Logo contest 10 SBD price / Logo Wettbewerb 10 SBD Preis / Finished!

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Tomorrow evening will be the 29th round of the weekly Steem Blitz Chess Tournament. This ends the second season with an average of 20 participants, it is now an integral part of everyday life on Steemit. With the beginning of the 3rd season, I want to have a new logo that can then be used by all to promote the tournament further.

The new logo should have the following characteristics:

  • 1600x950 pixels
  • 2 versions for normal chess and for chess960
  • Thumbnail suitability
  • free usage


  • I will choose the logo from the suggestions
  • The creator of the winner logo receives 10 SBD
  • deadline is in 7 days

Morgen Abend wird die 29. Runde des wöchentlichen Steem Blitz Schach Turniers ausgetragen. Damit endet die 2. Saison mit durchschnittlich 20 Teilnehmern, ein inzwischen fester Bestandteil des Alltags auf Steemit. Mit dem Beginn der 3. Saison wünsche ich mir ein neues Logo das dann von allen benutzt werden kann um das Turnier weiter zu promoten.

Das neue Logo soll folgende Merkmale aufweisen:

  • 1600x950 pixel
  • 2 Versionen für normales Schach und für Schach960
  • Thumbnail Tauglichkeit
  • freie Verwendbarkeit


  • Ich werde das Logo aus den Vorschlägen aussuchen
  • Der Ersteller des Gewinnerlogos erhält 10 SBD
  • Abgabe bis in 7 Tagen möglich


The winner logo is entry 7 / Das Gewinner Logo ist Nr: 7

7-Chess Logo.png

7b-Chess960 Logo.png

All participants will get some extra surprise!


See you next time! / Bis nächstes Mal!

Thank you for your attention! / Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit!

Original content by

        Schaman Gerbert        IMG_6013kkk-th112.JPG

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Hallo! Dies wäre mein Logo-Vorschlag. Ich habe mich für ein modern aussehendes Flat-Design entschieden. Die Schachfiguren sind komplett selbst gepfadet, also gibt es keinerlei Probleme mit dem Urheberrecht. Dasselbe betrifft den Font, den ich von Google Fonts habe und somit frei zur Nutzung ist.

Für Änderungsvorschläge stehe ich entweder hier in den Kommentaren oder auf dem DACH-Discord bereit!

LG Jave



here my entry.

the "960" number a little more bigger, is it possible?
Format is 960x570 ? It has to be 1600x950.

yes... we can change everything. Format and size of "960"...

960 - 2.jpg

is it better?

yes, thanks! In the thumbnail view it was not visible.

Can you upload the normal version in 1600x950 too?
Maybe the black border a little bit smaller, so that the text is more visible in the thumbnail view?

yes, this afternoon they arrive :)

  ·  last year (edited)

I tried to enlarge the text and to narrow the edge... maybe now it's okay

Very nice now, but they are 960x570 now! can you upload the bigger versions too?
(you may just edit the comment with the new (versions)

  ·  last year (edited)

I can not understand what's going on... I'm loading them with the right size but then it gets smaller...

ok, DONE!

Your logo is so beautiful that I have an idea how to use it in the future:
I will make a second tournament for the east time zones and at the end of each season we can then make a tournament for all together to figure out the master of the masters, therefor it suits perfect.

  ·  last year (edited)

These are my logos! I hope you like them!


scacchi 960.jpg


Thanks very much!! I'm very happy!

The 960 is in 736x437 pixel, can you upload the big version too? (Just edit the comment.)

Done! I don't know why was 736x437, now is ok.

The new version is in an other quality now.

Changed, I used the first photo and added 960.

Perfect, thanks!

Here are my logos, i hope you like it 😁


The 960-version is in 1200x750 pixel, can you upload the big version too?

ready friend had made a mistake and put the correct measurements these designs are for large advertising to use them in profile thumbnails the ideal is to use 500x500px friend

The "960" version is still wrong. The thumbnail size is important for the view in the feed.

Here's my submission. If you'd like anything adjusted let me know.



And a little logo perhaps if wanted to just post a quick PNG:


Here is my logo, I hope it will be useful for the future tournament.





format is 1578x735 ?

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes, but i can fix it

Format is 1280x720, can you upload versions in 1600x950?

