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Can you guess what is this ? Give an appropriate caption in 10 words, justify your caption in a short paragraph , and stand in a chance to win 4 SBD. Runner up will get 3 SBD, and three mentions will get 1 SBD each.


  • Upvote this post and leave your caption along with justification as comment in this post.
  • Caption should be within 10 words. And there is no restriction to the length of your justification. You can make a post justifying the caption and leave your caption along with post link.
  • Captions without proper justification will not be accepted.
  • Usage of vulgar or obscene words will be considered as disqualification and even may be flagged.
  • Only entries posted as comments here will be considered. You can use this image, as this is my own image.
  • You should give only one entry. Giving more than one entry will disqualify your participation.
  • Resteem this post so that we have more participants to make this more interesting and increase the reward.
  • Deadline of submission is till Sunday.

Contributions 💰 are most welcome to increase the awards.

Questions ? Suggestions ? You are most welcome!!!

Caption 19.png


Turning A Blind Eye Towards Homosexuality

The image shows Gods being wooed by beautiful women in heaven. This depicts the present world where it's completely normal to see a man looking at a woman or see two people in a relationship. This has been going on for ages and that's why it's accepted by the society.

The image also shows a nude man standing in front of a bus and the driver is looking at him while the other passengers are seen frowning and looking down. This depicts the outlook of people towards the homosexuals. The society is not ready to accept it yet and thus frowns upon it.

Cultural Diversity, the image shows a variety of people representing the main characteristics of the area they represent. The world through each optics, each country in the end all equal but with different thoughts.C

Indian mythology is it? Interesting, good old days :p

No, try to interpret in your own wonder.

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Thank you @sanmi for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free SBD.

Thank you a ton, you are doing a great job. I did checkout your compilations.

A Man's Trials
Through the viewpoint of a bus driver, we see the journey of a tested man -- someone who has been tempted and had to overcome temptation.

Do the gods care?
The gods above are smiling and having fun in the clouds, enjoying the riches they have but the ordinary people below, such as the bus driver and the three passengers on the left don't look so happy because of the burdens of the world. They look bored or sad and they don't seem to notice the Jesus-like figure coming towards them. The other man without a face may be a representation of a fallen angel who is trying to kick Jesus. The men ask if the gods care but they don't know the answer is there in front of them.

I agree with @snooway above, but I'd like to add that the 'Jesus-figure' seems to have his hands 'tied' behind his back suggesting his inability to change the way people are. The 'gods' are all enjoying the simple pleasures in life (like food and drink), but the 'humans' below seem oblivious to pleasure; perhaps they are too busy worrying about the things in life, that in the end, don't seem to matter at all.

Thanks for the input. I was thinking about the hands behind the back as well but not sure if they are tied. Interesting interpretation!

I know right? His face looks like he's smirking, so I think his hands are only metaphorically 'tied':) Thanks for commenting!

The Transfiguration of Man, the man is a poor, right before he is about to be killed by a bus? Probably everything is set in India, due to the place where the driver is + how everyone looks. And as most of indians believe, there is rebirth after death. So I think the man who's falling from the sky is the same man but after its rebirth. He dies, he gets thrown back to Earth. Meanwhile the gods have fun and do not care about the life on Earth at all.

Good luck to everyone. Best wishes, Sveto.

Why do you think, its in India, it could be in Africa as well :)

They look like asian and the hinduism spirit is all around the picture 😀

Caption: Put a coin and get going to the higher vibrations!

Justification: This is a depiction of a foolish man's reality. Men are all on the ride called Life and mainly controlled by their lust, but if you have a coin(money) one can have access to the higher planes of fabricated love and servitude. Instead of cultivating the real deal- called pure love and commitment and marriage- money is a tool that offers men a short cut to the fabricated versions - at a price.

Party of the gods.
It looks like gods are enjoying some food drink and dancing

The pleasure of a king

The picture depicts a king sitting on the chair without been surrounded by ladies that gift him pleasure and gladiators who fight to their death at his pleasure

¿Reina o concubina?

Muestra a un poderoso gobernante de tiempos antiguos seleccionando a la mas calificada para ser su esposa. Las que no cumplen con sus requisitos de belleza e inteligencia serán concubinas. Solo una de ellas puede ser elegida reina.

English only for me to understand :)

Ok @sanmi Here it goes

Queen or concubine?

It shows a ruling enemy of ancient times selecting the most qualified to be his wife. Those who do not meet their beauty and intelligence requirements are concubines. Only one of them can be elected queen.

Hey, this is over, please enter your caption in the current edition.

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Caption : A visit to God's country

What if, we get an opportunity to see the God's place in reality ? We all go and worship God in the form that we believe, but often its said that all these different forms are conceptualized by us, i.e. the humans only. So in this art, the humans are given a chance to visit god's place and the driver takes them through a wonder dream where they see how Gods place looks alike : All the gods ( I mean all different forms) are actually belong to the same place, and then the person in the middle are the God icons who are sent to earth as human being. So when they come they come as if they are borne naked and then take the form of humans.

its such an epic presentation of our God belief.

I often dream of doing party like god
Description: We all want lavish and luxurious life, but we are so stacked in a heavy work schedule, that it has become a dream which we see with the open eyes.

A tough one !!!

Caption : Man calls it an accident, God calls it a choice

Justification : In this picture, its seen that all the Gods are enjoying their life. And they are not worried about human sufferings, because they think, all the sufferings of human are by choice. Human pray god in time of need and despair and once they are gone past that, they forget about their obligations to their conscience and act to do the right thing and continue doing what they enjoy. And this leads to events which they think as accident, but actually they are the result of their course of action. So when the again fall into accident they go and pray god, but God sends them back ( the middle men in this art) without any mercy, to go and face the consequence of their action.

Two realities that move the world, man and his eagerness.

Two realities of man are shown in his passage through this life given by God. Some enjoy drinking, dancing; in his vanity of feeling good. Others have jobs and strive to satisfy their basic needs. The first ones also work, the second ones can also enjoy the fruit of their work .... EVERYTHING IS VANITY!

Will enter next week instead.

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