Thursday Free Magic Money Inspirobot Contest 2

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Wow so much inspiration. We had 34 entries and some of them were instant classics.

We even have a witness team sponsoring us now (@c0ff33a and @derangedvisions). They just entered the top 100, check it out and give em a vote:

They will be adding 2 steem to the pot. I'm gonna bump mine up to 2 steem as well. So the prize from here on out will be 4 steem plus the liquid payout. If anyone wants to add to the pot let me know.

Basically, you'll be rich as fuck.

The really cool thing is we gave each other $2.57 in the comments and the post itself payed out a total of $2.46. It was super cool to see this level of engagement.

Without further delay, let's get to the WINNER. Ok so remember, the winner is determined by...

Participant Votes.

If you posted some inspiration your vote counts.

@derangedvisions had one of the top entries but he gracefully asked to be removed from the running as he is a sponsor. Awesome guy!

@rivalzzz also had many votes but only 1 of the votes was a participant.

Ok so based on that... we have a 5 vote TIE between:


votes: @clayboyn, @staceyjean, @amymya, @wholeself-in, @victoriabsb



votes: @riverflows, @eonwarped, @amymya, @victoriabsb, @derangedvisions

Hahaha classic inspiration.

So the post payed out 1.188 liquid STEEM and I'll split the 4 STEEM between them. I'm not good at math but according to my calc it equals $2.594 STEEM for each of the winners! Congrats on being rich now!!

and now...

Round 2 of the Thursday Free Magic Internet Money Inspirobot Contest:

4 STEEM plus the liquid payout up for grabs.

Here are the rules again:

1. Generate some inspiration using the inspirobot:

2. Post it in the comments.

Thats it.

The winner will be determined by the number of participant votes, not the payout.

So... if you entered an image... then your vote counts.

And sure self vote if you think yours is the best.

And sure you can vote more than once.

I'll contact all entrants before the payout to vote.

Hope you enjoy. Infinite Lovewaves.


Congrats to the winners @wholeself-in and @kristyglas.

Here is my entry for this week

Why do i always get the slightly sexual ones lol???

Inspirobot just knows...

Lol Inspirobot must look deep into your soul!!!

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Apparently 😁😂😅

Hahaha, dude this is perfect lol. Summer clone life.

This was great fun, I just found your post! Here´s my entry for the coming week:

Congrats everyone, allow me to throw down the gauntlet:

Hahahaha we have a saying in South Africa. Don't force your wors(roughly translated as sausage) it could definitely be applied here. Lol


I'll add 2 Steem to the pot but post one anyway for funsies.

Oh nice, we making someone rich AF now. Also, this one is awesome. Gonna start a fire.

Idk if I can participate again, but here it is! :D

Quite a few inappropriate ones popped up xD

Haha yeah you can always participate. This ones great for wednesdays haha.

Had to redo my post because reading seemingly isn't my strong suit :P

Here ya go though <3



THIS is the standard operating procedure for current society!

Haha, this should be framed.


Wow so much good stuff on one page. I like "control owls".



ok so apparently i just need rule number 4 in my life and will never get to know the 3 before that one!!!

hopes this makes me rich as fuck cause i want o buy chocolate lots and lots of chocolate!!

Hahaha wow so cool you got rule 5 and 4 lol.

Here It goes...
Funny project!!

Thank you very much :D It was really fun! xD

Wow I already feel like a winner for finding inspirobot!

This is so random, I love it.

I too thought that it was random but being that it came from advanced artificial intelligence, I decided to dig a little deeper.

My research led me to many news articles about the government "controlling" vegetation and trees for various reasons all over the world.

I fear that if they master this technology, our orgasms may be next :(

And a new government conspiracy is born. Let me just go type this into wikipedia...

I hmmm and i hawww. aXm3651xjU.jpg
And i chose this.


Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 3.50.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 4.00.11 PM.png

....tooooo mannyyyyy!!

Woooo best contest everrrrr.
Everyone wins.

It's funny because it's true.

Yes, it can.


I'm not one for extracting robotically formed inspiration from strange website embedded machines. But I will throw down a whopping 5 cents for you to distribute as you see fit.

Congrats to the winners.


Soundwavesphoton everyone is a winner....


You worth it all......

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