Caption Contest #22 |🏆 Winners of #21 🏆| + New Art Caption Contest

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Welcome to the 22nd week of the art Caption Contest. A simple but unique contest searching for the most creative titles for digital art. All you have to do to enter is to make a caption and post it in the comment section,
re-steem this post and you are good to go.




Resteem this post
Make a caption (title) for the artwork above
What you see in the image, what it represents to you or how it makes you feel
Note: caption can be anything, be creative

Only 1 entry per account
Caption must be max 3 words long
Contest ends in a week



As always, best of luck to everyone and may the best, most creative caption win!

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Enchanted foetus

  ·  last year (edited)

Sorry about the meme contest, it didn't work aout as no one participated other than you so it wasn't really a contest. Take this upvote as my apology.

Smiles, thanks
Very much appreciated....
It was actually fun

But it's not only him, others are participating, so it's a contest

Magical Snail

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello! @runicar, excellent challenge to which from now I join.
My legend: Energy swirl, for me it represents a constant flow of energy in search of a center of accumulation, which leads to a clash of poles generating an explosion of energy

colorful cobweb

The Ultraviolet mind

Liked, resteemed and here is my caption: "Bubbles of infinity"

Kaleidoscope of Funk

vortex of life

Swirling Tranquility

Twisted loop

Bubbles of Nightingale @runicar

Spectrum Storm

Serene Mind :)

Scepter of Midas

Glad to have won. Thanks alot @runicar

Np, congratz once again!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello @runicar i cant see the image, its a png file. Maybe u upload a jpg file version. Tnx

hey @froshboy, why can't you view png?

Magnificent Pillar

Endless imagination

Radiance of Conception

Wave prangoli

Lapse of Intuition

Halo of enchantment

The mystique wormhole

Magnitic dipole

The energy of eternal light ..

Please read the rules

beauty and emergia


Exhaust bubble

I see that the yellow bubble is only trying to escape from a strong knot, and that it's close to achieving it.


Light and sound.

Universe of sound.

Passion for steemit

Dark soul

Prism of bubbles

Blaring purple

Rorschach test violet

color linings

An Unique Thought.

Glory hole

the creativity alchemy

Colourful Infinite spectrum

Stellar, squiddy colours...

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Interdimensional purple bubble!

rhythmic colored waves

Infinity waves

  ·  last year (edited)

colors waves

Ultraviolet Rays

miracle birth

the bifurcation of the road

hello runicar, I'm interested in participating in your contest :)

Hello @runicar beautiful and simple competition to participate in it. This is my caption for your artwork "GOLDEN PINK"

color of Gravity Power

Caption must be max 3 words long

Swirl of Colors

Infinite Imagination

Universe of Colors

Endless Holes.

silent expression

Versatile elegant woman

color in strength

storm of emotions!

  ·  last year (edited)


The Swirling Doppled Vortex

"Mist of Aribasta"
Aribasta is only my imagination... A place in a dangerous world. you cannot scape in this place you need a magical robe that you can find in the mountain of fire! :)

full power seige

The Looking Glass

Sparkles of the Cosmo

read the rules pls :)

Hi, thanks for attending! I looked at the rules, what else should I do friend please?

Caption must be max 3 words long

flashes of cosmo

Electromagnetic thoughts

Life in bubble!

Intestinal bubbles

Union of Bliss

Life and death

Equipoised Equilibrium

The Solar Eclipse


space bubbles

Eyes of despair.

no matter how many times I look at it, it looks like the eyes of cartoon characters tom and jerry and oscar oasis, eyes after them rather unlucky

Intergalactic Spider Web

art of technology

The Luminous Twirl
That she my caption, cause it's like a dance of radiance.
A dance of radiance sounds good to but for the rules

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I'm not genius but i can guess ...
Power bubble spectrum