly behind, counting each step I make. My heart was beating very fast. And then, I grabbed the doorknob, unbolted the locks and swung it open.
It was not mama.

Bisola I know how much you loved me. I can remember vividly how you whispered it tirelessly.

The last time i was bedridden, you were there for me. You gave your flesh to be feasted upon by those mosquitoes.
The care and the love you showed me.

I know i did not return those care and love. It wasn't because i didn't care a bit. But one thing hindered me from showing it- pride.
It was a bad company. It kept reminding me what i said about the type of girl i wanted. A tall, intelligent and sexy looking girl with a good physigue. Just to say, a nice boobs and a sexy ass.

I struggled within myself to get rid of it but it overpowered me. It had reminded me of the previous girls. How sexy and attractive they were.
Now i know how it feels.

I've been diagnosed of cancer and the doctor says i have just two weeks to live.
I had hidden this message cocked in a bottle under my bed just to let you know that i love you.
Incase your reading this now, i just want to say that i'm sorry....

She stood by the river bank, a slim figure slouched, and gazing with tear stained face at the ripples formed by the pebbles she was throwing in. The sky was gloomy casting a dark shadow over the river showing the promise of downpour. Inside, Kachi felt exactly as the weather, miserable.

Her entire family had drowned in this river. As tradition demanded, their bodies were thrown into the river and they were denied a final resting place because their deaths were considered a taboo. For this reason she visits Azi River once every year just to grieve.

This is the fifth year of her family’s death anniversary and this year she came with a goodbye message.
Below Azi River lays John Amah (Beloved husband and Father), Grace Amah (Beloved Mother and wife) and Ken and Dave (Precious sons). I love you and i will miss you always.... beloved daughter and sister Kachi

She folded up her note, placed it in a clear green bottle and threw it into the river. The act was her way of engraving words on their headstone.

I change my life, for that in which happiness is a reality and not just a dream. I am not looking for a life in which I am perfect, but one in which not being is not a cause for sadness. The life I love would never worry about how I look, but how I feel. In the life I want, I am always and that is reason for pride, not shame. In the life I want, they are not all always waiting for the best of me, but they support me when I fail. I want a life, where I can say no to what I do not want and say yes to what I owe. Is there someone who can help me get that life? Someone to take me out of this daily struggle against myself? Someone to help me stop pretending I'm fine, when in reality I'm a lot of pounds to be. Did not anyone realize that I'm dying, or do they just want to keep looking? Will they feel as guilty as I am about what is happening to me, or will they think I'm just looking for attention? I'm looking for a life.

How could i have hidden this for so long !!!
How could i have ignored the reality of the consequence of my actions .The thought of my escapades and frivolous attitude have created an enigma that cannot be erased from the foot print of time .
My son what is contained in this bottle is that which i have hidden from you and your mother for so long .I wrote this specifically to apologise for all the wrongs i have caused you guys and i am sure by the time you are done reading what is contained in this bottle i must have scotched my last breath in pain .
So ,my son the part to greatness is never in a rush but be rest assured that persistency ,patient and hardwork will ultimately take you to your dream destination .
Much love my son
Daniel ..IMG_20180305_092540_674.jpg

A Bottled Message From Home
By: Rickie O. Pauley (a.k.a. @Lymmerik)

The headwaters of the Mississippi River begin here in Northern Minnesota from Lake Itasca. As I write this bottled message, I wonder if it will reach you as I deposit it at the mouth of the lake.

My message is to you, dear mother, wherever you are. I will always love you and remember the day you left me, as a child, with the neighbors and disappeared. Do you still think of me? Do you miss me? Don't you wonder if I miss you? Are you okay?

I don't ever expect to see you again. I saved all my money and bought our old house when I grew up. I can't imagine what you were thinking; or the struggle you were going through. Did you have my best interest at heart or were you self-centered and thought only of yourself. If you find my note, please come home.
Your Son,

It has been twenty-seven years since I wrote those words, corked the bottle, and tossed it into the water. Where did it go? Did it break? Did it get lodged in some tree roots, never to find her? Did she or someone find it?

