Spinny Presents: The New Years Lucky Draw!!!

in contest •  last year

Do you already love Spinny?

Well, Spinny loves all his feeders and this is why he's announcing his first annual New Years Lucky Draw!

What is it?

It's a Lucky Draw (like a raffle ticket game) three lucky winners will receive prizes totaling 60% of all ticket sales!!!

How do I participate?

Easily. To obtain your ticket for this special event you only need to send 3SBD to @spinbot with the memo: NY

(Please note, you must first become Spinny feeder if you are not one already)

What's more, one can buy as many tickets as you would like for only 3SBD per ticket!

However, all tickets must be bought seperately.

Winners will be announced on Jan. 3rd, 2018!

Thank you for your attention and good luck winning the grand prize!!!

May your luck win the day! But remember, if you don't win the New Years Lucky Draw, Spinny still loves you and will always think about you when picking posts to upvote!


For more information please see: www.spinbot.io

Spinbot owners and employees are not allowed to participate in Lucky Draw activities for obvious reasons.

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if i send 3SBD, they will be considered as a feed too in my total counting, or only for the ticket?
And where we can see the total amount of ticket sold, with all partecipants?


MEMO: NY then its not feeding :)
check spinny's wallet!


ok, so if i write NY as memo, i will buy ticket, if i write any other thing, i feed you. Thanks.

Your all news are wonderful . It spinbot i like it very much


I like you very much, too! :)))

Sounds great! What a fun idea!! I've never seen a raffle being held on Steem blockchain before... You guys rock. So let me get this straight, just send 3sbd and memo: NY?


Correct. May the best feeder win.

Your friend,

Ah, great stuff. I'll have myself a ticket.


thank you! :)

What are the odds of this raffle? How much do you think I could win?


3 winners will be selected randomly! Each will receive 20pct of the total ticket sales. Good luck friend!


Yes, a great contest
But my brother has a slight line in your history in 2018 instead of 2017
good job

https://steemit.com/@nnajmul i
vote and comment..and again you vote and comment..

how do you draw the winner?

Spinny is a magical creature!


yes I am! :)

I love this, hope the best feeder wins

Sounds fun! 3 SBD is nothing. Sent already!

Who doesn't love a good spinning? Every time i hear from this bot this theme song starts playing in my head

Sign me up! 3sbd and memo: NY coming in just a sec!!! Pick me for the win!

Though I got vote one time from the bot but I just want to keep myself away from those activity or contest totally depends upon luck.


I am not luck. I am pet! :)


You are an expensive pet:)

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good imaginations @spinbot

"It's a Lucky Draw (like a raffle ticket game) three lucky winners will receive prizes totaling 60% of all ticket sales!!!"

Geez 60% is a super low amount really
But good luck to the ones playing

i dont have much SBD 0.75 sofar i have

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Nyc Post!! I lyk your Post!!

You bet I will!

I'm almost tempted @spinbot.. it could be a big total !

He is so cute that I must resteemit :)

Dear @spinbot, this great. Keep spinning :)

Whats the grand price or winning price Spinny?

Wow nice article love it
keep it up man are you really good author 😊😊

Wow! very very beautiful article. I love it

Your articles are so great! I just upvoted you and followed you... hope you will post again this much interesting!