1. FIFA event [SDB GIVEAWAY 01/06/2018]

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In my previous post i put the rule and thing you need to do.If you cant understand this post.you can read my last post.
My friend today is the first event and you need to do a simple work.
today event is

Predict the wining team from this group.answer before 14 I only accept that answers.
So answer the question and win SDB. i will check this after the match.you have enough time.
comment your answer and put a upvote , resteem.

To comment 5%
To upvote 10%
To comment and upvote 30%
To resteem 50%
If you are a big steemer, I mean if have 1000+ followers you get 60% for resteeming
follow me this is fifa season you can win more.
Thank you all