Where are you mom?

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings!


Our mum passed away when she was giving birth to Jake and John the twins of the family. Dad would tell them stories about how he met mom while he was putting them to bed, seeing as they always bugged him because they enjoyed the stories.
Dad would often go back to his room after such story telling and fall to pieces, with his usual bottle of whiskey as a companion for the night.
Fast forward to Jake and John's 4th year birthday. This year was different as all they demanded for was a trip to the downtown lake. Dad was happy he was about to save some money so he drove them, i followed too.
We arrived at the downtown lake as the twins jumped off, dad and i were forced to chase them. We met them at the mouth of the lake and as dad and i moved close, all we heard were the their last words (goodbye mom) as they pushed a bottle which seemed to contain a paper message by the looks of it into the water. The twins hugged him and told him "mom said we should take care of you".


We grew on the streets without noticing what our elders were doing.whether they were avoiding evil or supporting us for our crime. We thought that life was a bed of roses 🌹 where every man can play on. The world seems to be a nice place without wondering who created this place. They say its God and even science does not believe in his existence. Why will we come to this world to suffer? and sometimes die in pains. Should we repent of our sins or die in sin?. Some even ask "does God exist?".
The message is inside the bottle and we are the bottle, so the message is within what is right and shun evil.

The whole of life experiences was like a tale to me, i am atonished at it's discoveries, developments and ectasy. This is too long to be narrated, but i am not going to be reticent, cause am not saying this out of any sort of compulsion or coarce. But i am a mercenary and a scientist, who went aboard to carry out a task for my country. The city i was had lot of sick people, the sickness was anonymous, and i have never seen such before, there was no cure, and we tried to make this unknown evil dormant in the cells of the of the carriers but to no avail,instead it kept spreading and the drug used exacerbated evrything and the people turned to be blood sucking monsters.
Presently, i am the survivor, and I discovered a drug that can cure the virus .it is buried at the bank of the river out side the house,you will find it inside the bottle.The drug can only cure people that hasn't gone tthrough the second stage of the virus.There are still people out there who needs help,let us parry ourselves from this unknown evil.if you are reading this I am dead because I am at the second stage of this virus and I can't be saved .Take this find the drugs and give it to the united state government.

Teardrops were blurring the words on paper. Still he scribbled furiously. He was tired of keeping all of this inside.
He let the ink describe his pain and frustration. He couldn’t say them, so he would write them.

He had become such a good actor that the lie was now his reality. Pretending was the only way he knew how to live. They say your family would always care for you no matter what.
Ha! What a load of crap!!
His family only cared about country club gossip or how the fiscal year was going to end.
He looked around him. The waves crashing against the shore, the turbulent sea matching what he felt inside. His inner turmoil had been transformed into words.
Now, he could let go.
He rolled the parchment up, put it in an empty gin bottle and corked it tight.
Walking to the shore, he took a deep breath, swung his arm back and threw the bottle as far as he could.

He had found happiness, but he hadn’t been to able to look past the pain.
Now the the sea was taking it away for good. Finally, he could breath again.


Jamie was biting her lip as she waited for the clerk to pull the small cobalt colored bottle down from the high shelf. It had taken her an entire month to save up, and she was sure this would be the right one.

She quickly paid and ran out to her car. She couldn’t even wait to get home, she had to open it immediately! This was her twelfth bottle, this had to be the last!

She peeled off the plastic strip, and slowly uncorked the bottle. Her anticipation grew, and her stomach was in knots!

POP! Went the cork, and she quickly began to remove the small scroll of yellow paper strategically placed inside. She unrolled the paper, and her heart sank!

“Not another one!” She yelled, as she pounded on her steering wheel!

“Hope! I don’t need any more HOPE!"
"I have four more HOPE’S at home! Four Hopes, three Love’s, two Prosperity’s, and two Joy’s!”

She ran back into the store with her uncorked bottle and begged the clerk to let her trade for another.

“No can-do Miss. You know the rules!” He said grinning.

Jamie began to cry, “But sir, I am nothing without SUCCESS!”

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