Win 3 STEEM worth $15! Free to play!

in contest •  last year

Just thought I'd run a competition with my leftover steam! The rules are simple:

Choose a number between 0 and 100 with up to two decimal places (e.g. 37, 33.7, 13.37) and post it in the comments, upvote 100%, and resteem.

The winnings go to whoever's number is closest to the number generated by my script (source code) at 22:00 (GMT+0) on the 23rd of January 2018.

last 10 test draws - does randomness have a pattern?

Remember, if you win but haven't resteemed and upvoted the winnings will go to the next closest number!

If total upvote price does not reach $15 dollars, I maintain the right to lower the prize.

Good Luck!

remember - it's free!

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Don't forget to resteem or you won't be eligible to win! Good luck!


Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 12.27.13 PM.png This is my contest account, resteemed @sisygoboom


Oh, very sorry about that, unfortunateley the draw took place before your reply and the winnings went to @undertube, you're welcome to join the new comp over at


Don't forget to resteem this post or you won't be eligible to win! Good luck!

And the number is 7.12!

Our closest guess was made by @cephalopod who guessed 11.11 who unfortunateley didn't resteem the post, meaning undertube takes the prize at a guess of 12.67.

Unfortunateley the post didnt reach a value of $15 dollars so I will be sending you steem equal to the dollar value of this post.

Steem trading price = $4.38
Post value = $0.52
0.52/4.38 = 0.119 STEEM, congratulations @undertube, your winnings will be sent immediateley!

69 - beat everyone to it


Haha, knew that was coming XD good luck


Don't forget to resteem! and good luck! :)


Done. Thanks!