3 sbd giveaway for a photo of the moon

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hello dear steemians,


you are the winners! (2 sbd each)

and since I enjoyed your comments so much I added 2 second places (1 sbd each):


thanks to all the participants. you all made me want to travel so much.

Now, the rules for next contest are:

  1. please take a picture of the moon from where you are, and post it as a cmment to this post.

  2. follow my blog! thanks!

I will choose 3 winners that will be selected randomly and give 1 sbd each.

Deadline is in 24 hours.

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Moon sighting from above a bridge in my hometown ..

  ·  last year (edited)


Location: Isla de Margarita - Venezuela. Dock in pampatar

Hello friend @shubaca430 I hope you're well, thanks again for your contest, after a night something moved in the hospital where I work, attend several patients, I decided to climb to the top of the building where the city is shown. A place where you will find tranquility, a lighted city, in which thousands of whole families are hiding to rest or simply not to go out because of insecurity.

However there is nothing that opaques the beauty of a city. My city Maracay-Venezuela.

I took this picture with my phone Zte mini NX402

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this is what I can keep for you from my place @shubaca430
Location: Aceh - Indonesia

Hope you like @shubaca430

It is the superluna 2016. I took over a plant lechoza


Please see it:

This beautiful month.
Taken using Xiaomi Mobile..

taken from google :)

with some grey clouds out there
🌒 is not visible,though this one is 🌒

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la hermosa luna y su reflejo


[fuente]Tomada con el celular motorola

De regreso de mi caminata al parque el reflejo de la luna en el agua.

Back from my walk to the park the reflection of the moon in the water.

Barcelona, Edo Anzoátegui, Venezuela

Hi @shubaca430 , This is my submission to the Photo Month contest.

Location: Simpang Lading - Lhoksukon, Aceh Province Indonesia

IMG_3932 (2).JPG

Hello @shubaca430 this is my picture of the moon during the day.
From: Caracas - Venezuela
The camera that I used is Sony HDR-GWP88V.

20180606_223123.jpg The moon is hiding, but here are two stars!

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DSC04498c (1).jpg
Banglore, India.

Hi,i am also from INDIA but from Chennai

Nice to meet you , its good to see indians on the platform , by the way I have followed you .

Oh thankyou i am also following you.

This is the photo of the moon to take at dawn today... maybe the moon wasn't very happy and didn't give me your best... but here this is the moon taken in front of my house in Maracaibo, Venezuela


Thank you @shubaca430! I'm happy with the prize, with all my love I wish you success ... I admire your work

Thanks @shubaca430

while I would love to take part in this contest but unfortunately there is no moon today in the Sky Today from where I am :(

full moon

taken from Mérida venezuela

Hello @shubaca430, This is my Moon Photo, Lhokseumawe city, Aceh Provice.

Camera makerCanon
Camera ModelCanon EOS 500D
Lens CanonEFs 55 - 250
Exposure Time1/320 sec
ISO speedISO- 3200
Focal lenght250 mm

Moon sighting in my area ..


Thank you.


Please see here

Area: North Aceh,Indonesia.
Date: 7 Juny 2018.
Time: 22:46 WIB.

aaawwwe drat! not only is is daylight outside for me now that I found your contest, it's all cloudy and I can't even see the open sky. so.... no moon to photo for us up here in Minnesota, heh

I congratulate the winners of the previous contest,
do not want me to miss the next contest here's my entry:



Hi @shubaca430!

Here is my entry:

I took it with my evolution II cellphone

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Waxing Crescent

The link to my view bug photography website https://www.viewbug.com/photo/76010015

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Felicitaciones bellisimas imagenes me encanta.

Congratulations beautiful images I love.

Yippee! So glad i finally won... thanks @shubaca430... I'm grateful!

Hi,Today in my area is completly cloudy so i get these only.


Location Chennai,India