💲10 💲-Price - ❓Steemit Quiz Contest❓ - Start: Today🏆

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❗You have the chance to earn 10 SBD (Steem Dollar)❗


Quiz Contest Winner #1 was @mcdevlin182

Link to Steem Contest Winner #1

Quiz Contest Winner #2 was @remic2005

Link to Steem Contest Winner #2


The requirements are pretty simple:

Upvote this post

Resteem this post

And comment this post with: "Upvoted, Resteemed"

I will write the names down, who Upvoted/Resteemed/Commented this post.


This is how it works:

I will post one Quiz a day starting today (the first Quiz will be posted in around 4 hours). The question can be anything.

The first right answer will get 1 point

The first user with 3 points (=solving 3 Quizzes) will get the 💲10 💲

The Quizzes will keep going until someone reaches the 3 points.


There is no specific time when I upload the post. But most of the time it will be between 18:00 - 23:00 CEST) Central European Summer Time) UTC/GMT +2hours


Upvoted&Resteemed :)
If you do not do a payout of $10$ though, you're dead.
(jk-wise, not real-life wise, so don't sue me plz)

PS: I don't like resteeming stuff, as it messes my blog, so I hope your quiz is a bit of a quality quiz..

Well you don't have to worry about the payout. ^^

22:37 and still no quiz... :(

Better make it in time

Upvoted, Resteemed"

Upvoted, Resteemed

Up-voted and Resteemed!

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