Meme Contest: Win some Brocoin - 2 Mil up for grabs - The Man Cave.

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Good evening Steemians! As some of you may know myself and a few other buddies have been working on The Man Cave for several months now. The Man Cave is a place for men to come in, hang, chill, talk about beer, bbqing, and just, y'know, have that brotherly vibe amongst ourselves. In the cave you can chill, or research, or network. I'm trying to make it a multi-faculty discord where men from all over the world can come together.

A few days ago we released the Man Cave ICO - to celebrate this awesomeness we have a whacking 2,000,000 (2 Million) Brocoins to give away in this contest. Currently you can grab them for 0.5bts on bitshares which is approximately 5c.

Before I proceed with this contest let me tell you a little about how we plan to utilise Brocoin in the future and how you can earn some in other ways:

The Man Cave is a discord server - most discord servers have chat levels. The higher you move up the chat levels, the more weekly Brocoin you will earn

We need more contributors. Contributors are the backbone of the work that we do. We need more people creating materials for our guests that want to come in and learn, or chat. Contributors need to have a skill. I don't mind which; if you do it I'm sure there are lots of other people that do too. You will receive weekly Bro for this

Contributors will also be encouraged to use the EasyLife platforms, Steemit, Narrative, and Whaleshares. From there contributors will also be able to earn more, and also create a community of their own.

Buyers of Brocoin in the crowdsale will get a sharedrop from the EasySocial Chain. The first of EasyLife's platforms.

You will be able to spend your Brocoins on the market of course, but also on our website when it's fully functional. We plan to host events with popular speakers, have the buying and selling of manly items, contests, and so much more. The world is our oyster.

Sooo, on with the show.

Meme Contest



  1. These rules, text and picture underneath must be copied and pasted onto your post (including this one or no Bro, sorry!)
  2. I'll be posting a picture underneath these rules, please copy it onto your post and caption it/meme it.
  3. Please include @raymondspeaks in your post somewhere (so I can find it) and also post your bitshares account name. If you don't have one - go here: and register one.
  4. Everyone that takes part gets 100 Brocoin You can only have 1 entry.
  5. The winner receives 2000 Brocoin
  6. Nominate and tag 5 friends you'd think would like to give this contest a try
  7. use the tag brocontest as one of your tags
  8. 10 Bonus Brocoin for a share on social media limited to one share per platform (ie. Facebook, Twitter + Reddit = 30 Bonus Brocoin) 

(Picture is in the public domain!)

Everyone loves good old chuck for a meme. In my eyes he's the ultimate man's man. Or at least he was when I was a kid. My childhood hero - so let's celebrate our meme contest with some funnies of him from everyone.

Good luck!!

 Website | The Man Cave | Tokensale 

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Heh, that's pretty funny. I might just have to give this a shot. When you say contributors, what kind of content are you looking for?


That gap is very open right now. I'm looking for things that men would look at. Information, hobbies tutorials, training series, etc. And it can be presented in art, writing, video, .mp3, the world is your oyster. As long as it's relevant :)

Hehehe sweet contest so far, thank you @raymondspeaks for this awesome contest here is my entry below


Thanks man :)

Hey bro! I totally like to stick not to any rules ;-)
Take this meme or leave it! J



Sorry man, rules are rules - this is a good one too!

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wow good work and also good to have you here.


Thanks man :)


This is my favourite so far lol


Think I picked the best out the bunch I made :D was way too much fun haha.

Brocoin. That's definitely a digable concept!


First of it's kind my friend - we're a crypto-social project for men :D

I don't have 5 friends yet just enjoy the meme!


This is good - but you'll have to make your own post :)

Good to find you again :]


Come in and join us :)

Nice one man!
This'll get the creative juices flowing! no doubt!


Hoping so! I also need to talk to you lol

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Wow. A world for bros? amazing!latest games, animes, sport, i sell stuff. I write, i speak and ooooh i love Hb talks too.

And for the memes, i dont get, what text are we to input to our meme.

And also, me and my team would love to run a camoaign for bro coin.
Presently on whaleshares campaign.

We run twitter campaigns. With a guarantee that 10million people will get the bro coin news. I'll send you a message on discord so we can go on from there.

Living life the bro way!