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Here we go for our FIRST Give-a-way.

Currently the Giveaway amount is less but with the increasing number of upvotes and comments this amount will increase day by day.

First Place: 2 Steem

Second Place: 1 Steem

========================== RULES for Participation =========================

All three steps are required to participate in give-a-way,4th not compulsory

1.Follow @sonu4012 ( skip if already following )
2.Upvote this post
3.Comment on this post.
4.Resteem this post .
(increase your chance to win)

The give-a-way winners will be selected at random from people that comment on this post.
We will pin that best comment and lucky winner. You can see list of our winners on our next contest .

Winner will be announced by every 7th of day . So our next result will be announce by tuesday.....31/july/2018.

I hope you will enjoy this contest.

you can also subscribe my dlive channel for latest video.
Note- Sorry for our first giveaway that was not completed due to some issue .
But this is a fresh start and it will be going to successful.
thanks for visiting my post.

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Hello Sonu, Your blog and content on it is really adorable and i really enjoyed a lots,
Please keep creating good content,
We all ♥ your Content,


Thanks bro .....nice comment

Best of luck

Keep It up bro, $0.02 from my side

Thanks bro .....keep supporting
Best of luck

Very Good @sonu4012. Keep It up in your wrok. This is very good idea for success in Steemit. Thanks

Thanks of luck

Good to be in this contest,
did all the steps.

Best of luck

Good job Sonu4012, would love to be a part of your giveaway.. Best-o-luck!!

thanks of luck

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Thank you very much friends for an event like this to participate and win, I wish the best to all the contestants ... A hug

Best of luck bro

Yes Brother @sonu4012 this kind of giveaway is necessary for our growth..
I am eagerly waiting for participation ........
I am already taken part or need to do something...

You are doing a greet will help all the steemians who are not able to successful.i wish i could get it.i follow all your work.the most interesting part is my nickname is sonu too.believe it or not

Thanks for such a nice comment of luck

@sonu4012 Love from #pakistan & #UnitedArabEmirates you are doing an awesome job sir. Please keep continue doing this and provide value to the steem community. May Allah Bless you AMEEN :)

I have been following you since 2 weeks and keep seeing your posts, but never got a chance to properly comment on your post. But due to the #awesome #giveawy. I can never resist myself to comment on your post. But my comment is genuine.

hats off to you.jpg

I greatly appreciate you on your photography skills. Your photography posts are very awesome. Hats off to you brother, inshaAllah you will acheive all your goals. I am with you!!

Hope to see my name on the winners list. Lets hope for the best!!


Amazing comment ......
Best of luck

Keep following

Thanks....yeah sure :)

amazing step it will help other most of new comers well done keep it up. @sonu4012

Thanks ....keep following of luck

thank you :)

Hello sonu...Very good approach. Keep up the good work. Will upvote in your every blog. I am a new commer too and trying to post some good blogs. Best of luck with your future plans in steemit. Happy steeming.

Just a beautiful comment of luck

@sonu4012 first of all thank you so much for doing this great give away. This will surely help newbies. Small or big giveaway doesn't matter. This is enough that atleast you are helping some people as you can. Small small things make bigger. As i noticed you are also doing great work here. And if you will continue to do it like this you will get your success here. My advice is just keep on working and keep on helping others. That's all from me.. and again big salute to your this great giveaway.

Thanks bro......such a nice compliment ....keep supporting

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@sonu4012 Good info ...if anyone follow these steps he will get result soon thanks dear

Thanks for sharing a big post as a giveaway i am a new user here i chcek u r all posts really helpfull

Thanks bro of luck

Thank you for inspiring steemians,like me..i hope i can receive even small amount..thank you so much..😁😁


Ur welcome of luck

More power and best of luck @sonu4012. Hope I can receive one. Thank you.

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its good to be in this contest.
did all the steps.

Best of luck

Thanks for the chance to participate in this contest!

Hello, @sonu4012, What a good contesr. Good luck for everybody.

I upvoted you and followed you in return you follow me and upvote my post to help grow each other

Thanks of luck

Good blog broTher

Nice initiative brother

Thank u sir for this giveaway, it inspire more people to join in and be active on steemit which will help in growth of this community.

Good of luck bro

Thanks for this post.

Best of luck

Very nice dear

thanks bro giveaway amount @sonu4012

Best of luck

this is cool contest

done.. all the steps.
hope to see this contest a bigger one in near future.

keep up the good work... @sonu4012

Thanks of luck

A gud way to grow fast

thank u so much for introducing such giveaway :)

Best of luck

U re doing great work bro

Best of luck

Hello sonu nice and informative article

Bhai pehle post padh lo .....

Nice initiation from @sonu4012 . Such giveaway can help a lots of new and old member who are struggling in steem . thank you
@justfacts ... Follow me foe daily facts

Thanks for nice comments of luck

बढ़िया पोस्ट हैं !

Nice concept bro👍

Best of luck bro

good artical

Hi. This is a great opportunity by you.

Thanks .....all the best

What a great content on your blog thank you

Ur welcome of luck for contest

I participate

Thanks for the opportunity.
winning lotteries is good for health

Nice one of luck

Best of luck

Just did it.

Congrats sir.

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