Here is the edit with the 1600x950

Now they are in 1280x920.

I think we can not use the steemit logo here. The steem logo is fine to use.

Hello.Here is my entry.



  ·  last year (edited)

My second participation:


Secund Logo 1.jpg


Secund Logo 2 (1).jpg

New logo:


Logo Parte 3A.jpg


Logo Parte 3b.jpg

for me it's a pleasure to show you my new participation sr @schamangerbert enjoy it I hope this one if you like it








Hello friends, I hope you are well and it is not too late for my entrance. I apologize. I was full with the final exams and classes.
Steem-Chess 2.1.jpg

  ·  last year (edited)

My new entry:


We can not use the word "steemit". It is protected.

Ok, i will fix it

un coordial saludo buenas tardes. aqui le presento mi entrada.




digame usted si necesita algun arreglo con gusto puedo hacerlo feliz tarde .

Good afternoon and some time ago I was not publishing and resuming oh I found this great contest here is my design for you with a style of lightning and neon I hope you like it.



Very impressive!

You got some very nice comments for your work.

I have an idea: I am planning a second tournament for the eastern part of the world, and therefore it would be nice to add something like "east" to the logo, if you manage it I will take it as logo for the second tournament and you will get the full price money also.
What do you think?

Do you read me? Check my comment please.

  ·  last year (edited)


My entry

Hey, buddy, it's a pleasure to say hello to you. In response to the call for your contest, I submit the next proposal:

Logo Ajedrez.png

Logo Ajedrez 2.png

I'm not a professional graphic designer, and the little I've learned has been watching videos on youtube. I hope it's to your liking, and to everyone's liking around here. Successes....


Hello @schamangerbert i tried my level best and i made these two logos for steemchess and steemchess960 tournaments.
I made a post about these same logos with different colors so u can visit the post to see it

Format should be 1600x950.

Now u can see it in 1600×950 format 🤗


They are not in 1600x950, when I scale them to 1600 they are 1600x900.

Yaa there, it is showing 16:9(1600×900) ratio and i dont know how to make it to 950😐

hello friend apologize the delay was occupied by problems of work and study here I leave my images I hope you like.

Hello, friends of steemit, this is my presentation

logo steem chess 3.png

logo steem chess 1.png


its a amazing and also interesting price....it would be a great contest.....all the best......


So far we have this versions, if you open the picture you will see them in the normal thumbnail size.
It is getting harder and harder to find the best :)
You are unbelievable great!

I will update this picture if new entries come up. For the moment I have removed the versions with wrong size, they will be included again after correction.

My favorites are now:
6: best international version
7: clear and strong
11: blitz and lightning
16: fairy tail and fun
18: clear and modern

Wow! A contest with a handsome prize!
Sorry, I am not an artist nor a graphic designer!!

Good luck to you all!
May the prize find the best contestant!


This is amazing sir thanks a lot for such contests.

Contests like this need to be encouraged thanks a lot sir,have a nice day.

  ·  last year (edited)

I will make my logo tomorrow, thanks for the contest..

@schamangerbert wow it is amazing. great job. I bet your Husband will love it.##Upvote/Resteem###

esto me gusta amigo @schamangerbert
gracias por darnos las oportunidad y la reglas para participar ?? una sola entrada por usuario o puedo realizar varias propuestas de logo. reesteem??

As many as you want.


This will bring the best talent across all the formats great work sir.

I wish I can join captain but flower is the only thing I can draw...😊😊 i will just resteem this captain so some of my followers can join too... 😘😘😊❤️

Hello schamangerbert when is the deadline?

Minimum 7 days.

Ya estaremos participando por ganar los sbd por ese diseño buen concurso amigo @chamangerbert.

Optimista :)

Hello Friend. How wonderful that you are about to start another tournament, I wish you the best. And I hope you get the perfect logo. Greetings friend.

very interesting! I can't miss this! I love chess but I love graphic design too because I'm an architect :)

Yaa i will try as my best @schamangerbert . Why we need thumbnail for logo?

It is shown in the feed as first picture of the post.

Wow, du willst das Image erneuern und Hilfe in der Community suchen ... Viel Glück für alle!

This post has received a 8.77 % upvote from @boomerang.

very good contribution friend continues so I liked a lot greeting