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What is XAYA

Imagine a gigantic virtual environment in which you compete with other users, mines resources and find rare items, but these have real world value and can be exchanged for coins within the blockchain!


XAYA is a decentralized gaming platform based on the blockchain that aims to work as a video game development tool that will allow developers to reduce the time it takes games to move from one concept to another, while reducing the financial burdens of the game. infrastructure and administration in small development teams.

The XAYA platform accomplishes this through the democratization of the development and implementation of the game, allowing the developers to realize their projects and visions with quite reduced costs. XAYA proposes to provide a broad amalgam of tools together with an strong infrastructure so that the developer can design vast virtual worlds with an immersive and high-detailed gameplay, economically and without the need to depend on private servers, in this way XAYA becomes a striking offer, for example, for Indie developers, who have now revolutionized the world of gaming with the development of lower budget but high quality videogames. XAYA could work for them as an innovative tool with which they could translate an endless of innovative ideas.


Benefits for the gamer.


What the XAYA project proposes is that millions of players around the world can compete and cooperate within immense worlds of decentralized virtual reality that work without the need for servers, 24/7. They use their skills and intelligence to mine resources such as iron, copper, gold, diamond, etc., or they can collect items such as swords, armor, bows etc, defeating giant enemies, and that these resources and items have a value in the real world to be exchanged within the same game for a price in cryptocurrencies. Or that for example they may have properties within the game such as vehicles, houses, apartments etc, and that these can be exchanged for a currency with a price in the real world. The possibilities are endless as are the ideas of the programmers who decide to create games within this platform.


Is it possible then to develop a Videogame in which we can Mine Cryptocurrency and generate income while having fun?

Well, in fact in the year 2013 XAYA had already developed and successfully implemented an experiment called Huntercoin, which was the first massively multiplayer online game decentralized, based on Blockchain, which despite its low profile release already had More than 35,000 characters being handled simultaneously in its first 6 months. Achieved a market capitalization of close to $ 1 million in just a few weeks and reached a maximum of around $ 6.3 million in 2017.


Use cases for Xaya

Imagine exploring a virtual world with an avatar created to your liking, and the more you immerse yourself in this world, the more items of value you get, these items would have a real world value in a decentralized massively multiplayer online game , so you could find another player and exchange the item for a certain amount of coins that would have a value on the XAYA platform.



XAYA is seen as an interesting proposal in the world of videogames and if in this proposal several indie developers participate with great quality of ideas this project could open a strong path within the video game industry.


Heres a video where you can learn more


Here are some links that can help you if you wanna know more abut this project:

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