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The history of cotton can be traced to domestication. Cotton played an important role in the history of India, the British Empire and united states,and continue to be important crop and commodity. The history of the domestication of cotton is very complex and is not know exactly.


In many countries cotton (Gossypium ssp) is one of the most important fibre producing plant.Cotton crop not only provide fibre for the textile industry but also play a role in the feed and oil industries with it seed, rich in oil (18-24%) and protein (20-40%)
Cotton, as a natural cellulose fiber, has a lot of characteristics such as :

  1. Comfortable soft hand
  2. Good absorbency
  3. Colour retention
  4. Machine washable
  5. Dry cleanable
  6. Good strength
  7. Drapes well


The textile industry in India in facing is facing major problem in cotton front

  1. Shortfall in and uncertainly about cotton production
  2. Very low cotton yield per hectare.
  3. Poor Quality of cotton.
  4. Cultivation of large number of cotton including varieties.
  5. Lack of government support, corruption,scam etc.

Cotton coin

Blockchain is a digital ledger that essentially acts as a universal computer to facilitate secure online transactions, and it becomes a communication tool for connected parties because it’s able to link individual computers into what really serves as one big computer, so to speak. “This is the most robust networking technology that humans have ever come up with,” Chris Dannen, founder and partner of Iterative Capital Management, said speaking at the blockchain focused Synthesis 2017 in New York City Thursday. Adding to that, Dr. Solomon Lederer, block chain lead at textile innovation startup Loomia, said, “Now that we have this universal computer, this central platform that everyone can access and everyone can use, that has implications for supply chains. What block chain can do for supply chains is get all links in the chain—from retailers to shippers to manufacturers, textile mills and fiber providers—onto one platform where each would be able to see what the other is doing, and when. What’s different about that than some of the supply chain management technologies out there now, is that the data isn’t controlled by one provider but rather, decentralized and shared.

Cotton coin solve these problem by being a digital medium that provide instantaneous,transparent payments and provides the total transparency and security of blockchain Cotton coin is a technology that ensures that the cotton related data cannot be corrupted or modified.

  1. Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero confirmation transactions we call it swift TX.
  2. Decentralized block chain voting providing for consensus based advancement of the current master node technology used to secure the network and provide the above, each master node is secured.

  3. Where blockchain comes in, is by using some of the data tomorrow’s textiles will provide and delivering it back to the brand, which could then make better-informed decisions about the product they’re putting out there. “After the point of sale, most brands have no idea what’s going on with their products. You spend billions of dollars creating inventory and there’s no dynamic feedback mechanism.

    You sell it, you kind of hope someone fills out your survey, you mine social media hoping to see what’s trending, and then you crank out a ton of product the next year and kind of guess and see what sells,” Liriano said. “It’s pretty inefficient, it’s deeply wasteful and it leads to $100 billion lost year over year, and in an industry that’s worth $325 billion. So, if you do the math, it’s roughly a third, and that’s a lose because of a lack of data.”
    Data will start to come from the kinds of prototypes Loomia already has in the works, like a boot that can warm the wearer’s feet when the temperature outside gets too cold, and garments with lights for construction workers and joggers to don at night so they’re not dependent on reflection from a car in order to be seen and safe. If a textile sensitive to touch were in the lining of a car’s passenger seat, say, data gleaned from it might be able to reveal where the impact from a car accident was and even from what angle it came. These types of textile technologies will start to inform the data brands will base their business decisions on.

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