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RE: The Deadpost Initiative - Week 12 - Share your most undervalued work + week 11 winners ($20 STEEM prize pool)

in #contest3 years ago

Thanks for giving these posts a new chance at life! The sad fact is that there is so much content being produced on steemit now that a lot of the newcomers (like me) have a difficult time having their voice get heard.

This is one of my very first posts, and while it did receive a little attention I think it deserves another shot at the limelight :)

I think this explains why anyone who is currently in the cryptospace, whether it's as an investor, a steemit author, an ICO manager, a crypto YouTuber, etc etc etc... We're all going to have a truly amazing 2018.


Omg did u just have 0.00payout on that post...crazy...hell no steemit aint getting better with this....this absolutely amazing...

Thanks for the words of support, @kingjrn! To be fair, it was one of my very first posts ever on steemit. For that matter, I have very few overall as yet.