Daily NBA Fantasy Contest: 1/25/18 ! Win SBD!

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Welcome to Daily Fantasy NBA contest: 1/25/18

STEEMIT's first daily NBA fantasy contest game!

Estimated Current Jackpot Pool: 0.43 SBD

How to Play:

  • Upvote and Resteem
  • Pick two players for your fantasy "team" (One G, One F/C), PICK ANYONE, but be sure not to pick two guards or two forwards!
  • Post those players below, be sure they are active for today, and daily schedule is provided. List players as their full name and team, rather than nicknames, etc.
  • Highest combined score wins 75% of the liquid SBD
  • The remaining 25% liquid SBD, goes to the Jackpot Pool. If you pick the two players that have the highest total fantasy score for that day, you win the Jackpot Pool! The Jackpot Pool then resets to zero.
  • Each player only allowed one "team"
  • Must have team in by start of the first daily game
  • Ties: Winnings divided amongst winners


Scoring is based on official NBA fantasy scoring:

Points: 1
Rebounds: 1.2
Assists: 1.5
Steals: 3
Blocks: 3
Turnovers: -1

Winners will be announced the following day, and paid in 7 days when SBD received from Steemit. Jackpot Pool totals will be estimated daily, and finalized on a weekly basis.

Those who don't upvote and resteem will not be eligible for winnings.

Good Luck!

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Russell Westbrook OKC
Hassan Whiteside MIA

Russell Westbrook
Kevin Durant

Stephen Curry GSW
Paul George OKC

Stephen Curry GSW
Hassan Whiteside HEAT

Russell Westbrook
Kevin Durant

Russell Westbrook (OKC)
Hassan Whiteside (MIA)

Stephen Curry GSW
Kevin Durant GSW

Russell Westbrook
Stephen Curry


You picked two guards, be sure to select a guard and forward/center

Jimmy Butler - MIN
Paul George - OKC

Russell Westbrook (OKC)
Hassan Whiteside (MIA)

Kevin grant(gsw)
John wall (was)


Thanks! Be sure to pick your team!

a good young player