Looks like Grandpawhale casts a lot of votes to you! Not sure why you are still complaining!

what like 5% of what i paid

WHAT did you pay!? You are talking out your ass! WE ARE A FREE SERVICE! YOU paid us ZERO! FUCK OFF! YOU ARE A FRAUDSTER/FUDSTER who rents SP and then bashes us and calls bots on me because you don't even own 100 SP ! Have fun NEVER getting another up vote from our system EVER again!

you have control of users votes

users votes on steem = $ when voted on posts

i paid 100's to your scam and referred over 100ksp in users

YOUR best move right now is to STFU and get the fuck off our platform since you are at -999 Shadow Rank we haven't changed our service all weekend and you are just making up accusations and causing a flag war. Have fun never earning again on here!

yes you scammed my rank down after proving your scam on post payouts - fair play

I REVOKED your rank after you called me a FRAUD when you clearly get SOOO many up votes from our system. NOW you can see what your REAL earnings are like WITH OUT our boosts! You will NEVER get another vote from our system don't worry!


Notice ALL the top votes your post got came from @shadowbot CASTERS! Thus why they are all 11% and identical it was your Pool Priority! ANYONE can verify this using a blockexplorer but you!

ROFL you don't even contribute 100k SP not even close just STFU

from users i invited aruvnava was one with 100's others many left immediate or not long after many months ago due to not receiving votes since DEVS are only ones who get paid

@arunava earns well and is very happy with our system. You earned well and barely made content and then complain you didn't earn 100k STEEM in 2 posts! Sorry you have to contribute to get more back that is how the system works. GO READ how we operate before calling us a scam! And then EXPLAIN to the ENTIRE world HOW you got up votes from @grandpawhale IF we are a fraud/scam as you claim us to be?! HOW? YOU were earning well and decided to FLIP OUT on me and attack me and after an entire day of asking you politely to remove your flags NOW you are playing with me directly! Only I have 50x more SP than you can even rent let alone OWN!

YOU DON'T MAKE POSTS FOR MONTHS ON END! What makes you think you will earn when you don't make posts?? What planet are you on? All you had to do was start posting daily and you would have seen a huge up tick in earnings. THUS why ALL your top votes came from @shadowbot members ;)

Yeah but he will NEVER admit that this post's 3rd highest up vote came from @shadowbot's service ;) YOU ARE THE LIAR!

you can take the 0.69c


my vote

You take our up votes and then insult us and call us scammers and frantically use curses to defame us?

lol you are scammer promising fair system and feeding your own accounts

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