Sports Talk Social Private Contest Week 2: Your Most Memorable Match, 10,000 Staked SPORTS Rewards!!!

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Welcome back to Sports Talk Social Private Contest Week 2! This is not an official contest, but a private contest run and funded by me, @rokyupjung. All of you are welcomed to participate! This week's total rewards will be 10,000 staked SPORTS tokens. Do not miss the chance!


The Topic of the contest week 2

What is the most memorable match for you? In my case, the most memorable match is the one between Korea and Italy in the 2002 World Cup. That was an amazing game in which Korea defeated Italy in overtime. So, what is your most memorable game? All the fields of sports will be accepted in this contest.


How to participate in the contest

Write a post with the topic above. Then, simply leave a link to your post in the comment section of this post. You must use the tag #sportstalk.

This contest will be open until August 10th, Saturday. The winner will be announced on August 11th, Sunday.


All languages are accepted in the contest

Language is not a barrier anymore. All languages are accepted in this contest. We can still read and understand all languages with the help of Google Translator! My tongue is not English, either.


The Winners will receive 2,000 staked SPORTS each!

There will be five winners. Each winner gets a reward of 2,000 staked SPORTS. Fairly good, isn’t it?


I am looking forward to reading all your amazing matches! Thank you all for your participation ahead!

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Hello Friend, how are you? I remember this World Cup game. I really enjoyed South Korea. That 2 x 1 was memorable. I was about 12 years old and I followed everything from the Copa hahaha ...

Here is my entry for your contest. Thanks for more this edition.

Thanks for the entry!
Good Luck, Buddy!:D

Thanks for the entry! Good Luck!

Thanks for the entry! Good Luck!

Hello @rokyupjung, here is my entry to your contest. Inside the article, there is a link to see the goals. It was amazing!

Thanks for the entry! Good Luck!

Thanks for the entry! Good Luck!

Thanks for the entry! Good Luck!

Hi! Do you have a discord? I need a private message with you.

Thanks for the contest, i'll try it. :)

Very nice topic and the reward is also very fair.
Thanks Man I'm in for the contest.
Bravo 👍

I hope this contest will continue to make the authors feel fairly rewarded. :D

Although I'm not entering I really think it's nice you say about language inclusivity, not everyone is a native English speaker and with all the tech out we can still communicate effectively. It cuts down on friction imho, nice initiative

Yeah, you are very right. Most of the whales in this community are native English speakers and the community is heavily based on the language and some people with other languages feel blocked because of the language barrier. I hope there will be more variety of languages in this community.