Greetings from Kryptonia. Resteemed and Upvoted. You know who I am :)

Yes, indeed! Thank you. Can't believe how kryptonia is growing. Amazing!

Nice share and offer @kryptonia all the way....

I am member of Kryptonia community for some time, but I still didn't made a task. Always saying tomorrow :-(
(Kryptonia account @hairyfairy )

My Kryptonia account is @chr7is, same as on Steemit.

Great post and my Kryptonia account is @ianstevenson

Kryptonia is an awesome platform, resteeming.
kryptonia ID: Dhaneshpk

just created the account with the link. my id is @nba3

Nice post - Krypptonia reatimtim

Great my kryptonia account ID is @geniusnabiy

Hi i'm Katy, Resteemed and upvoted! This is my kryptonia account ‎ cool post.

resteemed and upvoted by a kryptonia and superiorcoin fan...kryptonia ID @psychkrhoz

çwoland76 on Kryptonia, upvoted and reestemed

I just signed up and created task too!

Awesome. Hold on to some of those SUP, as I think they are going nowhere but up, up, up...

Upvote from kryptonia

Upvoted resteemed my kryptonia id is @shoukath

I'm already in kryptonia. glad to see this growing. upvoted and resteemed.

Mine is @randomblock1, just like Steemit.

Postမွာ upvot​ေတြအမ်ားႀကီးရပါ​ေစ

I'd sign up for that, but I'm just a cat 😺 Meow Mrrrrrrrrrrr.....

Pls tell me about kryptonia... I will give. U upvote if u reply or follow me