Thursday Free Magic Money Inspirobot Contest 4

in contest •  2 months ago

3 weeks and so much inspiration. We had a lot of good entries this week.

This week we had the lovely alien @amymya donate 2 STEEM to the prize pool, along with @derangedvision's witness team's 2 STEEM.

The contest post paid out 1.195 liquid STEEM plus my 2 STEEM makes a grand total of

7.195 STEEM for the Winner!

Someone's gonna be rich as fuck.

Here we go.

The winner chicken dinner with 4 votes this week was...

@eonwarped with this classic inspirational advice :)

votes: @amymya, @road2nowhere, @mimismartypants, @plloi

Hahaha you are now rich as fuck eon, congrats ;)

and now...

Round 4 of the Thursday Free Magic Internet Money Inspirobot Contest:

The prize pool will be a little different this week.

Our witness team @derangedvisions and @c0ff33a will throw in their 2 STEEM. (These 2 are really awesome guys and you should consider voting for them, they are now at position #97

I will of course add 2 STEEM and the liquid payout, but to spice it up a bit...



If anyone wants to add to the pot, let me know :)

Get that money.

Here are the rules again:

1. Generate some inspiration using the inspirobot:

2. Post it in the comments.

Thats it.

The winner will be determined by the number of participant votes, not the payout.

So... if you entered an image... then your vote counts.

And sure self vote if you think yours is the best.

And sure you can vote more than once.

I'll contact all entrants before the payout to vote.

Hope you enjoy. Infinite Lovewaves.

This round close tomorow. All participants, I encourage you to vote on your favorites :)

@mediahousent @clayboyn @mimismartypants @lordbutterfly @plloi @victoriabsb @wholeself-in @amymya @metametheus @pechichemena @road2nowhere @staceyjean @meno

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Thanks to @clayboyn
He told me about this contest, he has an amazing heart I must say! I don't wanna say I wanna be like him tho, but I just said that.



Sweet glad you entered. Remember only participant votes count, although you have many votes, none of them are participants. In classic @clayboyn fashion.. what is the self anyway? lol

Make sure you vote for your favorite submissions :)

I suppose in the grand scheme of things... we all are...


With the diarrhea background 😆


Haha concise as fuck

Make sure you get your votes in, making someone rich as fuck tomorrow :)


hahahaha! My favourite this week by far! Such profound piece of wisdom can indeed be applied to many, many, MANY situations!


I love inspirobot.


Hahhaha! Me too!! Inspirobot is thee best!!

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Simple advice that will really take you far in life lol

truth bomb


Man, sometimes A.I. is just too smart for me :)

Make sure you vote for your fav, making someone rich tomorrow.

Woohooo congrats @eonwarped!!! Well done!!

The prize pool is getting sweeter and sweeter! Here's my entry for this week!!


Haha damn lol

Make sure you vote for your favs, someone will be rich tomorrow.


LOL votes locked in!! Thanks for the reminder and this cool contest! It is by far my favourite one on Steemit so far!



Haha seems legit

This pays out tomorrow, make sure you vote for you favs :)

now i know this is true cause i am poor and i need to win this contest to be rich and comprehend you rich people!!


Aww haha, being poor does suck,

This pays out tomorrow, maybe you'll win, make sure to vote your favs :)


Oooo I love occultism :) So glad we're in the illuminaughty together.

Make sure to vote on your favs, making someone rich tomorrow :)


This is by far the best advice lol

Make sure to vote for your favs, this pays out tomorrow :)

Some great advice. aXm3803xjU.jpg


HaHa! Glorious!


Like this guy?

Haha, make sure you vote for your favorite submissions, we making someone rich tomorrow :)


I think inspirobot had something More sinister in mind. 😂

Are we talking about the 90’s PsyTrance act here..????




Make sure you vote for your favs, many entries now and this pays out tomorrow :)


Seize the pickle, I mean, day!


Seize it up :)

Make sure you vote for your favs, making someone rich tomorrow :)



So basically be this guy...


vote on your favs, we making someone rich tomorrow :)


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