Funny Contest : Find 8 differences between two pictures [Winner shall be rewarded]

in contest •  3 years ago  (edited)

We're all familiar with this game. Find out 8 differences between two given pictures. First who finds the all correct differences shall be rewarded with 40% SBD of this post.

So, let's play :)



enjoy :D

original picture source & credit : pixabay

Second picture is altered by me

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@bullionstackers is the winner. He finds 7 out of 8 differences. I got $0.31 SBD from this post. So, I transferred $0.12 SBD to @bullionstackers

Blue aqua olive salmon gold black purple white various colors nice contest @royalmacro


thanks @rb3coins :)


  1. The black chain In the mid of Right red necklace.
  2. The cheery like bud under purple neclaces.
  3. The orange under purple necklace differ in size.
  4. Left Top orange like is missing.
  5. Wall shadows marked in rectangle in images.
  6. Small dot on wall left top.
  7. Half ring like shadow on wall.
  8. Purple neclace with cubes have one in oval.

All differences are marked.

Great contest.
Had fun.


6 findings are correct. Please, ignore any minor differences


7 findings are correct