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Yes, that's more than 70 $..... Can you guess what is this ? Give an appropriate caption in 10 words, justify your caption in a short paragraph , and stand in a chance to win 4 SBD. Runner up will get 3 SBD, and three mentions will get 1 SBD each.


  • Upvote this post and leave your caption along with justification as comment in this post.
  • Caption should be within 10 words. And there is no restriction to the length of your justification. You can make a post justifying the caption and leave your caption along with post link.
  • Captions without proper justification will not be accepted.
  • Usage of vulgar or obscene words will be considered as disqualification and even may be flagged.
  • Only entries posted as comments here will be considered. You can use this image, as this is my own image.
  • You should give only one entry. Giving more than one entry will disqualify your participation.
  • Resteem this post so that we have more participants to make this more interesting and increase the reward.
  • Deadline of submission is till Sunday.

Contributions 💰 are most welcome to increase the awards.

Questions ? Suggestions ? You are most welcome!!!

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Justification. Big corporations claim to create a better tomorrow through innovation and technology. The power of their message is conveyed based on the location of the power plant and factory at the top of the image. With advertising and political lobbying, corporations minimize the actual impact they have on society and the environment. They gloss over the hidden costs to society and the environment, as represented by the dripping oil and toxic waste spilling on the toys.

The little girl is sad and lonely victim of the hyped up better future spun by corporations. Technology has robbed her of human contact. Technology has changed the way we socialize. People don’t physically interact as much because they are connected on line.

She simply wants to play outside and use toys that spark her imagination. Her dreams of running in a field and picking flowers has been shattered by environmental toxins. Even in the safety of an indoor environment with air purification systems running twenty-four hours, there are no playmates. The other children are busy watching videos and mindlessly pushing button for entertainment. For her the future is bleak.

Technological pollution ruins children's childhood

Every day that passes children forget what it is to play in parks, enjoy their childhood by the technological bombardment they receive day after day making it impossible to interact with their peers

''a fart in the playroom''

The polluted world

Caption: "Manufactured Child's Play"
Justification: the child's toy -- a simple wooden plaything -- was manufactured far away, by a factory powered by a polluting fuel, then transported by a truck (all manufactured). The girl stands in a field, which is not manufactured, yet plays with the toy, which is manufactured. She seems oblivious to it all.


Explanation: the child has inherited a polluted and dark world, destroyed by the generation before her.

"Chronicles of an Advanced Technology and
a World that Agonizes"

A history of technological events that drives the future, leaves us as a legacy; a dirty and unbalanced world.

The holocaust of Childhood

Tears of a civilized world

Justification: Technology and civilization has taken life and color out of the earth. As you can see, the world is all grey with all elements of nature gone. Pollution has taken over.
The little girl appears deeply saddened with the world she has found herself in.

The bleeding earth

Justifiastion: The earth bleeds with destruction from over civilization. All it's inhabitants weep as can be seen with the sad little girl. All forms of life seem to be missing, trees and all. The pollution rises into the air and seeps into the earth. The earth is dying

Good info

Hi @sanmi, thanks for this contest, have resteemed and upvoted. Here's my entry for this week:

Industrialization and Modernization Destroys Children's Cognitive Development

There are many brilliant new discoveries that humanity amusingly continuously bringing to the world to destroy itself. The industrial revolution was the start of it all. Industrialization, modernization, and technology revolutions had in generations affect children's cognitive development. Happy outdoor playtime for children has turned into hazardous playing time around the world. Children have been forced to accept industrialization and modernization in an increasingly polluted world which has a significant impact on shaping the intellectual development of children.

And here's the link to my blog: https://steemit.com/contest/@ainie.kashif/caption-contest-17-industrialization-and-modernization-destroys-children-s-cognitive-development

I think this is very helpful for humans for the future, such a program should always be preserved in addition to our grandchildren. If only the government had been more serious in handling it would have been better now.



Caption: " WHEN I WAS A KID"

Explanation: When I was a kid I thought factory smokestacks were how clouds were made

Hello @sanmi. Here is my entry to this contest.


Technology advances daily and one might get too used to the changes that he even forgets things were not so easy years ago like it is today. We are in a period of digital and nano-technology, in which technology is more complex, but making things easier. Looking back at the analog age, we remember the days of crude technology.
Days when almost everyone wore only pure cutton clothes; when the most sophisticated children toys were one-dimensional, compared to the 3D handheld games of this present generation. The analog age was characterized by locomotive engines that really polluted the air, oil spillage that polluted water ways, etc.
The analog generation understands the turn table, magnetic tapes, black and white television, cash, rotary telephones, etc while things have drastically changed in our digital world today. Now, we recognize CD's, flash drives, HD LED televisions, electronic banking /cryptocurrency, wireless cellphones, etc.

The analog age was simple, but things could be done in much better ways. This gave rise to our digital world today.

"Man's excess bleeds the child blind"

Man's excess is a product of consumerism which is reflected in the pollution factory darkening up the day sky. Soot falls and bleeds from the image like tears from a child's eye. The child stares into the void not noticing her melting toys, coming up in a world that this is her reality unaware of any other truth.

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"then and now " is my caption

because when i was a kid, i used to play with all these types of wooden materials . and when i started growing older , i am seeing pollution everywhere in kathmandu . in name of development it is polluting our environment .

Caption : Industrialization should be kept away

Kids are busy in their own wonder world, and are very possessive on the toys they have. To them, their world means a lot and they don't need a lot to be happy. However the impact of recent massive Industrialization has a very negative impact on them. So society should take care and keep them away from Industrialization .

Caption : Industry eliminates my playground

Because we need eat so we must work work work. Rip playground.

Hope you like my art sir.. Thankyou

Clouds that condemn us

The graphic representation of a fearsome future condemned to despair and desolation where the sky imposes punishment on man for his eagerness to satisfy his hunger for power and superiority.

Mutually Assured Destruction: The Sky and The Earth

As one destroys the other, it gets destroyed as well.

"The Endangered Future Of Our Children"

The picture shows the pollution being caused by the vehicles and industries today. So much fuel and natural resources are getting depleted and is leading toward global warming and pollution. This is creating an unhealthy environment for the future generations. The child here looks sad and helpless as her toy melts away. The toy represents the good things which are getting affected by the pollution and are slowly fading away.


Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 9.38.10 PM.png

The factory and the vehicle in the image represents all the factors on earth today which are contributing to all sorts of pollution which in return is leading to global warming and an unsuitable environment to live in. More advancement in the technology is leading to more dirty and unhealthy atmosphere. It shows that the future of our generations is at high risk. The girl looks sad and unhappy because of the polluted surrounding. It's a silent cry for help and to save our planet Earth from perishing.

Technology vs Humanity : The Battle for Survival

Industrial Revolution: Impact to the Next Generation

Justification: https://steemit.com/untalented/@livsky/industrial-revolution-impact-to-the-next-generation