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@samsam01 I want to have some fun! I'll be putting up some matchs each day. If you know well about football you will win 60% of SBD from this posting. just you need to bet correctly only for 4 matchs.

Bet 1 X 2 :

1: Home team win
X: Draw
2: Away team win

All what I need is your vote and your comment.
1- Firstly upvote the posting here.
2- Secondly make your comment as a betting tip.
3-Thirdly resteem the posting in order to transmit to as many persons as possible.
4- Fourthly wait until the matchs finish.

The winner will be selected after the matchs and for more security everyone can contact me here:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samir.benali3
Whatsapp: +21620277880

Europa league matchs: Date: 08/03/2018 (Tomorrow)
Only 4 matchs:

AC Milan - Arsenal : 1 or X or 2

CSKA Moscow - Lyon : 1 or X or 2

Marseille - Ath Bilbao : 1 or X or 2

Sporting Lisbon - Pelzen : 1 or X or 2

Good Luck To Everyone :-)
Best Regards,

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AC Milan - Arsenal : X

CSKA Moscow - Lyon : X

Marseille - Ath Bilbao : X

Sporting Lisbon - Pelzen : 1

All done man I will be the winner here

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