Incest, taboo or reality?

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Although incest is a taboo that scandalizes anyone barely listening to it, I wanted to investigate a little and give a brief overview of the real consequences of this type of relationships between relatives.

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From the psychological point of view, cases of incest usually occur among relatives who have had little contact during their life, which makes the attraction between parents and children, siblings or cousins a little more "normal", but this complicates a little when it passes what would really come to question, pregnancies.
Really when a couple of relatives has a child, the first step is to try to hide the truth, to avoid psychological damage in the infant, as it is news that can seriously affect emotionally.

As an important fact, it should be emphasized that in ancient Greece, mother-child sexual relations were compulsory to initiate minors at puberty, hence it is not something new that occurs in our society.

Something more serious and scientifically proven are the risks of contracting syndromes, allergies and diseases due to consanguinity problems affecting the children of family relations, since statistically they have about 27% more risk, only in the case of malformations and obviously there are many more risks than that.

In some countries marriages between relatives are allowed, it seems that the laws have led to this type of relationship in a simply cultural context, but for my part, anything that increases the risk of affecting the health of a child deserves attention.
What do you think?


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