Caption Contest #26 |🏆 Winners of #25 🏆| + New Art Caption Contest

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Welcome to the 26th week of the art Caption Contest. A simple but unique contest searching for the most creative titles for digital art. All you have to do to enter is to make a caption and post it in the comment section,
re-steem this post and you are good to go.

#1 @putu300 Broken Rainbow 2 SBD
#2 @dhayor Disco Waves 1,5 SBD
#3 @ailenepm Ethereal Butterfly 1 SBD

stari contest.png

novi contest.png

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Make a caption (title) for the artwork above
What you see in the image, what it represents to you or how it makes you feel
Note: caption can be anything, be creative

Only 1 entry per account
Caption must be max 3 words long
Contest ends in a week



As always, best of luck to everyone and may the best, most creative caption win!

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"Light Dive"

Hi, I think the title might be "TRAVELLING ON THE NET" and "MEETING WITH GEOMETRY".

Font colors ilussion


Mysterious Galaxy

Dancing lasers

Eccentric phoenix



autolaser :)

Wripple in Time.

"Rain bring us life"

I'm very embarrassed to say this, but I don't see anything they mentioned:
I see a naked man, but of course not complete, only his intimate parts taken with one hand, this image makes me feel a little worried, I've been married for a long time and I can't have children yet, I think it's a reflection of my desire, not just physical, but my desire to be a mother, I hope they don't take it badly, but it's what my eyes and my ahnelos can see in the image.

Into The Vortex



Violet moon sky

Caption Contest #26 |🏆 Winners of #25 🏆| + New Art Caption Contest
Hi, big greeting.
His art speaks for itself, it's made with a very good sense of color, I think it should be called "Galaxy and the Solar System in Colors"

Caption Contest #26 |🏆 Winners of #25 🏆| + New Art Caption Contest
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abstract emotions

celestial waves

orb rash

A burst of amethyst

Laser eyes.

A burst of amethyst (good)

Eclipse of colours

Angel Of Blood

"Fuerza de Velocidad" in inglish is "Speed Force".

Dirigibles In Space

Dangerous Mix

The image transmits a feeling of danger to me because of the way the colors show, besides they are a very vivid violet and red that make people alert.

very interesting thing ,, this is one symbol of hypnosis .


I visualize a dark loophole in the atmosphere that surrounds an unknown place of euphoria. I feel lost in a time zone, confused, and entangled deep in the Dark Web suffocating with no way out.

Thank you for a great brain trigger contest!

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By @share4angels

wiener and beans?


I loled 😂

Wavelength of Heart


Electromagnetic Spectrum

Virtual Insanity

Cosmic Empire

pensamientos ocultos.

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Rushing Crimson Orb

Life creation

Time travel

Amazing light waves
Its is good to make a wall background.

Cosmic ballet

Blood and vein

Under Attack

Celestial Royalty

Smoldering Celestial Galaxy

I thought this name was very fitting due to the smoldering colors and how the shapes within this art remind me of a galaxy!
Your art is very eye catching and beautiful ❤

Intertwined interstellar lines

Celestial Royalty

Galactic Pixie

Galactic War

Red Orb

Lightening Galaxy War

Alien drones

Beyond your Imagination

Unstoppable Energy

Enveloping Poison

Subrreal fuchsia splendour

Colourful storm Lightning

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Our answer is Douglas A-24 Banshee The picture is a "teaser" credited in the article. To learn more, follow the link! ☺ ∜mp

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Soccer in space.

"Heavenly magnetism"

Intergalactic Vapour

"Projected circles"

Isaac Newton theory

laser indicator

Boomerang X ball

Ultraviolet Symphony

Lightning laser

  ·  last year (edited)

Dancing love

For me looks like a dance between de red passion and the sweet pink.

  ·  last year (edited)

Dynamics of blood.

Line spectra

Fast thoughts

strength in the galaxy

Light in a multiverse

Music wave energy.

Energy imbalance.


Explosion of bubbles

Future prediction machine

Hello, thank you for the contest. The first figure is called "Coloured ribbons" and the second one could be called "The Grand Canyon".

Hello thank you for the contest I think it is somewhat abstract the first figure can be called "A man in solitude" and the second can be called "The Eye".
good luck to all

Splitted colours.

Falling Into Abyss

  ·  last year (edited)

Red Leak

Scattered blood cell

"A little of everything" --> Inglés
"De todo un poco" --> Español

Blissful chaos

Red stars collision

"Luminescent Ring"

galactic explosion

"Elysian's Ripple"

Light cyclist

"Planetary collision"

Scorching Passion