Giving away 0.033 Steem and a 100% upvote! Who wants it?

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I have 0.033 Steem in my wallet, and I want to send it to the best comment to this post.


I know it’s not a lot of Steem, but it’s the only Steem I have in my wallet at this time.

Whoever comments with the most informative, creative or funniest comment will receive the 0.033 Steem.

I will also upvote the comment 100% of what voting power I have at this time.



  • you have to upvote this post and resteem this post.
  • and you have to leave the best comment.
  • all other commenters will receive a 20% upvote that upvoted and resteemed post.


I’m @runridefly, and I’m steeming On Dudes!

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There are thousands among thousands of users on Steemit that needs your help. Local shelter and volunteers are giving their heart and soul to protect these precious creatures. For just 0.033 Steem, you can feed a hungry minnow today. Donate, volunteer, and show your support.


@tntdabomb, you’re the winner of the huge 0.066 Steem. Thank you for the comment.


Thank you so much!!!

How do I comment


This was a comment. A reply to a post is comment

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@samly's comment is likely a joke, not like offensively saying it's a joke, a clever comment, yeah.

But considering his/her rep, it may have been a genuine question. 😁😁

Either way, it's funny to me idk why. 🤣🤣

I haven’t done this for a while so why not I have to check steemd one sec. %87.78

I Don't Want To Leave Any Comments Here Because I'm Not Really Interesting With This Game. hehehe...
Thanks Bro


Appreciate the comment


hehehe...what a joke

I upvote and resteem this post....

I"ll match that!


Totally appreciate the match

You want comment, then you got comment
In fact my comment is such a comment
That my comment was a comment amongst comments
In fact my comment was here even before this post was written

........Thanks for the opportunity man


Thank you for your contribution.

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You are welcome man. Frankly it's a pleasure participating here.

you give me or not i am always following you


I appreciate the follow

i have done upvote or resteem this post



Steemit is like fight club, you have to withstand three days of mockery before you can join. But unlike fight club you never shut up about steemit.

Fun fact: Bananas are mildly radioactive.

Informative heads up: There's a tenancy of the body to repair cells in such a way that what damaged them in the first place is less effective at damaging them a second time. This is called hormesis. Radioactive hormesis seems to be a thing that happens.


Bananas are delicious in smoothies

I’m not too proud to do this for $1.


Decimal points, funny things

What will win, will be what did not comment

I remember back then in high school when my science teacher used to sing to us about scientist and their inventions,we used to micmik her because of the pattern she used 'cos wasn't really interested though.
Now, this is haunting me. Sometimes I need to go google just to be sure of an invention a scientist made.

hahha no one wanna miss out on that

hopefully we all can get ;p

gimme dem .003 SBD and upvote

I don't need your SBD and will not resteem this post, but have upvoted to say ..
Thanks Dude, for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it!
Sending you appreciation and sunshine 🌞 from Greece!




I already won


everyone wants it...

Did you know, that pandas like to eat bamboo leaves? They eat bamboo leaves, and eat them a lot leaves! Also, they are fat.


Yes, I upvote myself. SO WHAT?


Bamboo must be full of sugar


ohh yes. And bamboos are green!