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After a successful giveaway I did two weeks ago I decided to do another one. The first one brought me around 130 followers which was pretty cool and the amount of SBD I made on it was even more than what the giveaway offered which was 5 STEEM.

The giveaway winner last time was @petar.pekovic I got to know him a little bit after he won, cool dude check out his page!

This time I will be giving away DOUBLE THE AMOUNT IN SBD!

10 SBD = $52.5 at the time of this post!

Quote of the Day.png

Here are the rules :

1. Like this post.
2. Resteem this post.
3. Comment a random number from 1 - 1000.
4. Follow me.

After you do all this you are eligible to win the prize, winner will be announced in 72 hours, good luck everyone!

I can send funds to any SBD wallet you prefer.





LOL...after you draw my number I will for sure!!!

If no one gets the number exactly, will you give it to the person who's number was closest?

I was thinking about generating random numbers on random.org until it hits one of the numbers that someone guessed. But this sound like a good idea too, we'll see it depends on how much people will participate

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