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No, I didn't forget about the contest, I just had a rough week with moving out and into a new apartment so I didn't have much time to create new artwork for the new chalenge or to go through your entries for the last one. But today I did so I'm finally making this post. I apologize for the hold up.

#1 @profchydon - Sun's Heart
#2 @firststeps - A Soul’s Descent
#3 @febbiefull - Soul’s eternal life



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Make a caption (title) for the artwork above
What you see in the image, what it represents to you or how it makes you feel.
Note: caption can be anything, be creative.

Only 1 entry per account
Caption must be max 3 words long
Contest ends in a week



As always, best of luck to everyone and may the best caption win!


"Colorful Persuasion"

Here is my entry:

"Path to Nirvana"

In Buddhism, "Nirvana" means the ultimate state of soteriological release and liberation from samsara, which is the repeating cycle of birth, life and death.

The fire within

Fiery Lotus

My caption for this is

A scattered Suplex

"Spiraling Lotus"

Looks like a lotus traveling down and current and is rotating due to the moving waters.

"Our Scattered Thoughts"

My caption for this is

'The Awakening'

The Soul's light

very-very good picture ok I've vote.jangan forgot vote back

Sparks of Solidarity

Love Atom

The Fiery Dragonfly

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"Flower Power"

Just like the flower when I saw this I think it's simple, beautiful and powerful ☺😜❤

Digital Bloom

Here is my entry to the contest

The mysterious paint

Mayon Volcano's Lava

my title for this is ''ambiguous human nature''

Here's my entry.
Heart's Clandestine Soul

My title for this is "Whisks of Spectrum"

posting a very good contest, certainly many who follow it, including myself.

Oh yeah!
My entry for Caption Contest #13: :)
Wings of Heart

"Instantaneous Chemistry"

The pressure

We're the center of the image. We can see a lot of red/green glowings around us. Lets imagine the red are bad people and green are good people. The pressure from all of them (even the good ones) sometimes is a lot and we cant take it anymore. We want to explode...

Fiery Flora

Soul illumination outburst

Hello @runicar Here is my entry to the contest

"Phoenix Rising"

Carnival Float

Let's call it "Fiery Phoenix "

Burst of Enigma:

This glorious display of mystery makes me fluster but enough to give a sense of wonder

New Dimension

Thanks @runicar for yet another contest.

The Phoenix flowering

the constellation

Mental Telepathy.

-a mind to mind connection.

Symphony of Spring

Epicenter of Life

Woww this is another fun! Here's mine:

"Blazing Lotus"

Flower of Begining

spark of life

Se ve como el comienzo del aliento de vida que hay dentro cada célula. Cada color representa los diferentes caracteres y rasgos que definirán a cada uno.

Emotion Flowers

Wings of Fire

My title is: "The Origin of passion".

I consider that there is a spark of initiation that ignites when we are passionate about something: love, some pastime, when we see our dog, when we kiss our partner. It must be like this a multicolored spark that ignites in that same instant and provokes all that we feel in those moments.

Lights of petals

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