2# Drawitbetter Contest - Winners & new theme. (20 SBD + 20 Whale Shares FOR THE WINNERS!)

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Greetings everyone! I hope your day is going great!

I want to take this chance and thank all the participants from first contest. Your feed-back was amazing. At some point I stopped reesteming your entries, because there was simply just too many of you. Sorry.

Last week's theme was Sensei. Here are top 3 pics:

3rd place: @edurley


2nd place: @djynn

1st place: @khenbee






Winners will receive their rewards within 24 h.

I also kindly ask the winner ( @khenbee ) to provide BitShares username so we can send you your whale shares.

These weeks theme: chimpanzee

Here is my drawing:

Every week I will make a new piece of art. To participate all you have to do is create something by the same theme in your own style. We accept all kinds of art. You can draw it, paint it, digital it* :) you can use sand if you want to. Here are the rules:

Rule n.1.
You have to make an entry post with the title ( Ex. Drawitbetter Challenge #2. ) and you have to use a tag #drawitbetter.

Rule n.2:
Your time is up after one week and only one entry per week is allowed.

Rule n.3:
You have to use only your original work! (But you already knew that :) )

Rule n.4:
You need to provide your drawing process.


First place = 10 SBD

Second place = 6 SBD

Third place = 4 SBD

Also, @kid4life will send 20 whaleshares to each week's winner.

For this contest, there will always be 2 judges. First one is @kid4life and second will be picked every week. For this week it's going to be : @backyardgoonie.

I really hope that this contest will be the opportunity for all the artists here on Steemit. I know there are a lot of you, and I wish the best of luck to everyone participating!

Thank you for your time & support



oooo, nice contest! I will participate! upvoted and resteemed!

Thank you kindly. I'm looking forward for your entry. :)

wow what a surprise, I am very happy with my participation and with my prize, thank you very much @sirsensei for the opportunity ... I congratulate the other winners and participants....... am already she active for my next participation!

Congratulations @edurley. Thank you for your support and participation. Your reward has been sent.

Thank very much!!!!

Thank you so much!!! It was challenging but fun. I'll join the next one as well :)
Congratulations to the other winners!

No problem! You deserved it. Congratulations, your reward has been sent.

Congratulations to the winners!!!! ^^

Wow!! Thank you for picking my drawing @sirsensei. This is my bitshare acct name . kennethbee26, congratulations to all of the winners.

Congratulations @khenbee! Your reward has been sent.

Thanks for this wonderful contest. Later i will post my entry for the your 2nd week contest.. 😊😊😊

Congratulations to the winners!

Great contest but have to disagree on 2nd place :P

Thank you. Oh really?:) who would you pick for second place @julienbh?

probably @putto since at least it looks like the original

It was a hard decision. But the judges made their choice. Will wee see you participating?:)

I might try it sometimes ;)

I will participate. ^_^ Kinda Excited wohooo...

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.
I've resteemed your post!
please up vote this comment.

Thank you for being a part! Nice work you did there :)

:) Oh, thank you for the chance!! :)

is the winning depend on luck? do you use some kind of lottery system? because i clearly understand why the 2nd place is won, but honestly i do not understand at all why the first place and third place won. because there were other beautiful entries for the contest. it's a mystery why those wonderful drawings didn't win

And the mistery shall remain. No lottery no luck. Just two judges. Just know that everyone has their taste and criteria. To clear your confusion, I kindly invate you to be the judge of drawitbetter#4...

Hello in the drawing can you write something or just the drawing?

You can create anything. But we will judge only the drawing of chimpanzee.