🏀NBA 5 player fantasy contest RESULTS!!👇

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Congratulations to @davor27

In last night's match up, in what ended up being a head to head battle between himself and @marzi , @davor27 pulled off the 161-109 victory! And for that my friend, you get a tip of the hat and of course 100% of the SBD from last night's post which is almost a buck! Nice, especially for 2 contestants. Unfortunately, @marzi had 2 preseason divas take the DNP in LeBron James and Kevin Durant, which cost him a legit run at it.

In-depth Results

Walker 36pts
Conley 19pts
Curry 27pts
Lowry 32pts
Giannis 47pts
Total - 161

James 0pts
Gasol 35pts
Curry 27pts
Durant 0pts
Giannis 47pts
Total - 109

Moving Forward

If you've made it this far, please let me know if you prefer to play this game this season, (I'm also open to any rule changes the community believes is fair) or if you would like to do NBA Daily Pick'em. Pick'em is a classic but I have a feeling we will have more fun with a fantasy game like @hendrix22 is doing for hockey. When the season starts, I will no longer be doing this on mobile, so I will be able to better put together the results in an orderly fashion. Any feedback is appreciated and thanks for stopping by!!

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