Thursday Free Magic Money Inspirobot Contest 3

in contest •  3 months ago

Wooo, another week done. So much inspiration all over your face and all over the blockchain.

This week we had the lovely @isaria donate 2 steem to the pot and @derangedvisions and his witness team also threw in 2 steem.

So that along with my 2 steem and the liquid payout of 1.677 the grand total of this weeks prize is:

7.677 STEEM !!!

Whoa, someone's gonna be rich as fuck.

Without further ado....

The winner this week with 7 participant votes is

@mimismartypants with this gem:

votes: @clayboyn, @staceyjean, @pechichemena, @amymya, @jennswall, @sunravelme, @plloi

You are now rich as fuck, congrats :)

and now...

Round 3 of the Thursday Free Magic Internet Money Inspirobot Contest:

2 STEEM and the liquid payout up for grabs, and there's always a chance people will donate more.

So get that free magic internet money :)

Here are the rules again:

1. Generate some inspiration using the inspirobot:

2. Post it in the comments.

Thats it.

The winner will be determined by the number of participant votes, not the payout.

So... if you entered an image... then your vote counts.

And sure self vote if you think yours is the best.

And sure you can vote more than once.

I'll contact all entrants before the payout to vote.

Hope you enjoy. Infinite Lovewaves.

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Oh; this looks fun. I'll give this one a try.


From what they're wearing, it looks like he's halfway there already.

Id like to add two steem to the pot this week please! Muah ♡


The best existence :) Muah


Thanks for sharing the fun ❤❤❤


You are very welcome Jill, hope you had a smile or two ♡


There were some smiles and a hollatta what the fuck?'s too 😂🏋️‍♂️


Hahaha, this one is perfect :)

And my entry for this week:


Haha, hope you got insurance :P


hahahhaha! Does Obama care count?


loving the contrast here.



Very inspiring.


hahahhahaha!! This is my favourite this week!!

Haha, today's feels 😁



Sage advice :)

Here's the pearl:


I think this one is...



Bot with yo mama jokes. wow humans are doomed.


Inspirobot must have known that I have mommy issues and gave me the inspiration to make it through another day!


This is very true haha

This one's cool and relatable:

i couldnt find my other 3 rules to participe but this one is good enough for me

now people vote for me cause i want to win and be rich!!!!!!


This one is actually really good haha


people don't seen to agree is a good one i don't have any votes besides yours feels so sad she won't be rich this week either


The new contest is up. Go get rich :)

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Wohooooo!!! Is this how it feels to be Rich as fuck!!! I can finally power up and get my butt off delegation!!! Thank you all that made this possible!!
Inspirobot for being Random AF!!! @soundwavesphoton for running tjis awesome competition!! The sponsors lovely @isaria and @derangedvisions. And of course the people, thanks for voting for me!!! Wohoooo!!!